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Ameriprise Financial Offers A Number Of Discounts For Its Car Insurance Customers, Are You One?


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While Ameriprise Financial has been around since 1894, the company has only recently been getting recognition as a leading provider of personal insurance products like home and auto. Better known for its full range of financial planning and investing services, it has quietly improved its rankings as a reliable, affordable and customer-favorite in the field of car insurance. In the most recent combined J.D. Power & Associates and A.M. Best survey of car insurance providers, Ameriprise Financial earned 85 of a possible 100 points, putting it ahead of much larger car insurance companies like The Hartford and MetLife.

Generous with the discounts

One reason Ameriprise Financial seems to be carving out a strong niche in car insurance coverage is due to the numerous and generous discounts they offer car insurance customers. Customers can apply for discounts in general categories linked to car features, driving habits and styles, and depth of involvement with Ameriprise. Some of the standard discounts you can get with an Ameriprise Financial car insurance plan include:

  • Member discounts – if you are an Ameriprise Financial client you are eligible for an exclusive discount, just for choosing Ameriprise auto and/or home Insurance (not available for drivers in Massachusetts, New York or Tennessee)
  • Safe driving discounts – go for an extended period of time driving accident-free and Ameriprise will extend a discount on your premium renewal (in some cases it requires three years of accident-free driving and in other states it requires five years of accident-free, but you receive credit for driving accident-free with any previous insurer)
  • Safe auto discounts – if your car has safety features like anti-lock brakes and air bags, or if it includes anti-theft devices, you may be eligible for additional discounts
  • Good student discounts – if you have younger drivers who are in school and maintain good grades (a “B” average or better) you can get a discount to offset the added cost of insuring a younger driver
  • Education discounts – younger drivers who are in college or who recently graduated from college can also apply for additional discounts
  • Multi-vehicle discounts – add more than one car or a truck or even a motorcycle and you could qualify for Ameriprise’s multi-vehicle discount
  • Loyalty discounts – add another Ameriprise Financial product to your package and you could qualify for a loyalty discount. The multi-policy discount is one of the more generous ones as it could net you as much as a 14 percent reduction on your car insurance premium alone. (Not available to drivers in Alabama, California, Georgia, Hawaii, North or South Carolina.)
  • Tenure discounts – if you stay insured with Ameriprise three years or more, you may earn its tenure discount
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    Classic Car At Sunset With Canadian Plates, License: cc-by/2.0

Not quite discounts…but added benefits

Ameriprise offers its car insurance customers some additional benefits that, while not technically discounts on premium, can save them money over the long-term, including:

  • Accident forgiveness – car insurance customers who have been accident-free with Ameriprise for at least three years won’t lose their Safe Driving History discount if they experience an at-fault accident
  • Lifetime renewability – as an Ameriprise Financial client, they promise they we will not cancel or non-renew your car insurance (this applies to auto insurance only and is not available to drivers in Maryland or Michigan and is not extended to policyholders who have major violations or who fail to pay premium.)

As with all car insurance companies, coverage options and discount details vary from state to state and from plan to plan. If you’re in the market for a new car insurance provider, you may want to take this list of possible discounts to a local agent to see if Ameriprise Financial is a good fit for you.

(Note: this article is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be considered a promotion or a solicitation. The author has no affiliation with Ameriprise Financial, any of its subsidiaries, or with any other car insurance provider.)

Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey Davidson is a writer and consultant with more than 25 years of experience working with insurance and financial planning & services companies. He currently writes about car insurance for Reply!. You can find his article on other financial approaches to car insurance coverage.

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