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Minimum Requirements For Car Insurance In California

With the population of California gradually increasing and the state of California driver’s drive more than any other state is a good idea to get sufficient coverage for your vehicle.

The state minimum requirements for California are as follows:

The minimum liability requirements are 15/30/5.

These numbers represent the minimum amounts, in thousands, of bodily injury liability and property damage liability each driver must maintain.

Bodily Injury Liability:

The numbers, (15 & 30) represent the minimum bodily injury liability insurance for motorists. Bodily injury liability pays for the doctor’s costs of the passengers in the other automobile; $15,000 for a single person with up to $30,000 if there is a more than one individual injured.

Property Damage Liability:

Property damage liability insurance pays for damage to buildings, traffic signs or the other party’s vehicle.

The minimum amount in the state of California is $5,000 which is represented by the number (5).

Although car insurance in the state of California is higher than average there are discounts available in the state, such as good driver discounts, student driver, and driver safety discounts.

In the state of California if you have driven for three years with no traffic violations you can get more than twenty percent off your insurance premium.

If you are student residing in California you can get over twenty-five percent off your insurance premium if you have good grades. If you have traffic violations or are over the age of fifty-five you can get thirty percent lower rates for taking a driver safety course.

Also, California has a cheap car insurance program for drivers who are not able to afford your typical insurance plan which is popular in the cities of Corona, Salinas, and Escondido.

There is certain criteria to be excepted into the program, so if you cannot find a policy which fits within your budget then you may want to look into that available program.

After entering their zip and then responding to a few general questions about their driving history, Autoinsuresavings will search the internet for minimal cost California insurance quotes from providers in your area.

The process takes less than a couple of minutes you get all the information you need to compare quotes and if you need to talk to an agent you can do that too.

One of the primary reasons Autoinsuresavings collaborates with top insurance providers, such as Travelers, E-surance, and Countrywide, is to be sure you are getting the same amount of cover for your automobile and less cost. The goal is to save you time and money.

With our advance comparison quote tool you are able to find the lowest rates in your area without the hassle of calling every single insurance company to find the the best rate.

Once you have filled in your zip code and compare three or more quotes be sure to find the perfect policy to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the next few years.

If you would like to find a directory of local agents please use this California directory to help you find agents in your area.

Did you know about California?

  • Compared to all countries California would be the 7th largest economy in the world.
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