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Hawaii’s Car Insurance State Minimum Requirements

Hawaii has a no-fault policy in effect to assist in lowering the frequency of court actions and keep insurance costs as low as practical. No-fault states need each individual’s insurer to cover their hospital costs irrespective of who is held responsible for the accident.

For that reason, Hawaii specifies that all its motorists carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to help pay their hospital bills beyond what their healthcare insurance will cover. There are certain instances to the no-fault rule where a person would be able to bring the “at-fault” driver to court for a lawsuit.

If the medical costs from the accident surpass a specific cost, the at-fault party will be required to pay for the damages.

Hawaii requires its residents to carry an effective minimum liability policy to cover bodily injury and property damages with the list amount of 20/40/10 and these numbers are always in thousands, for example, 20,000, 40,000, 10,000.

Table – Minimum Car Insurance Requirement for Hawaii

CoverageHawaii Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Auto Insurance Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$20,000 / $40,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage Liability$10,000$50,000
Personal Injury Protection$10,000$20,000 / $40,000
Uninsured / Underinsured MotoristOptional$100,000 / $300,000
ComprehensiveOptional$500 deductible
CollisionOptional$500 deductible

Bodily Injury Liability:

The numbers (20 & 40) represent the minimum quantity of bodily injury protection needed to cover the medical bills of people in the other car. If only minimum coverage is purchased, a person’s insurance will pay up to $20,000 per individual up to $40,000 for all people in the other vehicle.

Property Damage Liability:

The number (10) or the last number represents the minimum coverage needed to cover damages to public property, private property and the other person’s automobile. An insurance corporation will pay up to $10,000 per accident if the minimum coverage is acquired by the insured party.

List of Car Insurance Companies In Hawaii with Avg. Premium

RankHawaii Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate
1Fireman's Fund$302
4Bankers Insurance$342
7American Automobile Insurance$405
8Allianz Auto Insurance$411
12North River Insurance Company$467
13Dongbu Insurance (USB)$469
14Hawaiian Insurance & Guaranty$473
15Island Insurance$501
18Liberty Mutual$569
19State Farm$570
20Tokio Marine Specialty Insurance$581
22DTRIC Insurance $655

* Membership Only with Fee

**USAA covers only families and their children affiliated with the Military and Armed Forces. A spouse or person previously in the Armed Services may be able to get insurance through USAA.

***Rates are based on minimum liability coverage. Your rates will vary.

Graph of Cheapest Insurance Firms in Hawaii

Note: Minimum Liability Insurance Only. If you add additional coverage your quotes will be significantly higher.

Graph 2

Note: Minimum Liability Insurance Only. If you add additional coverage your quotes will be significantly higher.

The state of Hawaii advises that its residents carry more than minimum coverage to pay for damages as the costs of doctor’s bills and repairs can surpass the minimum payments by insurance corporations.

Comprehensive Coverage

If you reside in the state of Hawaii, the capital being Honolulu, it would be a good idea to consider comprehensive cover since Hawaii has volcanoes and hurricanes. During the season of hurricanes it is highly likely damage will be done to the vehicle and only comprehensive or “non-collision” will cover the damage. Be sure to compare cheap car insurance quotes to find the best possible.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage would be another option to add to a policy if you are in situations where you may have had an accident no matter who is at fault. Gap insurance is an option for those who may have a loan on a car where a “gap” between the value of the car and what is left on the loan has to be paid to the bank.

Local Hawaii Car Insurance Agents & Avg. Premium

CityAvg. PremiumCityAvg. Premium
Ewa Beach$982Laie$991
Honolulu$902Mountain View$863
Kahului$1,232Pearl City$1,128

Note: Each of the average quotes includes comprehensive and collision. It is not minimum liability only.

Most Affordable Auto Insurance Providers by City


RankInsurance CompanyAvg. Annual Premium
1State Farm$965
4Liberty Mutual$1,469

Note: Insurance quotes were provider for a 44 Y/O male, married, with two children. No traffic violations.

Pearl City

RankInsurance CompanyAvg. Annual Premium
3Liberty Mutual$1,326

Note: Insurance quotes were provided for a 38 Y/O female, not married, with no children. One traffic violation.


RankInsurance CompanyAvg. Annual Premium
1State Farm$1,312
5Liberty Mutual$1,615

Note: Insurance quotes were provided for a 42 Y/O female, married, owned a home, with no children. One traffic violation.


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