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New Hampshire’s Auto Insurance Regulations And Average Cover Per Driver

In the state of New Hampshire there is a misconception that you do not need liability insurance to drive legally. This is not true, the only lenient part of New Hampshire’s car insurance regulations is a driver does not have to show proof of insurance when they register their vehicle.

Although this may seem enticing to some drivers to forgo insurance in the state the minimums are a little more than above average compared to most states.

Bodily Injury Liability:

Covers surgery costs for the occupants of the other automobile in the eventuality of an accident. The minimum liability protection will pay as much as $25,000 for a single person and up to $50,000 for no less than one individual injured in the accident.

The liability policy covers damages for bodily injury and property damage for the other automobile, its occupants and other property when the insured party is at-fault in the eventuality of an auto accident.

Property Damage Liability:

Pays as much as $25,000 for damages to the other driver’s vehicle as well as personal property like a person’s home as well as public property like road signs, places of business, or livestock and animals.

The set amount of insurance coverage from the figures above in the state of NH is 25/50/25 which the numbers are always in thousands.

Not only does a driver have to carry minimum liability per New Hamphire’s statutes a driver that is purchasing liability insurance must purchase Medical Payment Coverage with the minimum amount of $1,000.

Also, by law a driver has to purchase uninsured motorist protection (UM) and the amount must provide limits equal to the amount of bodily injury liability coverage.

Motorists are not required to carry comprehensive or collision coverage, however, it would be a good idea to carry this cover on your policy.

If you do not carry the optional coverage then you will need to personal fund any damage to your vehicle made necessary due to a collision with another vehicle or any other type of “non-collision” accident.

If you are in the market or up for renewal be sure to compare three or more quotes and be sure to discuss available options and discounts with an insurance broker.

The average amount of coverage per driver in New Hampshire:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – 100,000/300,000
  • Property Damage Liability – 50,000
  • Medical Payment Coverage – $5,000
  • Collision Coverage – $500 deductible
  • Comprehensive Coverage – $100 deductible
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage – 100,000/300,000

At Autoinsuresavings we want to be sure you get the lowest price auto insurance quote while maintaining equal or more coverage. Simply by using our comparison tool at the top of the page you can get quotes from top insurance companies to be sure you have the policy which meets your driving requirements.

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