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New Jersey’s Basic Insurance And Penalties For Driving Without Insurance

In the state of New Jersey the official state website makes it clear how important car insurance is. The government website goes on to say, if you do not have the minimum car insurance you will be responsible for paying all expenses that is cause in the event of an accident.

Your assets will be at risk and if you do not have coverage and the other driver is “at-fault” you will not be able to sue. If you reside in New Jersey then it would be a good idea to visit the site here, to be sure you have the basic policy.

When you have the basic policy then you have full rights in the state of New Jersey to proceed with litigation if necessary.

NJ is a “no-fault” state which the same policy for other no-fault states. If you are in an accident with another driver then no matter who is at-fault your own insurance company will provide the cost of damage incurred at the time of the accident.

Since the state is no-fault all motorist are required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance which will cover the expenses or damages to the driver and the passengers including lost wages and in the event of any deaths.

The minimum coverage set limits for NJ are 15,000/30,000/5,000 which are as follows:

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers hospital charges of the other driver and their passengers. Under the minimum needed coverage, the insurance corporation will pay $15,000 for a single person up to $30,000 for the driver and their passengers.

Property Damage Liability

Pays for repairs to the other person’s car as well as any private and public property which could have been damaged in an accident. The maximum coverage under the minimum necessities is $5000 per accident.

Although these are the minimums for the state it is highly recommended to get uninsured motorist protection, comprehensive, and collision particularly if you have a newer model automobile or a vehicle which is worth $3,000 or more. When comparing for car insurance rates you want to be sure to go over all available options with your agent to be sure you are protected.

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Fines And Penalties – Driving Without Insurance

It is important to realize that driving without insurance the state of NJ is about as severe as getting a DWI or driving under the influence. A driver convicted of driving without insurance for the first time will face a loss of driving privileges for one year, receive a $300 fine, plus court costs and fees. The state will impose a $250 surcharge for the next three years and add nine points to your license. Plus your auto insurance rates are going to increase dramatically.

If a driver is convicted of driving without insurance for the second time; a mandatory loss of driving privileges for two years, a $5,000 fine, and 14 days in jail.

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