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South Dakota’s Car Insurance Regulations Plus Fines and Penalties

Getting cheap car insurance in South Dakota is easy here, all you have to do is enter your five digit zip code at the top of the page and you are on your way to comparing top insurers in your area. You can find savings of more than thirty percent if you are diligent enough. In the meanwhile you can read on, find the basic coverage, what the common driver gets, and any penalties you may incur in the state if you are driving without insurance.

The state of SD has minimum requirements for car insurance as follows:

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability protection pays the doctor’s expenses of the other driver and their passengers when the insured individual is revealed to be at-fault during the car accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance firm will pay up to $25,000 for a single person and up to $50,000 for multiple passengers which may be injured during the accident.

Property Damage Liability

To cover damages to the other driver’s automobile, personal property, and public property, such as traffic signs or guard rails, at least $25,000 of property damage liability cover must be maintained by each resident of the state of SD for each automobile they own.

The state also requires a minimum of 25,000/50,000 of uninsured motorist protection (UM) for each vehicle on the policy. UM is going to cover the amount in the event you are concerned in an accident with another driver who does not have insurance. Since the number of uninsured motorists has increased over the years South Dakota requires this cover.

Local Auto Insurance Agents in South Dakota – Popular Cities

Carrying the minimum coverage will give you the basic coverage to be legal to drive, however, you may want to look at other optional coverages which are available in South Dakota to be sure your assets are fully protected. SD is a state following the tort system, therefore, if you are in car accident and the expenses are higher than the minimum cover you could be held accountable to pay what the insurance company is not going to cover. Before committing to an insurance plan you want to be sure you are well informed of the laws in the state of SD to make sure you are able to get the most cost-effective car insurance rates available without losing cover.

Common amount of coverage in SD:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – 100,000/300,000

  • Property Damage Liability -100,000

  • Uninsured Motorist Protection – 100,000/300,000

  • Medical Payments Coverage – $5,000

  • Collision Coverage – $500 deductible

  • Comprehensive Coverage – $250 deductible

Fines and Penalties for driving without insurance in South Dakota

  • First Offense – $100 fine and/or 30 days in jail

  • Second Offense – $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail

  • Third Offense – $1000 fine and 180 days in jail

  • All offenders are required to file a SR-22 form which is on file for three years

It is important to note, once the SR-22 is on file your auto insurance rates are likely to double than what they would be if you did not have a SR-22 on file.

Local Auto Insurance Agents – Less Populous Cities

At Autoinsuresavings you are able to find auto insurance rates which will fit within your budget without losing the necessary cover. Using the advance tool at the top of the page you can compare quotes, chat with a broker online, or request them to call you back at your convenience. It is important to comparison shop since each insurer weighs determining factors, such as age, driver history, marital status, and credit scores, differently.

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