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5 Cool Car Hacks you didn’t realize

People sometimes grow so fond of their cars they start thinking of them like family members, but if life can teach us anything it’s that even our closest family members can hide a thing or two from us and have some special needs we have never been aware of. No matter how much we have driven our cars and thought we know their little quirks, there are always few things that could help us to use them and maintain them better we are not aware of.

The Matter of Octanes

We all know that cars use some kind of fuel, but the thing that sometimes escapes even experienced drivers is how to measure the quality of that particular fuel. Namely, most drivers think that fueling the car with higher octane gasoline will lead to better engine performance. In reality, the rating of gasoline measures how fuel responds to combustion, and has nothing to do with its quality. Because of that, higher octane fuels are usually meant for high-performing vehicles, whose engines produce a lot of heat and pressure.

Jump-starting the Car with Ease

We have all sometimes forgotten to turn off some power consuming feature of our cars and got reminded of that the next day. The good news is that, as much as it is unpleasant and annoying, dead battery is a problem that is just as easy to solve, and all you need is a pair of jumper cables and another, working vehicle. All you have to do when you find the two is to connect two batteries (+ on +, and – on -), start both vehicles (working one first, and the dead one second), and forget that you ever wanted to call the towing service.

Reading the Tires

Photo by Scott Bourne – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons.

Photo by Scott Bourne – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons.

If you fill your tires with too much or too little air you may cause a very poor vehicle handling and premature tire wear. That is why you should always check your car’s technical specification before filling the tires. If you do not have one, find the recommended pressure on the web. There is a post on Tyreright blog that should help you to easily identify the type of tires your vehicle currently has, so be sure to check it if you have problem decoding the numbers after the brand name describing it.

Eliminating the Blind Spots

Although we use them every time we get behind the wheel, have you ever wondered how many of us use the side mirrors properly? Most people do not. In order to eliminate blind spots and prevent resulting car accidents, side mirrors should be set up so you cannot see your own vehicle when your head is perfectly upright. Vehicle should be barely visible only when you lean your head all the way to driver’s seat window or towards the center of the car.

Every Vehicle Needs Unique Maintenance Schedule

If you are a long-time driver you are probably used to deal with some regular maintenance duties like checking the oil, according to your already established schedule. The thing is, if you are a long-time driver you have probably changed few vehicles along the way too and the maintenance schedule you have established with your first car is not that well suited to the current one. Be sure to check the manual and recommended figures to see what the manufacturer has to say about that.

Every owner knows just how useful cars can be. What most of us fail to understand, however, is the more time they put into knowing them better, the more useful, easier to maintain, and safe our vehicles will be.

Nick Vickery

Nick Vickery

Nate M. Vickery is a business consultant and Editor-in-Chief at He is mostly engaged management and marketing in SME. Nate is also a big tech and car enthusiast.

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