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Alabama Least Expensive Car Insurance & Minimum Requirements, plus Best Insurers by City

If you are in the market for the cheapest auto insurance then put National General, State Farm, and Progressive on your bucket list of carriers for quotes.

Each of them are 24% to 32% lower than the median rate for drivers in Alabama.

Other carriers which are competitive are USAA and GEICO.

Both can offer quotes 18% to 26% lower than the median rate for drivers compared to competitors.

Top local companies in the state of Alabama are Alfa, Accc, and Integon General.

Both insurers are able to provide quotes which are 18% to 28% lower than the median rate for drivers with the same age and profile.

Determined by our study you would want to put all of the carriers previously mentioned so you have a blend of local and national carriers to find the most savings.

In this article we are going to cover the minimum car insurance requirements in Alabama, the least expensive carriers, and other cost savings strategies for the most savings.

If you would like to skip to a certain portion of the article then use the table contents down a little and to the right.
Affordable insurance companies illustrated for 45 year old driver in AL.Note: For a 45 year old driver the lowest picks are National General, Progressive, and Accc. All five insurer offered quotes which were within $50. We would recommend getting quotes from all five to find the most savings while getting optimum coverage.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Alabama

The State of Alabama has set minimum car insurance limits to help citizens and drivers to protect them financially in the unlikely event of an accident.

CoverageAlabama Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$25,000$25,000
Uninsured Motorist Coverage BIL*$25,000 / $50,000$25,000 / $50,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible

*This coverage can be rejected.

Bodily Injury Liability

The first number represents the maximum amount an insurance company will pay before the at-fault party is responsible for the other driver’s medical bills.

The minimum coverage you are required to have in the state of Alabama is $25,000.

The second number is the maximum an insurance company will pay for all injured parties in the other automobile.

In Alabama that amount has to be a minimum of $50,000.

25 year old driver cheapest insurance firmsNote: A 25 year old driver in Alabama can find the lowest rates with National General, Progressive, and State Farm. The quotes from our top five choices are more than 12% lower than the state average. Please see table below.

Property Damage Liability

The third number is the minimum requirement for Property damage liability.

Property damage liability covers damage caused to other automobiles, road signs or buildings.

In Alabama you are required to have a minimum protection of $25,000.

Low cost insurance for 30 year old driver in AlabamaNote: Again the most affordable quotes are from National General, Progressive, and State Farm. For a 30 year old driver it would be wise to get quotes from all 5 companies. GEICO and Accc may be able to tailor your premium needs for a lower rate based on individual criteria.

The minimum requirement is listed as 25/50/25, if you take a look at the figures above they are in that order respectfully.

While these are the minimum state requirements, they are not the maximum coverage you are allowed to obtain.

While you are able to get as many quotes for free at AutoInsureSavings, it is recommended to consult with an insurance broker to be sure you have the state minimum or if you may need more coverage.

Cheapest insurance rates for a 35 year old driver in Alabama.Note: For a 35 year old driver all insurers clustered within $100 for a yearly premium. It would be smart to get quotes from all five insurers.

In the case of an accident the party responsible for the accident will be held responsible for any monetary damages above the amounts set in their insurance policy.

Affordable Auto Insurance Companies & Average Rate by Age

The table below lists the top 20 companies with the cheapest car insurance rates by age.

Please note that each driver had no more than one driving violation, decent credit, single, and driving a 2013 Toyota Camry.

The averages are for the whole state of Alabama. Therefore, you may get a higher or lower rate depending on the city or zip code you reside in.  

Your actual quotes will be different and tailored to your individual car insurance premium needs.

The table is merely showing which insurers offer the lowest rates for a yearly premium and by age in 5 year increments.

Alabama CompanyAverage Rate for 25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O Driver35 Y/O Driver40 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
National General$1,089$843$746$623$600$551
State Farm$1,156$876$789$678$623$523
MetLife $1,190$1,004$843$721$700$675
21st Century$1,287$1,176$913$801$705$600
Integon National$1,311$1,243$990$805$743$634
Guideone Speciality$1,326$1,256$1,000$865$765$689
Integon General$1,376$1,276$1,009$876$777$699
Standard Fire$1,532$1,293$1,090$843$793$711
Liberty Mutual$1,634$1,300$1,147$909$799$699

Lowest cost insurance firms for 55 year old driver in ALNote: A 55 year old driving with a clean driving history should be able to find low rates with any of the five insurance companies illustrated.

Uninsured Motorist Protection & Other Coverages

Alabama is not a “no-fault” state which means the driver does not have to carry collision, comprehensive, uninsured motorist protection, or Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Even though the State of Alabama does not require uninsured motorist protection it is recommended to have it to compensate for drivers through an accident and they fail to carry sufficient coverage.

Best Insurance Companies by Premiums, Ratings, & Complaints

The table below shows the best insurers by ratings, complaints, and change in rates over an 18 month period.

Ratings are consumers ratings of each carrier.

The number of complaints are from consumers.

National General, Progressive, and State Farm were the three best based on these metrics.

Alabama CompanyPremiums# of ComplaintsRate Change > 18 MonthsRating out of 5 Stars
National General$290,183,0006+5.4%4.4
State Farm$604,955,00011+3.1%4.2
USAA$151,411,000 9+3.3%4.7
GEICO$228,534,000 21+1.9%4.7
Liberty Mutual$62,525,00014+2.1%4.6
MetLife $85,110,000 6+3.7%4.2
Travelers$55,880,000 9+8.1%4.3
21st Century$42,750,0005+6.2%4.1

Local Car Insurance Agents in Alabama & Avg Rate

Below is a list of 24 cities in Alabama with the median price of an auto insurance premium.

The quotes varied from $1,143 to $1,489 depending on the zip code the the driver.

Location is a primary determining factor for insurers.

You may see a variance of 20% of more in a price of premium from one city to the next.

If you decide to move, etc you may see either a spike in price or a decrease.

This shouldn’t alarm you.

If you see price increase then call the insurer and ask about it if you have moved recently.

Typically, if you move to a more populous city you are going to see an increase in your rates.

Overall the cheapest carriers by price in each of the cities are State Farm, Progressive, Infinity, Alfa, and Accc.

If you reside in any of the cities below and are in the market for a low-cost premium then put all of those carriers on your list to compare quotes.

For a more detailed comparison of the carriers by major cities in Alabama please read further below.

CityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulation
Alabaster$1,37630,352Daphne $1,36621,570Hoover $1,32181,619
Albertville$1,28421,160Dothan $1,32965,496LaFayette$1,3112,968
Anniston$1,19023,106Dozier$1,237331Madison $1,26142,938
Athens $1,31121,897Enterprise $1,46226,562Montevallo$1,4096,723
Auburn $1,47653,380Florence $1,48739,319Moulton$1,3983,343
Bessemer$1,48127,456Glencoe $1,2965,160Opelika $1,14326,477
Boaz$1,4899,710Hartselle $1,18714,255Prattville$1,27633,960
Center Point $1,20116,921Helena$1,29618,673Selma$1,29020,756

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham cheapest carriers by price for all drivers.Birmingham residents can find cheaper car insurance rates by comparing any of the insurers illustrated in the table or chart.

The average rate for Birmingham is a whopping $1,400 per year.

With Infinity, Progressive, or National General you could save 47% per year.

A 45 year old driver could find rates as low as $600 per year. The insurers clustered between $600 and $750 per year.

A family of 4 would do well by getting quotes from all insurers to maximize savings.

Birmingham Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
National General$734$600
State Farm$812$667

Birmingham has the raw materials needed to make steel which are iron ore, limestone, and coal.

Seldom do all these occur close together in large quantities, as they do in Birmingham.

In the 1800’s when the railroads where complete, a fascinating “manufacturing city” was born.

Birmingham has since diversified into industries such as finance, health care, and the beginnings of biotech.

The insurance companies Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama, Protective Life, Infinity Property & Casualty, ProAssurance, and Liberty National have their headquarters in Birmingham.

Birmingham was named one of the Most Livable Mid-Size Cities by Partners for Livable Communities.

One of the largest collections in the world of both vintage motorcycles and race cars are at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham.

The city, full of culture and history, offers events at the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Jazz Hall of Fame, and Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.

Decatur, AL

Decatur, AL least expensive policy options for 25 to 55 year old drivers.The average insurance rate in Decatur is over $1,300 per year.

With National General you may be able to save 46%.

With Progressive and Infinity you could save 39% and with State Farm and GEICO it is approximately 27%.

With all five of the insurers in our study for Decatur the average rate is $822 which is 32% lower.

For a city with over 55,000 residents and a metropolitan population over 150,000 the quotes for a 30 year old driver are low.

A 45 year old driver should start with Progressive, Infinity, and National General to maximize savings.

Decatur Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
National General$789$622
State Farm$876$723

Decatur is known as “The River City” and is located in the north of Alabama along the banks of the Wheeler Lake.

It was originally named Rhodes Ferry Landing after Dr. Rhodes who operated a ferry along the river.

Decatur is full of history, with quaint boutique shops, and beautiful landscapes.

Top attractions include the Blue & Gray Museum, Old State Bank Museum, Cooks’ Natural Science Museum, and Fern Cave National Wildlife Refuge.

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL low-cost policy choices for all drivers.For the cheapest rates in Montgomery we suggest getting quotes from Progressive, National General, and Infinity.

The average rate for Montgomery is over $1,300 per year.

Each of the insurance firms illustrated are more than 22% below the city average.

For a 30 year old driver the rates cluster at $700 dollars for the top three.

For a 45 year old driver the lowest rates can be found with Progressive and National General.

It would be smart for a family of 4 to get quotes from all carriers illustrated to find additional savings with optimum coverage.

Montgomery Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
National General$678$590
State Farm$845$708

Cool Facts about Montgomery, Alabama

  • Montgomery was a primary site for the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. Martin L. King was the pastor of the Dexter Ave. Baptist church here from 1954 until 1960.

  • Montgomery is the current home of the Hyundai Motor Co. first assembly plant to be located in the United States.

  • Montgomery was the first capital of the Confederacy.

  • It was in this great city that Rosa Parks made history by refusing to give up her seat on the bus to a white male. When the news of her arrest was made public the result was a 382 day long Montgomery Bus Boycott. Because of this action, and reaction, the Montgomery bus system was desegregated in December of 1956.

  • The deadly fire that broke out in Dale’s Penthouse on February 7th of 1967 gained enough national attention that it caused the revamping of the fire code standards throughout the country.

Mobile, AL

Mobile cheapest premium choices for 30 to 55 year old drivers.The city of Mobile has some of the highest car insurance rates in the state.

If you are looking for a lower rate we suggest starting with Progressive, National General, and Accc.

Integon General and GEICO offer rates around $900 rate for a 30 year old driver.

With city average rate of over $1,400 per year all insurance firms illustrated are more than 23% below the city average.

A 45 year old driver would do well by getting car insurance quotes from Progressive and National General.

Both age of drivers should definitely consider Accc and Integon General for optimum coverage and low prices monthly or yearly.

Mobile Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
National General$802$689
Integon General$889$754
State Farm$955$821

Mobile is often referred to as the “Azalea Capital of the World,” with more than 50 varieties of the flower on display. Which is a beautiful and stunning sight to see.

Mobile also retains the distinction of being the original home of the Mardi Gras in this country.

With beginnings in 1704, and over 60 years before New Orleans adopted the celebration, Mobile’s Mardi Gras is still celebrated today as a two-week long yearly festival culminating on Fat Tuesday.

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville, AL cheapest premium options for all drivers.The average rate for residents of Huntsville is around $1,300 per year.

Each of the insurance carriers illustrated are more than 28% below the city average.

For a 30 year old driver we suggest getting insurance quotes from GEICO, National General, and Progressive.

Each carrier was $703 and below.

A 45 year old driver may be able to get an auto insurance premium for less than $600.

The two top picks are Progressive and National General.

The mean rate illustrated is $712 which is 34% lower than the average.

Huntsville Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
National General$643$578
State Farm$789$675
Integon General$843$705

With a population of nearly 200,000 residents, Huntsville, Alabama is one of the most recognized cities in the State.

The city is consistently named as one of the best places to live and work by USA Today, Forbes, Livability magazines.

Technology, space, and defense industries have a major presence in Huntsville with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park.

Home to several Fortune 500 companies and beautiful historic districts, Huntsville also offers a broad base of manufacturing, retail and service industries.

For stunning historic districts include Twickenha, Old Town Historic District, and Five Points Historic District surrounded by Victorian era homes.

Resources & DMV Information
Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
201 Monroe St # 1700, Montgomery, AL 36104
(800) 701-5909
1020 Bankhead Hwy W, Birmingham, AL 35204
(205) 328-5820
50 N Ripley St, Montgomery, AL 36104
(334) 242-9000
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