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Allstate’s New Apps Bring Car Insurance Directly To Customers, Wherever They Are

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Updated November 15th, 2020

Allstate is the nation’s second or third largest car insurance company in the country (depending on the survey you

allstate mobile app

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consult) and as a leader in the industry, it’s always innovating to keep its market edge. The insurer has recently launched a series of apps for use with iPods, smartphones and other portable devices (like notebooks.) As a growing number of consumers keep more of their life and business accessible by portable devices, these new apps make managing car insurance coverage far more convenient.

Consider Allstate mobile

Allstate Mobile is a free, easy-to-download app that works with your mobile devices. It’s an all-in-one feature that can offer everything from car insurance policy and claim information to accident support and information you can use on the road. Once the app is downloaded, it’s like having your own personal insurance file with you wherever you happen to take your mobile device. Accessing the app, you can:

  • View your current insurance coverage
  • Use this as proof of insurance to meet your state’s insurance requirements
  • Pay your bill
  • Report an accident/incident
  • Start a claim

In fact, if you are in an accident and have the app in place, Allstate offers an accident checklist with a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the moments after a collision and the steps you should take.

Claims made even easier

The mobile app from Allstate can also work in conjunction with the camera function on your phone or portable device, making your ability to file and start the claims process push-button convenient. Quick Foto Claim is a feature of the new mobile app getting a lot of promotion and attention from Allstate. With it, you can snap photos of any damage your car has sustained in a claimable event, upload those photos, and then email them to an Allstate claims representative or your agent to get the claims process started.

Great support for roadside assistance

One of the more invaluable applications available with the new mobile features from Allstate comes into play in the event you need emergency roadside assistance. Allstate offers three separate options for adding roadside assistance to you car insurance coverage (including an option you can get from Allstate, even if you’re not an Allstate car insurance customer.) The most advanced option is to join Allstate’s Motor Club.

The new mobile features synch up with products and services available to you as a member of the Motor Club. With your Allstate Motor Club membership, a roadside assistance app offers one-touch access from your smartphone or mobile device to emergency roadside services. Direct access to emergency service on the road includes all of the roadside benefits your Motor Club membership plan offers, including a few expanded features:

  • GPS-locator technology – with your phone’s GPS capabilities, Allstate can pinpoint your location in the event of a roadside emergency, quickly mobilize a service provider, and reduce the time it takes you to get back on the road.
  • Diagnostic data capture – this allows you to identify your problem from a menu of options (towing, battery jump, flat tire, fuel delivery, lock out services, etc.) speeding up the ability for Allstate to send the appropriate service provider to help
  • Detailed dispatch service information – when Allstate is certain help is on the way, a reference

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    number, service info, and an estimated arrival time will be sent in a text message directly to your mobile device

  • Cardless innovation – all your pertinent Allstate Motor Club account information is available with the app, making carrying a membership card unnecessary. You have everything you need at your fingertips in the event of any emergency

Beyond car insurance

The new mobile apps from Allstate work with a other insurance products, including two that are often packaged or bundled with car insurance coverage for ease of service and reduced premiums: home and motorcycle. The mobile app features two unique service programs that can help tie all three together:

  • Digital locker – useful for inventorying and recordkeeping, a detailed list of your personal can be stored right in your pocket. It allows you to organize your personal property by room, category or in item lists. Take new pictures, or choose from your existing iPhone library, and you can create and manage an inventory of your personal property, providing quick access to the information you’ll need should you ever need to file a claim.
  • Allstate’s GoodRide® — another free app that helps you log all the details about your motorcycle so you can log more time on the road (you can get this app, even if you’re not an Allstate customer.) It helps track your miles and routes, and share it across your social network. It helps you plan every trip and store every repair and maintenance appointment or work you’ve done yourself.

As the world becomes more wireless and mobile, Allstate is continuing to take steps to be sure it can continue to be your choice for insurance in the future – auto, home, life, etc. – hoping to keep you in good hands, even if they’re attached to a smartphone or mobile device.

(Note: this article is intended solely for informational purposes and should not be taken as a solicitation, promotion or an endorsement of any kind. The author has no affiliation with Allstate or any of its subsidiaries. The author has no affiliation with any other car insurance provider.)

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson, a former insurance agent, is a writer with Reply!. He has more than 25 years of experience in market research, public relations, consulting, writing and sales work in all areas of the auto industry.

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