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Beijing, China Stepping Up Efforts for a Faster Adoption of Electric Vehicles, China Electric Vehicle Market is 4 Times Bigger than the U.S.

It’s not a secret that China has many environmental problems, and air pollution is arguably the biggest of them. As part of China’s efforts to improve air quality, authorities in the world’s most populous country are trying to take gasoline-powered cars off the road – as they are one of the leading contributors to air pollution – and replace them with low emission vehicles, primarily electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

A BAIC Motor Corp. Arcfox-1 concept electric vehicle

A BAIC Motor Corp. Arcfox-1 concept electric vehicle on display at the Beijing Auto Show.

Image Credit: Forbes

Just Like the United States a Lack of Infrastructure is the Challenge

But, like in the U.S., the lack of charging infrastructure, among other hurdles, is slowing down the adoption of electric vehicles in China.

Beijing, the capital of China, is leading the way toward a faster adoption of EVs in the country, offering heavy subsidies to those who decide to switch from conventional gasoline-powered cars to zero emission vehicles.

China is building with NO Limit

Currently 2000 Charging Stations with a Population of 21 Million in Beijing

One of the world’s most populous cities needs to put much more charging stations in place if it wants to make more people embrace electric cars, given that up until a few months ago, it only had 65 stations – which is clearly far from enough for a city with a population of 21 million.

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Recently, city officials announced that there are now more than 560 charging stations across Beijing, making it easier for EV owners to recharge their cars.

Soon, the charging-point network will expand to over 1,000, and most of them will be placed on strategic locations, such as train stations, airports, parking garages, and highway public service areas, according to The Beijing News.

Top 10 Chinese Auto Manufacturers & Joint Venture Companies

Top 10 Auto Manufacturer in ChinaJoint Venture Company2nd Joint Venture Company
Beijing Automotive GroupHyundai MotorsMercedes-branded autos
CheryJaguar Land Rover
BYDDaimler AG
Guangzhou AutomobileHonda-branded autosFiat
SAIC MotorGeneral MotorsVolkswagen
Dongfeng MotorHondaKia
First Automobile WorksGeneral MotorsMazda
Chang'an MotorsFordMazda
Brilliance China AutoBMW
Jianghuai AutomobileHyundai Motors

Source: Wikipedia

The Increase Demand for Electric Vehicles is Steadily Climbing

While electric car sales in Beijing are still not at the desired levels, there has been an increased interest in these alternative fuel vehicles in China’s capital lately.

Currently, there are about 2,000 electric cars in Beijing, as compared to 1,000 up until a year ago, and the city has set a goal of putting 50,000 electric or hybrid cars on the road by 2018, which seems like a pretty tough target to meet.

Chery eQ Chinese Electric Vehicle

2016 Chery eQ, one of the more popular electric vehicles in Beijing, China.

In addition to investing in the installation of charging stations, Beijing is also working on alternative solutions for providing more charging points for EV owners.

Turing Street Lamps into Charging Posts for Electric Vehicle Owners

The city has started a project that involves turning street lamps into charging posts, with plans to convert a large part of the street lamps in three of Beijing’s districts into charging posts, by replacing the high voltage sodium lamps with LED lamps.

Denza 400 Electric Vehicle for China

2016 Denza 400 Electric Vehicle for China. This vehicle is made by joint venture with Mercedes.

Image Credit: Mercedesblog.com

And Street Lamps to WiFi Hotspots for Car Owners

What’s more, the city intends to turn street lamps into WiFi hotspots, so that car owners can have Internet access while their cars are being recharged, which may take up to several hours.

Geely Emgrand EV, Chinese electric car for sale on the market in the United Kingdom.

Image Credit: Greencarreports.com

This pilot program is expected to start sometime next year.

Challenges in Beijing Are More Difficult than in the United States

Aside from local authorities in Beijing, Chinese government is also stepping up its efforts for promoting electric vehicles, and has announced plans to invest $16 billion into the construction and installation of publicly available charging stations over the course of the next few years, which should definitely help boost demand for alternative fuel vehicles.

BAIC EX200 Chinese Electric Vehicle

BAIC EX200 Chinese Electric Vehicle which is also sold in the United States through Mullen Technologies USA.

The Largest Electric Vehicle Market for Auto Manufacturer is China

China is widely expected to become the largest market for plug-in hybrids and electric cars by the end of the decade, and investment in charging infrastructure is one of the key factors that can help spur a stronger market growth.

Jordan Perch

Jordan Perch

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