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Why Choose An Italian Car Maker?

If you have a real love for cars, ask yourself which genre really makes you smile the most? For some of us it is the German car, those BMW’s and Porsches usually float our boat because of the efficiency and over-engineering that puts them into a different class from other marques. But if you had to name a style and country that offers a totally unique take on the way cars should look and sound, you’d have to say that Italian cars are a breed apart.

6 Italian Car Manufacturers

Italian Car ManufacturersFoundedLocale of Italy
Alfa Romeo1910Milan
Lamborghini1963Sant'Agata Bolognese

The Beauty

Italian car

At the Italian Car Show. Image Credit: Paul D’Ambra Creative Common License.

There is little doubt that the lines of a classic Italian car are what place it firmly in the supermodel class of vehicles. Even as far back as the early 20th century, manufacturers from Italy have been more interested in the form of these gorgeous machines. For this reason, the Italian car has been the choice of rock stars and movie Gods for over a hundred years.

The Exclusivity

Car show

2013 Italian Car Festival. Image Credit: Eric Flexyourhead

Whilst it is true to say that German built cars enjoy a level of prestige that is hard to beat, we do see an awful lot of them on the motorways and around our cities. Should a Lambo or Ferrari appear in the next lane, your passengers will usually do a double take. There is an X factor that many Italian cars achieve effortlessly that other marques seem to be trying too hard to equal, but they never will.

The Speed

Lancia Flaminia Sport

Lancia Flaminia Sport. Image Credit: Leslie Wong Creative Common License.

Looking adorable may be one of the main draws to an Italian stallion, but the car still needs to be able to walk the

New Spider. Image Credit: Author Owned

New Spider. Image Credit: Author Owned

walk. Thankfully most of the Roman automobiles are able to perform as well as they look. You will seldom see an Alfa Romeo or Lancia in the slow lane and that distant red speck on the horizon may well be from a Maranello Marvel. The engineering that goes into most Italian cars is a mixture of exuberance and utter genius.

The Noise

Other super-cars may have a lovely tome, that can’t be denied, but there is something very sexual about that particular exhaust note mixed with the V12 undertones from a Lambo on a rush. And they say that you can hear a Maserati long before you can see it, and no matter how the other car manufacturers try to imitate this feature, they are usually left trailing in the smoky wake.


Bristol Italian Car Show

Bristol Italian Car Show. Image Credit: Shane Kerry

When you hear the term ‘Super-car’ you automatically think of Italian cars, because no other country has produced more of these lithesome beasts and that Ferrari red remains the favorite color of any genre of sports car. Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari and Pagani posters are the stuff of schoolboy’s dreams and they remain so long after we have long gone.

Not Super but Still Beautiful

If you really cannot live without your own slice of Italian automotive history in your life, you don’t need a lotto win to fill that gap. There are some beautiful Alfa Romeos and luscious Lancias that will do the job rather nicely indeed. They may not be up there with a Dino or a Countach, but they’ll certainly wipe the floor with your neighbor’s Focus any day of the week. Even Fiat has made a beautiful contribution with their sadly discontinued Coupe model.

The Rub

Superior Italian Design. Image Credit: Andrea Dalla Valle

Superior Italian Design. Image Credit: Andrea Dalla Valle

If you’ve ever watched Top Gear or similar gearhead genre shows, you’ll have an idea about the Achilles heel that all Italian cars suffer. Their reliability has been called into question at times. You’ll need rather deep pockets to shell out for the spare parts that these beasts need to fix their poor behavior. Thankfully you can get hold of Alfa Romeo spare parts and Fiat spare parts for rather less than the arm and a leg that a Maserati Lambda sensor will set your back.

Your Next Car?

If you really need a fix of the Latin motorcar treatment, ensure that you have access to a good health plan because they are certainly not for the fainthearted amongst us. But ask any car enthusiast who has owned an Italian car about that special grin factor and you will soon be looking for your very own matinee idol.

John Hinds

John Hinds

John Hinds writes for Lojix. His interests include blogging, reading, playing tennis, listening to music and traveling.

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