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No Need to Sacrifice, Get the Car You “Really” Want & Design Your Dream Car With 3D Visualizers

There is nothing as grand as being able to virtually customize your car before you start getting your hands dirty with the actual project.

Well, okay, there is the grander picture of seeing the real finished product, but that’s not the point.

Gone are the days when we had to rely on our less than pleasing instinct of throwing on a random side skirt, spoiler, hood air intake, rims and much more, and hope for the best.

3D visualizer of a vehicle and not an picture.

Although it looks like a real car, it is not. It is a 3D image (visualizer) of a vehicle.

Car Modifier Software

Today the internet has given us – the inexperienced designers – the power to realize our dream souped-up car.

From the entire body kit and its interior to low-profile 3D wheels, visualizers give both a novice and expert car modifier the power to create a spectacular masterpiece while in the comfort of their home or garage.

The simplicity of such software is only matched by its cost-effectiveness, as you don’t have to purchase the necessary mods beforehand, only to find out they don’t match the overall design of your car.

visualizer of a car with wheels to see how the wheels look on the vehicle before purchase

This is a visualizer of a vehicle to see how they look on a particular vehicle before purchase.

With 3D visualizers, you can play around with color schemes, lower the ride height, fit a spoiler and attach smoked headlights with ease.

Not only are some these software applications available online, but can also be downloaded on smartphones and tablets such as the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab for added convenience.

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Customers Can Build Their Own Cars

Many car manufacturers now offer their prospective customers the option to build their own cars online before ordering them.

However, this type of software is designed for the tamer market and not pure gear-heads who would like to create a beast with ridiculous flared wheel arches, side skirts and bumpers that sit right on the ground, a gargantuan spoiler and a overall crimson color scheme adorned with racing stripes.

Below is a demonstration of a 3D visualizer which BMW uses for customers to deliver 3D Visualizers to their smart phone.

BMW sending images or visuals to customers before purchase of a BMW I3 or I8

This is really cool. BMW can send 3D visuals to customers before purchase on a smart phone

Of course such software has its shortfalls. For one, most 3D visualisers have a select number of vehicles available for you to customize. This can be a problem if the specific model of your car is not in the line-up of vehicles that are available. And, secondly, the parts that you are after may not be accessible in your country or not available on the software. This would mean you would have order it from overseas and spend a ridiculous amount of cash or look elsewhere.

Pro’s of 3D Visualizers

These shortfalls, however, do not take away the pleasantries of designing your ideal customized car online.

You can be as absurd as you please, with some allowing you to share the 3D mock-up on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, for your friends to see.

When you’re done with your design, you can also print it out and use it as a reference when you’re building the actual car.

Life for the gear-head is getting better with each passing day.

Because we live in an ever-evolving world, 3D visualisers will continue to improve, hopefully allowing serious fanatics to add a larger range of mods to their cars. Such software is, in the hands of a creative person, a step in the right direction.

Sam Butterworth

Sam Butterworth

Sam Butterworth is a journalist, blogger and auto enthusiast with a particular penchant for classic sports cars and motorhomes/RVs. He currently drives a completely insensible but fun 1992 Toyota MR2.

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