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How to Give Your Car the Love It Deserves

Considering the substantial amount of time on spends in their car (about 600 hours per year), it’s not too surprising that 4 in 10 Americans claim their car has a unique personality. Even if you just perceive your car as a machine lacking personality, there are several reasons why you should give your car the love it deserves – namely that your safety is dependent on its maintenance, and that – in some cases – your car can be an extension of your own personality and habits.

Give Love to your Car

Give Love to your Car! Photo Credit: Thomas R. Stegelmann (Creative Commons).

So, how can you give your car the love it deserves? Here are some car-pleasing methods:

Check If You Need New Tires

Old tires can increase the chances of an accident or breaking down, in addition your overall ride much rougher. There’s no need for your car to experience unnecessary wear and tear, as it can reduce its life. Show your car you care by replacing its tires, which can typically be done for under $1000, service included. Each tire can get around 30,000 to 50,000 miles before replacement is necessary.

Make Sure You Are Properly Insured

Properly insuring your car is one of the best things you can do to respect your vehicle. Sure, you can go for minimum liability insurance coverage, but if you have a newer or precious vehicle, you should look into comprehensive and/or collision coverage. You can explain your situation to an insurance agent to determine what the best combination of coverages is for you.

Make Memories with Your Car

You can also show love to your car by making pleasant memories involving it, whether that means proposing to your beloved inside or tailgating with it outside a football stadium.

As seen in the video above, many families consider their car a member of their family – primarily because so many fond memories were shared involving it. More than 500 people are actually romantically in love with their cars, so while you don’t have to follow their lead as fervently to show your love, making memorable memories involving your car can increase its sentimentality and appeal.

Car Washes

Every car deserves a deluxe car wash at some point, preferably once every few months. If you cannot afford a car wash, there’s nothing wrong with a manual wash either. Grab a sponge, some soap, and a hose and spend an hour or two making your car the glistening piece of perfection it deserves to be.

New Floor Mats

If your car has had the same floor mats for a year or two, it’s time to get new ones. Guests will appreciate a cleaner area to place their seat and your car will feel like it underwent a makeover. Even a small, cheap purchase like this can make your car appear fresher and younger.

Read Up on Safety

Even if you’ve been driving for years, you could always be better. Being extra cautious on the road is better for the long

Audio system

Honda Civic with a new sound system. Make this experience an even more fulfilling one by upgrading your car’s sound system!

and short-term future of you and your car. Showing extra caution on the road, such as abiding by the speed limit and breaking gently and early, shows your car you care.

Upgrade the Sound System

Your family and friends may not enjoy it when you go full-on karaoke to your favorite song in the car, but your car does. Make this experience an even more fulfilling one by upgrading your car’s sound system. It will make your time together during long commutes and drives so much more fun.

Treating your car well will increase its lifespan and make your experiences together safer and smoother. By doing at least some of the tips above, your car will appreciate its driver more than ever.

Adrienne Erin

Adrienne Erin

Adrienne is a social media marketer by day and a car enthusiast by night. To see more of her work, follow @adrienneerin on Twitter.

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