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Intoxicated Behind the Wheel: The Deadly Reality of Drinking and Driving

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol carries serious consequences.

Not only can you lose your driving privileges, you can lose your life as well.

Each year, millions of people are injured or killed as a result of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Although all drivers are aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, some drivers continue this unsafe practice.

Drinking and driving can have deadly consequences.

Consider these sobering statistics about alcohol-related deaths in the United States.

  • Every 51 minutes, a person is killed in an alcohol-related accident.
  • Underage drinking accounts for approximately 1900 vehicle fatalities each year.
  • Alcohol-related vehicle accidents account for approximately $49.8 billion dollars spent on lost wages and medical expenses each year.
  • The majority of alcohol-related deaths occur between Friday and Sunday.
  • More than half of all teen automobile accidents are alcohol-related.

Drinking and Driving Ruins the Lives of Innocent Victims

crime scene

Drinking and driving can have deadly consequences. Null Value/Flickr Creative Commons

If you make the choice to operate your vehicle under the influence of alcohol, your actions will affect the lives of other people.

Your intentions as you are operating your car may not be malicious.

In your mind, you may honestly believe you can safely navigate through the roads.

However, one wrong move on the road can injure or kill innocent people.

Your actions can ruin the lives of a small child, a loving grandmother or a doting father.

When a person is involved in a deadly car accident, it affects the lives of family members as well.

The effects of drinking and driving can trickle down to friends, co-workers and other loved ones.

In the course of minutes, several lives can be drastically altered.

Legal Consequences of Drinking and Driving

Attorneys witness the devastating legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Whether they are representing defendants in a criminal case or plaintiffs in a personal injury case, the results are equally as disastrous.

DUI lock up

One serious consequence of a DUI is getting arrested. v1ctor Casale Creative Commons via Flickr

There are several legal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol.

If you kill or injure other people, you could go to jail.

Another consequence that could happen is you can be sued for causing injuries or a wrongful death.

If you or a loved one has made the regrettable mistake of drinking and driving and has been arrested and charged with a DUI, consider finding a DWI attorney to help you pick up the pieces.

As the victim of an alcohol-related accident, you can become paralyzed or sustain life-threatening injuries.

There is also a possibility that you will be left with emotional trauma and expensive medical bills.

Psychological Consequences

Although there are deadly physical results of drinking and driving, there are also psychological results.

Imagine the guilt you will feel if a person is paralyzed or killed as a result of your actions.

Each day of your life, you will be reminded of the consequences of drinking and driving.

Victims and loved ones can be emotionally scarred by your actions as well.

Family members will have to process years of grief.

Victims will have to develop a renewed sense of trust of other drivers on the road.

As you can see, drinking and driving have long-reaching consequences.

Stopping the Deadly Effects of Drinking and Driving

As a driver, you have the ability to prevent future alcohol related accidents.

When you make a decision to be a sober driver, your actions can lead to a decrease in the death rate statistics.

You can also become a designated driver for friends and family members who are under the influence of alcohol.

The deadly consequences of drinking and driving are not worth the hassle.

The ramifications can haunt you for the rest of your life.

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Anica Oaks

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