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Iowa’s Minimum Car Insurance Requirements & Regulations, Avg Rate by City, & Best Insurers for Savings

Location, company, and credit are the main determining factors behind the cost of auto insurance for drivers in Iowa. One thing to point out, is the cost of auto insurance in populous cities, such as Des Moines, the cost is higher than average.

This doesn’t mean you are not getting the lowest rates. It means the cost in other cities is low bringing the average down. The cost of premiums vary dramatically city by city.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Iowa

CoverageIowa Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Auto Insurance Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$20,000 / $40,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$15,000$50,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage*$20,000 / $40,000$20,000 / $40,000
Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage*$20,000 / $40,000$20,000 / $40,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible

* Please note that Iowa allows drivers to reject Uninsured and Underinsured coverages by returning a form to your insurance company.  (Source – GEICO)

Bodily Injury Liability

Each Iowa motorist must get at least $20,000 of cover for a single person and $40,000 for multiple passengers to pay for medical bills in the event they’re wounded in an accident where the insured individual is revealed to be at-fault. (Source).

Cheapest insurers for 25 year old in Iowa.

Note: The low-cost options for a 25 year old driver in Iowa are illustrated above. The quotes illustrated are for a driver with a fair driving history. Please see table below.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage culpability covers damage to private and public property like buildings, guardrails and road signs as well as the other person’s vehicle. The minimum quantity of coverage in the state of Iowa is $15,000 per accident. (Source).

Best options for a 30 year old driver in Iowa.

Note: Top picks for a 30 year old driver in Iowa are GEICO, Progressive, and Hastings. Realize your quotes will vary depending on the city and/or zip code you reside in. Please see table below.

The set numbers you may see for the state of Iowa will 20/40/15 which the numbers represent thousands of dollars from the figures above respectfully.

Iowa isn’t the same as many states in that it does not have a law which makes auto insurance mandatory for all drivers. However, it is recommended to have insurance for unforeseen auto accidents or other non-vehicular incidents that may occur.

Low cost insurer picks for a 35 year old.

Note: As illustrated, the rates can be fairly low. Please realize the average rate is much higher in cities like Des Moines or Cedar Rapids.

Iowa is a Tort State

Iowa is a tort state, suggesting that someone who is at-fault in an accident will be fiscally responsible for covering the other party’s damages. These damages can include claims for bodily injury, death or property damage. If you are involved in an accident in the state of Iowa then your license and registration are going to be suspended on the spot if you do not have insurance.

Best options for a 40 year old driver in Iowa for a auto premium.

Note: The lowest insurers for a 40 year old are GEICO, Progressive, and Hastings. Each clustering near the $700 range for a full coverage premium. More details in the table below.

Furthermore, if you have had a major traffic violation, (which is more common in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and, Iowa City) such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, or running a red light, you will have to show proof of insurance before your license is reinstated. For that reason the majority of drivers in Iowa opt to have at least minimum coverage although they do not have to.

Note: An older driver is going to have more options. Particularly if you have good driving history. The lowest quotes we found are GEICO and Progressive.

Car Insurance Companies Avg. Rate by Age

RankIA Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 25 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 35 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 40 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 55 Y/O Driver
4State Farm$1,532$1,089$809$755$651$578
5Farm Bureau Mutual$1,544$1,099$844$745$654$579
8Western National$1,699$1,243$956$789$679$598
9American Family $1,805$1,308$1,008$799$700$600
10MetLife $1,849$1,478$1,043$802$699$623
1321st Century$2,143$1,645$1,167$900$768$610
14Liberty Mutual$2,178$1,679$1,243$904$799$628

Lowest insurer options for a 55 year old driver in IA.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

Even though Iowa is a lenient state when it comes to car insurance it is recommended to get comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle particularly if your have a new model car.

Getting quotes in the state of Iowa is easy. The zip code form box above will provide you with quotes from top insurance companies to help you find the lowest rate possible and in less time.

Once you have a selection of three or more quotes be sure to compare each of them and find the policy that is right for you. If you find one online you can purchase it immediately, but it is always a good idea to go over the type of cover with an insurance agent.

Best Insurers by Consumer Rating & Rate Change Percentage

Below is a list of insurance companies by consumer rating, amount of premiums written, and the percentage of rate increase over an 18 month period. It includes complaints too, which should not discourage you when looking for a reputable insurance firm. Any reputable company will have complaints filed against it.

IA Auto Insurance CompanyPremiumsRate Change > 18 Months# of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
State Farm$221,659,344 +2.4%74.4
IMT Group Insurance$41,528,000+2.9%13.9
Farmers $21,702,542+2.9%34.3
Allied$9,920,209+3.1%0 4.0
MetLife $24,293,753+3.1%04.0
Nationwide$45,911,924 +3.6%14.2
Liberty Mutual$56,145,789+3.3%54.4
Allstate$98,012,635 +3.3%114.5
Sentry$693,992 +3.7%44.2
AIG$500,011 +3.1%34.1
American Family$519,715,033+2.9%84.4
Secura Insurance$31,010,361 +3.1%54.1
State Auto$16,292,539 +2.6%53.9

Do not hesitate to ask about discounts in the state of Iowa

  • Safe driver discount

  • Student discount for good grades

  • Up to twenty percent off for taking a defensive driver course

  • Pleasure use – if you only drive your car for pleasure; not to and from work

Note: In the illustration the biggest percentage discounts are good driver, 12%, and safety features, at 10%. And if you combined any two or all of your discounts you could save nearly 20% at times.

Note: As illustrated, with one discount you may get 10% in savings. Combined them and you may get 22% in savings. This is important to ask your insurer about any discounts which are available.

Local Car Insurance Agents in Iowa & Avg Rate

CityAverage RateCityAverage RateCityAverage RateCityAverage Rate
Bettendorf$945Council Bluffs$1,099Knoxville$995Urbandale$931
Boone$878Cumberland$1,071Le Mars$1,061Washington$907
Carroll$1,054Dubuque$1,106Mt. Pleasant$993Waverly$1,038
Cedar Falls$1,067Elridge$969Nevada$994Webster City$1,091

Des Moines

Des Moine CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
State Farm$1,267$987
Farm Bureau Mutual$1,321$1,007

Des Moines, Iowa has over 200,000 residents making it the most populous city in the state. The are many things to enjoy in Des Moines for the outdoor enthusiast, cultural types, and history buffs. The Gortz Haus Gallery features numerous Iowa artists and is housed in a church made of stone. For military enthusiasts, there’s the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum, which honors military men and women and displays artifacts from the Civil War to the present. The city is known for low-cost housing, short and easy commutes to work, and a diverse population.

The average car insurance rate in Des Moines is $1,378 per year. We were able to find 7 carriers below the “mean” rate. Start by getting quotes from GEICO and Progressive. Each $1,187 and $1,199 respectfully. This is 12% lower than the average rate for a 30 year old driver. If your are older, then get quotes from GEICO, Progressive, Hastings, and State Farm. If you have a good driving history you should be able to save nearly 20% by comparing quotes with the 4 companies illustrated in the table.

Cedar Rapids

Cedar Rapids CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
State Farm$1,008$865
Farm Bureau Mutual$1,045$904

Cedar Rapids is the second largest city in Iowa and was originally named Rapids City after the rapids on the Cedar River. Started in 1849, the city began to grow economically with the arrival in 1871 of T. M. Sinclair, who established one of the nation’s largest meat packing companies. Other major local industries soon followed, including Quaker Oats company. During this same period, many of the city’s arts and educational institutions were formed. Flourishing into a city with nearly 130,000 residents today.

You are able to find cheap car insurance in Cedar Rapids if you know where to get quotes from. Start with GEICO, Progressive, and Hastings. Each are below the $1,000 mark for a 30 year old driver. And more than 12% lower than the average rate of $1,089. For a 45 year old driver we found the top three clustering at the $800 range. Progressive, GEICO, and Hasting are the top picks if you want to save 15% on your yearly auto premium.


Davenport CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
State Farm$989$854
Farm Bureau Mutual$1,031$878

Davenport, Iowa is situated along the Mississippi River  and is included in the “Quad Cities” with Bettendorf and the Illinois cities, Moline and Rock Island. This conglomerate of 4 cities makes the city of Davenport unusual and a sought out place to live for families. Full of vibrate culture and quaint shops throughout downtown, Davenport has many events throughout the year which include, German-American Jazz Event, Village of East Davenport, Riverfront Davenport, Figge Art Museum, and the Putnam Museum and IMAX Theater.

Davenport has an average auto insurance rate $1,071 or “mean” rate which includes all types of drivers. In our study we were able to find 4 insurers below the “mean” rate. Start by getting quotes from State Farm, GEICO, and Progressive. Each were approximately 10% below the average rate. Farm Bureau Mutual should be included in your quest for a lower insurance premium too.

Sioux City

Sioux City CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$1,044$890
State Farm$1,132$899

Sioux City is the 4th largest city in Iowa with approximately 84,000 residents. Outdoor enthusiasts love the area which include Stone State Park for hiking and mountain biking. The Sioux City area is known for its opportunities for hunting pheasant, wild turkey, deer, quail, duck and geese. Lakes and rivers are popular fishing locations for catfish, largemouth bass, and carp.

If you are hunting for cheaper auto insurance in Sioux City then start with Progressive, GEICO, and Farm Bureau Mutual. Each at $978, $1,044, and $1,078 respectfully. This is 14% lower than Sioux City average rate for a 30 year old driver. For a 45 year old we found the quotes clustered at the $900 range for a full coverage premium. However, one did stand out, Progressive, at $807 per year for a 45 year old.

Iowa City

Iowa City CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$904$700
Partners Mutual$916$714
State Farm$989$878

Founded in the late 1830’s, Iowa City was the state’s first city capital from 1842 to 1857. After 1857, Des Moines was chosen to replace Iowa City as the state capital. Partially compensating for this loss was the establishment in Iowa City of the University of Iowa. The University became the first public university in the nation to admit men and women on an equal basis. Iowa city is known for having a “big city” atmosphere with small town hospitality.

With study of auto insurance firms in Iowa City we found the lowest rates are with Progressive, Farm Bureau Mutual, and Partners Mutual. All three clustered near the $900 range for a 30 year old driver. It was the same three companies for a 45 year old driver too. It would be smart to get quotes form all 7 companies illustrated to find additional savings while maintaining the same out of coverage.

Resources & Iowa MVD information

Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
601 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 281-5705
5455 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
(319) 364-0235
6310 SE Convenience Blvd, Ankeny, IA 50021
(515) 244-8725
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