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State Of Maryland Car Insurance Requirements, Cost Saving Ideas, & How to Find the Lowest Rate in the City You Live in

The state of Maryland has recently raised the minimum requirements to drive legal.

The current minimum is 30,000/60,000/15,000. Please see table below.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Maryland

CoverageMaryland Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$30,000 / $60,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$15,000$50,000
Personal Injury Protection$2,000*$5,000
Uninsured Motorist Coverage BIL**$30,000 / $60,000$50,000 / $100,000
Uninsured Motorist Coverage PD***$15,000$25,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$500 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 deductible

*Note: Maryland allows you to waive Personal Injury Protection and choose a limited PIP option.

**Bodily Injury Coverage

***Property Damage Coverage

Bodily Injury Protection & Property Damage

The first two numbers are for bodily injury liability and the last number is for property damage liability.

In simple terms the state requirements for liability insurance the insurer will pay $30,000 to the injured driver in the other vehicle and up to $60,000 dollars to the injured passengers in the other vehicle.

The insurer will pay a maximum of $15,000 dollars to any property that may have been damage in the accident to the other vehicle.

Lowest insurance providers in Maryland for 25 year old driver

Note: The average rate for a 25 year old driver in Maryland is $2,500 per year. As illustrated, there are insurance providers with much lower rates. GEICO, USAA, and Progressive being the top three picks. Please see table below.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Maryland

Inexpensive auto insurance firms for 45 year old driver

Note: For a 45 year old driver our top insurance provided quotes less that $1,500 per year. This is more than 12% the average rate of $1,875.

Table of Companies

RankMaryland CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 25 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 55 Y/O Driver
621st Century$1,923$1,463$956
7IFA $1,929$1,477$971
10Elephant $2,004$1,492$1,004
11State Farm$2,021$1,512$1,010
15Liberty Mutual$2,166$1,573$1,088
17MetLife $2,411$1,754$1,103
20Bankers $2,499$1,783$1,178
21Erie $2,500$1,791$1,241
22Penn National $2,500$1,805$1,244
23Fireman's Fund$2,506$1,823$1,248
25National General$2,598$1,903$1,249
26Main Street America $2,612$1,909$1,250
28Horace Mann$2,711$1,958$1,269
31Paramount $3,008$2,028$1,289
32Maryland Automobile Fund$3,022$2,029$1,290
33Agency Company$3,043$2,038$1,299
34Brethren Mutual $3,132$2,047$1,305
36State Auto$3,146$2,257$1,408

Cheapest rates for 55 year old driver in Maryland

Note: A 55 year old driver in Maryland should be able to get an insurance premium under $1,000 per year. This is more than 15% below the average rate of $1,210.

No-Fault Rules & Personal Injury Protection in Maryland

Maryland has implement “no-fault” rules to help keep the price of insurance charges low as well as lowering the quantity of court actions which are being filed annually by drivers.

mid range auto insurance firms for 25 year old driver

Note: As illustrated, this is the median list of insurance companies for a 25 year old driver. Each of them are well below the median rate for a 25 year old.

Under the no fault rules, each person’s insurance will cover their doctor’s bills with no regard for who was to blame in the accident.

Minimum Personal Injury Protection Requirements

Since the state is no-fault then each driver is required to carry Personal Injury Protection or (PIP) insurance. Personal Injury Protection coverage supplies the advantages for medical and any disability expenses up to $2,500 for all reasonable costs from an accident.

Average insurance rates for a 45 year old driver in Maryland

In Maryland full (PIP) insurance provide protection for you, your passengers, and members of your family.

Limited Personal Injury Protection Option

If you elect to have limited PIP then you, your family members, and other passengers are not protected under limited PIP; however, in this instance, the state would need knowledge of an existing health insurance plan you may have.

55 year old driver average insurance ratesThere are instances where the other driver can bring the at-fault driver to court or litigation. If the doctor’s expenses surpass an (anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000) amount or if the accident is presumed too harsh, the at-fault party can be held responsible for the other driver’s damages.

Average Premium by City

CityAverage RateCityAverage RateCityAverage Rate
Bowie $1,119Derwood$1,307Glen Burnie$1,411
Clinton $1,344Fallston$1,127Towson$1,231

Baltimore, MD

Our top three picks for cheapest car insurance in Baltimore are GEICO, USAA, and Progressive. If not former military you can get low rates from Nationwide or Cumberland Insurance.  

Each of the companies were able to provide quotes well below the average rate in the city of Baltimore. Please see table below.

Baltimore CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,989$1,469
State Farm$2,008$1,589

Baltimore is the largest city in the state with more than 220 neighborhoods. It is home to the first umbrella factory and post office.

Only 40 miles from a Washington D.C. it is the United States eastern hub of activity and economy. With wonderful charm and quaint coffee shops the city is known as “Charm City”.

The city has produced some of the finest athletes, politicians, writers, poets, and performers in the world. It is the second largest seaport in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Columbia, MD

Drivers in Columbia should consider getting quotes from GEICO, USAA, and Progressive.

The average rate for drivers in Columbia is $1,821. With the providers in our study you should be able to save more than 12.5% on your annual premium.

Columbia CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,999$1,308
State Farm$2,023$1,432

Columbia has a population just under 100,000 residents. A master plan of James Rouse, the city has 10 community villages established from 1967 to 1990. It is one of top places to live in the state of Maryland.

Germantown, MD

Drivers can find inexpensive auto insurance with Nationwide, GEICO, and USAA. The median rate for drivers is over $1,900 per year.

With our study, we found any of the insurance companies illustrated would provide you with 20% percent in savings.

Germantown CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,922$1,294
State Farm$1,956$1,307

Germantown is the third most populous place in Maryland. If it was incorporated as a city it would be the second largest behind Baltimore.

Germantown is a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts. With many hiking trails, such as Seneca Creek State Park and Black Hills, many residents enjoy the nice scenery.  

With rapid growth and an urbanized town center many try to find a home in the city Germantown.

Silver Spring, MD

As illustrated, our picks for the lowest insurance rates possible are USAA, GEICO, and Nationwide. Since the average rate for residents of Silver Springs is over $1,950 per year you should be able to lower your rate by 15%.

If you have a family, then compared quotes as recommended, and find additional savings by combining coverages and discounts

Silver Spring CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,911$1,309
State Farm$1,923$1,378

The median age in Silver Spring, Maryland is 34 years. Many enjoy the outdoors at fascinating Rock Creek or Acorn Park. 

Silver Spring hosts several entertainment and festivals, the most notable of which are the Silverdocs documentary film festival held each June and hosted by Discovery Communications. The Silverdocs film festival is known to attracted more than 20,000 visitors each year.

Ellicott City, MD

The average insurance rate in Ellicott City is $2,000 per year. Again, Nationwide, GEICO, and Progressive are the cheapest.

If you are a younger driver any of the top 6 illustrated would help you find 10% in savings. A family of four may want to prefer a top carrier such as GEICO for maximum savings.

Ellicott City CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,934$1,268
State Farm$1,976$1,309

Ellicott City has been home to a large Korean population with numerous Korean-owned businesses and restaurants. A section of Route 40 to Greenway Drive is known as “Korean Way”, paying homage to the city’s Korean culture.

An important part is Ellicott City’s Koreatown has revitalized declining shopping centers along the highway.

Frederick, MD

If you are a 30 year old driver with good credit and a clean driving history you should be able to get rates well below $1,000 per year.

Our top three picks of insurers have quotes about 22% below the median rate of Frederick.

Frederick CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$1,873$1,087
State Farm$1,938$1,127

Cool Facts about Frederick

  • Frederick served as a major hospital center during the Civil War for the wounded.

  • The historic district is gorgeous with stunning history and beautiful landscapes.

  • Named the best “Small Town” to live by CNN and Forbes.

  • Frederick is famous for its historic homes, awesome downtown, and Civil War battlefields.

Historic Frederick has lower insurance rates compared to other cities in the State of Maryland.

Rockville, MD

Residents of Rockville can find the cheapest insurance rates with GEICO, Progressive, and Nationwide.

If you are former military then USAA is your best option.

The median rate for a 40 year old driver is $1350. If you get a premium from out cheapest insurers you would save over 10%.

Rockville CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$2,017$1,359
State Farm$2,141$1,436

According to, during revolutionary times Rockville was known as Hungerford’s Tavern the name of its most familiar landmark.

One of the first calls to freedom from British rule was heard at the tavern in 1774.

Rockville has more than 61,000 residents making it the 3rd largest city in Maryland. Home to the I-270 technology corridor it is home to numerous biotech and software companies.

Bethesda, MD

The average rate for a 30 year old driver is $1,870. For a 45 year old driver it is over $1,500. Out top picks are rounded out with Cumberland and Allstate.

If you compared quotes and applied discounts you should be able to find about 20% in savings.

Bethesda CompanyRate for 30 Y/O DriverRate for 45 Y/O Driver
21st Century$2,017$1,359
State Farm$2,141$1,436

Bethesda, Maryland is a thriving urban district with over 200 restaurants, coffee shops, and art galleries.

According to residents, it is the best shopping district in the Washington, D.C area. Some call it the Mecca of “brain-power” since the majority of people have college degrees.

Also, it has been called the 2nd healthiest city for women by Self Magazine.

In the town of “elites” or Bethesda you are able to find cheap car insurance.

Lending Institutions & Banks Full Coverage Requirement

When you are comparing auto insurance quotes you want to realize banks and lending institutions require all drivers to have full coverage for the automobiles if they are going to be financed.

Also, to avoid any penalties or fees you want to be sure to return your license plate and registration card to the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) when you have canceled your insurance premium.

Driving Without Insurance? You’re “At-Fault” in Maryland

Another important aspect of driving in Maryland is when in  an accident the driver without insurance is going to be “at-fault” which is common in Baltimore, Annapolis, Hagerstown, and Rockville.

Best Car Insurance Firms in Maryland by Index & Consumer Ratings

Maryland CompanyPremiumsIndexRating out of 5 Stars
Nationwide333,621,824 0.444.5
Progressive211,462,009 0.464.6
GEICO847,126,674 0.534.6
Titan10,640,895 0.744.2
State Farm754,830,1840.934.5
Safeco24,789,714 0.994.1
Kemper20,575,518 1.014.0
Encompass53,018,622 1.023.9
Brethren Mutual14,913,4971.093.9
Agency Company26,413,860 1.113.9
Liberty Mutual136,487,8631.234.2
Erie 267,418,4581.724.4
Hartford46,809,559 1.724.3
21st Century11,481,682 1.724.4
State Auto24,167,553 1.993.8
Penn National 11,874,871 2.754.1
Travelers62,774,829 2.994.1

Insurance Resources & Department of Motor Vehicles Contact Information

Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
200 St Paul St #2700, Baltimore, MD 21202
(800) 492-6116
7491 Connelley Dr, Hanover, MD 21076
(410) 582-5505
10251 Central Ave, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
(410) 768-7000
Final Thoughts

At Autoinsuresavings we want you to be able to find the lowest rate possible for your vehicle while maintaining the same or more coverage.

The best way to do this is to compare more than three quotes to be sure you are saving. Be sure your credit report is accurate and maintain a good driving record.

If you have any traffic violation consider taking a defensive driver course to help off-set the increase in insurance rates.

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