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Cheapest Auto Insurance in Michigan plus Minimum Requirements & Strategies for Additional Savings

The overall cheapest auto insurance companies in Michigan for drivers from 25 to 55 year of age are MetLife, GEICO, Hastings Mutual, and Chubb.

Depending on the city or zip code you reside other highly competitive insurers are Pioneer Mutual, Progressive, and Auto-Owners.

At first, I am going to cover the minimum requirements in Michigan and cost savings strategies to help you save a little more on your premium.

If you would like to skip to the least expensive insurers please use the table of contents down a little and to the right.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Michigan

Michigan is a no-fault state and has one of the strictest and most comprehensive no-fault car insurance programs in the nation.

Since MI is a no-fault state each driver is required to have Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

CoverageMI Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$20,000 / $40,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$50,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage*$20,000 / $40,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Protection$1 million$1 million
Personal Injury ProtectionUnlimited with a $0, $300 or $500 deductibleUnlimited with a $0, $300 or $500 deductible
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$500 - $1,000 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 - $1,000 deductible

*Coverage can be rejected in writing.

Michigan’s insurance program is broken down into three parts and is unlike any other state. Personal injury protection is going to cover “you” if you are involved in an accident.

Property Protection (PPI) is going to cover the damage you may have done to other peoples property and the amount of cover can reach one million dollars.

Lowest rates in Michigan for 25 year old driver.

Note: As illustrated, the cheapest options for a 25 year old in Michigan are MetLife, GEICO, and Hastings Mutual. The driver illustrated had a good driving record, good credit, and owned a 2014 Honda Accord. Please see table below.

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers damages to the other driver and their passengers when the insured driver is revealed to be at-fault in an accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance will pay $20,000 to a single person and up to $40,000 for multiple people concerned in the accident.

Showing cheapest quotes for 30 year old driver.

Note: We found quotes between $2,278 and $2,422 for a 30 year old driver. About 20% lower than the average rate in Michigan.

Property Damage Liability

In the event the other person’s automobile, public property like a place of business or private property such as a residents garage door is damaged in an accident, the minimum property damage liability protection will pay up to $10,000 for damages.

The set limit for insurance in MI is 20,000/40,000/10,000 and although that is the minimum drivers in the state normally get more than the minimum coverage since Michigan can have severe weather during the winter season.

Best premium options for 35 year old by insurance firm.

Note: A 35 year old driver with a decent driving record can find the lowest quotes with MetLife and GEICO. For detailed information please see table below.

Furthermore, the state has a high rate of uninsured motorists, car theft, and a higher rate of accidents than most states in the country.

With all of these factors taken into consideration Michigan is one of the most expensive states to carry car insurance. With Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield, Flint, and Redford being the most costly cities according to

Inexpensive auto premium options for 40 year old in MI.

Note: On average the same companies offer the lowest rate for a 40 year old driver. For detailed comparison please see city rates below.

Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Michigan?

Out of the 22 carriers queried the three least expensive carriers are MetLife, GEICO, and Hastings Mutual.

All three average 14% to 39% cheaper then their competitors.

Depending on the city you reside in, there are insurers which are competitive and landed as the three cheapest.

Many times Chubb was able to provide quotes 17% to 33% lower depending on the city.

Pioneer State Mutual is another company which is able to provide low quotes for drivers in Lansing.

And if you are in the market to shop then you may want to put Auto-Owners on your list too.

Since they were able to provide quotes 22% cheaper than other carriers and depending the city your reside.

Another company which provided low quotes in Livonia is Frankenmuth.

Any of the previously mentioned carriers are worth getting quotes from when you are hunting for the lowest premium while maintaining coverage.

Michigan CompanyAverage Annual Rate 25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O Driver35 Y/O Driver40 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
Hastings Mutual$4,344$2,387$2,123$1,732$1,409$1,090
State Farm$4,362$2,409$2,145$1,745$1,411$1,132
Pioneer State Mutual$4,401$2,460$2,243$1,785$1,456$1,211
21st Century$4,777$2,945$2,456$1,988$1,534$1,298
Liberty Mutual$4,788$3,479$2,587$1,990$1,556$1,309
Auto Club Group$5,004$3,478$2,612$2,165$1,688$1,400

Low-cost premium rate options for 45 year old in MI.

When you are comparing auto insurance quotes you want to make sure of the main factors insurers are looking for to determine your rate.

The primary factors are going to be your driving record, prior coverage, how many years you have been driving, the number of claims in the zip code you reside in, and the make & model of your vehicle.

Since the average premium per year in the state is over $2,000 you are going to want to compare as many quotes as possible to be able to lower your rate.

Lowest premium rates for 55 year old driver in MI.

With our system you can compare as many quotes as you wish.

The majority of drivers compare three quotes on average, however in the state of MI it would be a good idea to compare five or more to be sure you have a cost-effective policy with equal or more coverage.

Drivers should never assume they are getting the lowest rate possible when retrieving quotes from one insurance company.

Best Insurers by Consumer Rating, Rate Change, & Number of Complaints

Out of the 30 insurers I have compiled a list by consumer rating, rate change over a 12 to 18 month period, and the number of complaints.

Included is the amount of written premiums to coincide with the number of complaints.

For example, if you see a company with a high number of complaints but low written premiums this should make you cautious.

In the companies listed below all of them are registered with the state and are reputable.

The rate change is from 3% to 5.5%.

Large national companies have a lower rate change while the small local companies are slightly higher.

When I conducted the study nothing is alarming when it comes to a minor rate change.

However, if you get a traffic violation your rates could spike by 20% or more.

Included is the consumer rating which is taken from online reputable sources and others such as JD Power & Associates and AM Best.

Michigan CompanyWritten PremiumsRate Change < 18 Months# of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
Wolverine Mutual$31,641,543+3.4%184.0
State Farm$1,547,865,321 +3.4%1544.4
Farmers $199,742,542+3.1%433.9
Mercury$84,920,209+4.1%23 4.1
MetLife $81,253,753+4.9%313.9
Nationwide$408,631,874 +4.8%1984.4
Liberty Mutual$165,165,829+4.9%294.4
Allstate$576,012,635 +4.3%294.3
21st Century$87,863,887 +2.9%214.2
Travelers$51,504,011 +3.1%84.1
American Family$78,715,033+2.9%374.4
Ameriprise$21,010,361 +3.6%83.9
State Auto$10,243,521+2.6%93.9
Horace Mann$15,719,994 +3.5%143.9
Hastings Mutual$48,505,608+4.6%214.0
Sentinel Insurance$9,554,356+4.3%234.0
Michigan Ins. Company$43,406,021+4.4%153.9
Michigan Millers$49,370,514+4.4%193.9

Driving w/o Insurance Fines & Penalties in MI

It is important to make sure you are covered while driving in Michigan.

The fines and penalties are higher than the nations average which are as follows:

  • Driving w/o insurance first offense – $500 fine and/or up to one year in jail

  • You can incur other fines and penalties including substantial court costs

  • License suspended for 30 days if you cannot provide proof of insurance

  • If in an accident w/o insurance – Lawsuit and held liable for all damages; you will not be paid for medical expenses or loss of wages

  • If you drive another vehicle with no insurance – $500 fine and/or up to one year jail

In the state you want to attempt to have a clean driving record since you can be turned down for insurance if you have been convicted of driving under the influence during the past three years and if you have attempted to defraud an insurance company during the past five years.

Average Rate by City in Michigan

Below is a list of 40 cities in the state of Michigan and the average premium for all drivers.

Each of the cities average over $2,000 per year for coverage.

The variance among price can vary by 40% or more depending on the city your reside in.

Such as in Glen Arbor where the average premium is $2,154 while the average premium for Flint is $2,786.

In Michigan your location is going to be a large determining factor when it comes to the price of a premium.

If your prices are substantially higher there are factors to consider.

A young driver, under the age of 24, is going to pay extremely high prices.

And the younger the driver the more it is going to cost.

The type of traffic violation is going to impact your premium price.

And location as mentioned above.

There are other criteria to be aware of to such as your credit score, whether your are married, or have had a lapse in a premium, i.e. no prior coverage.

If you would like details of the cheapest companies by city please read further below. 

CityAverage RateCity City City 
Adrian$2,431Chesterfield$2,411Jackson$2,500Rochester Hills$2,439
Ann Arbor$2,254Commerce$2,398Kentwood$2,611Saginaw$2,418
Battle Creek$2,287Eastpointe$2,411Marion$2,318Southgate$2,713
Birmingham$2,109Glen Arbor$2,154Muskegon Heights$2,538Taylor$2,187
Brownstown $2,154Grand Blanc$2,532Pontiac$2,287Troy$2,265

Detroit, MI

Cheapest car premium rates in Detroit by insurer.Finding cheap car insurance in Detroit can be a difficult task. The city has the highest insurance rates in the nation. On the flip side, if you want to lower your auto premium then start by getting quotes from MetLife, Chubb, and Hastings Mutual.

The average rate in Detroit is over $3,500 per year and each of the insurers illustrated are lower by 23%. For a 30 year old driver MetLife is $2,299 which is 33% lower than the “mean” rate. Chubb and Hasting Mutual are a couple of hundred dollars higher which is 26% lower than the average.  

For a 45 year old driver we found the same top three insurers offering rates near the $1,800 per year mark. Not too bad for the city of Detroit. Any driver in Detroit would be smart to diligently compare quotes to find the most savings while maintain equal or greater coverage.

Detroit Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
MetLife $2,299$1,765
Hastings Mutual$2,564$1,800
State Farm$2,590$1,867
Pioneer State Mutual$2,900$2,165

Detroit is by far the most populous city in the state of Michigan with nearly 700,000 residents. The city of Detroit is known for it’s music industry. Starting with Berry Gordy creating Motown records in the 1960’s. 

Aside from Motown, the endless list of Detroit musicians who came out of Detroit include legends such as John Lee Hooker, Aretha Franklin, Madonna, and Bob Seger. Music and cars dominate the cultural attractions in the Detroit area.

The Motown Museum offers memorable tribute to Berry Gordy and his influential stable of artists. The International Jazz Festival, held each September at Hart Plaza on the Detroit Riverfront, is the largest free jazz festival in North America, featuring 1000 musicians and over 100 performances.

The downtown area near Comerica Park and Ford Field is another spot for the hip younger crowd who sometime gravitate towards Ann Arbor.

Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids affordable insurance prices Compared to Detroit, Grand Rapids insurance rates are cheap. The lowest carrier for a 30 year old is MetLife at $1,132. Chubb and Hastings Mutual are at $1,243 and $1,288 respectfully. This is 26% lower than the average rate of $1,950 per year. Pioneer State is another company illustrated which is certainly worth getting quotes from.

A 45 year old driver can find cheaper insurance with MetLife, Chubb, and Hasting Mutual. All of them clustering near the $1,000 rate. Which is 40% lower than the average rate of the city. Out of the 9 carriers we queried, it would be smart for a family of 4 to get quotes from all 9 for maximum savings and optimum coverage.

Grand Rapids Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
MetLife $1,132$988
Hastings Mutual$1,288$1,076
Pioneer State Mutual$1,290$1,184

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan with approximately 200,000 residents. Full of charm, quaint coffee shops and retail stores, Grand Rapids boasts a complete array of arts and culture. 

There is an extraordinary amount of sculpture within the city. Outdoor works of art associated with world famous artists include, La Grande Vitesse, Ecliptic, American Horse, a 24 ft tall bronze by Nina Akamu.

Also, the city has many cultural attractions which include, Grand Rapids Civic Theater, Circle Theater, Broadway Theater Guild, and the Wealthy Street Theater. Grand Rapids is also host to ArtPrize, one of the largest public art events in the world.

Warren, MI

Warren, MI low-cost insurers by price.The average rate in Warren is over $2,100 per year. We found the cheapest insurance rates with Chubb at $1,211, Pioneer State at $1,254, and MetLife at $1,288 for a 30 year old driver. This is nearly 40% cheaper than the average rate of the city. Progressive and Hastings Mutual are about $100 higher than the lowest three illustrated in the graph.

A 45 year old driver with a good driving history may be able to find rates lower than $1,000 with Chubb. Pioneer State and MetLife are less than $100 higher at $1,032 and $1,054 respectfully. Out of the 9 insurance carriers we queried none of them were higher than $1,600 for a 30 year old driver and $1,310 for a 45 year old driver. All insurers illustrated in the table and graph are 25% lower than the “mean” rate.

Warren Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Pioneer State Mutual$1,254$1,032
MetLife $1,288$1,054
Hastings Mutual$1,375$1,143

Warren, Michigan is the 3rd largest city in the state with nearly 140,000 residents. And only 15 miles north of Detroit. Starting as a village in the early part of the 19th century, by 1957 it was incorporated as a city. 

Between 1940 and 1970, the city experienced an era of large population growth although since that time this trend has reversed itself. Warren today is home to a wide variety of businesses and serves as the headquarters of Big Boy Restaurants International.

Since only miles from Detroit, Warren has many cultural and entertainment activities which include, the Detroit Zoo, Children’s Museum, Motown Historical Museum, National Museum of the Tuskegee Airmen, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

Lansing, MI

Lansing, MI inexpensive insurance firms by quotesThe average rate in Lansing is a whopping $2,700 per year. We found Pioneer State at $1,310 and Hastings Mutual at $1,322 for a 30 year old driver. Both insurers are 50% lower than the average rate. Auto-Owners and MetLife are about $100 more which is 46% lower than the “mean” rate. Progressive is slight higher at $1,476. A 30 year old driver should get quotes from all insurance companies illustrated for optimum coverage and big savings.

For a 45 year old driver we found 2 insurers less than $1,000 per year. Pioneer State at $988 and Hasting Mutual at $990. Out of all 9 insurers we queried only one of them breached the $1,600 mark for a 30 year old and the $1,300 mark for  a 45 year old – Allstate. Still a low rate compared to the citywide average.

Lansing Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Pioneer State Mutual$1,310$988
Hastings Mutual$1,322$990
MetLife $1,432$1,087

Lansing is the 6th most populous city in Michigan with nearly 120,000 residents. Lansing was chosen as a more favorable alternative to Detroit to become Michigan’s capital in 1847. By 1859 it was incorporated as a city. 

Lansing boasts several attractions both cultural and recreational sites which attracts hundreds of visitors each year. The Potter Park Zoo, located along the city’s Red Cedar River, houses hundreds of animals and offers several programs and events for children and families.

Museums in town include the Michigan Historical Museum and the Telephone Pioneer Museum. Downtown theaters include the Riverwalk Theatre and the BoarsHead Theater, and entertainment is provided by the Lansing Symphony Orchestra and the Greater Lansing Ballet Company. Both of which are considered the best in the state.

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor, MI lowest premium rate options for drivers.Residents can find cheap auto insurance by getting quotes from Pioneer State, Chubb, and Hastings Mutual. All of which are 40% lower than the citywide average of $2,200 per year. Auto-Owners and MetLife are approximately 35% lower than the average rate for a 30 year old driver.

For a 45 year old driver we found all of the insurers illustrated in the graph clustered near the $1,000 to the $1,100 mark. Pioneer State is the cheapest at $990 and second lowest is Chubb at $1,009. A family of 4 should get quotes from all insurers illustrated to find the best rate for optimum coverage and maximum savings.

Ann Arbor Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Pioneer State Mutual$1,276$990
Hastings Mutual$1,354$1,043
MetLife $1,476$1,090

Ann Arbor is the 5th largest city in the state boasting over 120,000 residents. Mostly known as a college town, it is 40 miles west of Detroit and 45 miles east of Lansing. Ann Arbor has many museums, including the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology and the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

Popular festivals during the year are the Arbor Folk Festival, Ann Arbor Summer Festival and the Blues & Jazz Festival in September. All of which attracts thousands of visitors each year. Ann Arbor offers an endless array of outdoor activities such as the Dexter-Huron and the Hudson Mills Metropark.

Sterling Heights, MI

Sterling Heights, MI best rate options for drivers to save.Residents can find inexpensive car insurance by getting quotes from Chubb, Pioneer State, and Hastings Mutual. Each at $1,503, $1,543, and $1,589 respectfully for a 30 year old driver. This is 24% lower than the average rate of $2,300 per year for full coverage.

A 45 year old driver would find the cheapest rates with Chubb at $1,187 and Pioneer State at $1,190. Out of the 9 carriers we queried none of them we higher than $1,743 (Nationwide) for a 30 year old and $1,489 for a 45 year old.

Sterling Heights Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Pioneer State Mutual$1,543$1,190
Hastings Mutual$1,589$1,265
MetLife $1,654$1,387

Sterling Heights is the 4th largest city in Michigan with approximately 135,000 residents. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the state.

It is home to literally thousands of commercial and industrial businesses and is considered an integral part of the greater Detroit metropolitan area. Some of the main attractions around Sterling Heights include:

  • Crocker House Museum: A 19th Century Italianate Home

  • Detroit Institute Of Arts: Over 100 galleries featuring centuries of world famous art treasures

  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall: Home to the 85-year-old Detroit Symphony

  • Museum Of Natural History: Three stories of exhibits featuring prehistoric life and culture

  • Fisher Mansion: Features original art from Asia and India

  • Ford Estate

  • Four Bears Water Park


Livonia, MI least expensive premium choices for drivers.

Drivers in Livonia can find the cheapest car insurance by getting quotes from MetLife, Frankenmuth, and Hastings Mutual.

I queried each at $1,487, $1,566, and $1,690 respectfully for a 30 year old.

Which is over 40% lower than the average premium price of $2,439 per year.

Both Pioneer State and Auto-Owners are good contenders with quotes at $1,722 and $1,733.

A 45 year old can get inexpensive quotes with MetLife, Frankenmuth, and Hastings Mutual.

Each queried at $1,066, $1,198, $1,200 respectfully per year for full coverage.

Which is over 38% lower than the average premium for drivers of similar age and profile.

In fact, any of the carriers illustrated for a 45 year old driver are worth getting quotes from.

All carriers are over 30% cheaper than the median premium for drivers in Livonia.

Livonia Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
MetLife $1,487$1,066
Hastings Mutual$1,690$1,200
Pioneer State Mutual$1,722$1,255

Livonia is a large suburb of  the metropolitan area of Detroit. 

Originally inhabited by Potowatami Indians, the area that is now Livonia was settled by pioneers from New England and New York who were attracted by its rich soil and abundant harvests.

The name “Livonia,” was probably named after a region of the Baltic Sea comprising present day Estonia and Latvia.

Livonia is rich in history with General Motors and Ford bringing Livonia to the industrial landscape in the 1940’s.

From 1950 to 2000 the population of Livonia grew from 17,000 to over 100,000 residents.

From the year 2000 to present day the population is seeing a decline probably from urban decay and poor economic recovery.


Westland, MI low-cost policy options for 30 to 55 y/o drivers.

Westland residents can get the least expensive premiums by getting quotes from Hastings Mutual, MetLife, and Chubb.

I queried each at $1,311, $1,388, $1,476 per year for a 30 year old driver.

Which is near 45% cheaper then the median rate of $2,521.

Frankenmuth and Pioneer State Mutual are worth contenders with low quotes at $1,598 and $1,703 respectfully.

A 45 year old can get an affordable premium by getting quotes from Hastings Mutual, Metlife, and Chubb.

Each queried at $945, $1,055, and $1,143. All three carriers are approximately 38% lower than the “mean” rate for drivers of similar age and profile.

There is a $300 variance among illustrated insurers, however, any of them are worth getting quotes from since all are over 25% cheaper than the median rate for drivers in Westland, Michigan.

Westland Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
Hastings Mutual$1,311$945
MetLife $1,388$1,055
Pioneer State Mutual$1,703$1,276

The 10th largest city in Michigan is Westland with a population of approximately 85,000 residents. 

During the early 1960’s the city of Livonia attempted to annex the portion of Nankin where the major shopping mall known as Westland Shopping Center was to be built.

To prevent the annexation of their community, the citizens of Nankin decided to convert their township into a city and named it Westland.

From 1930 to 1970 the city of Westland saw immense population growth from 10,000 to 85,000 residents.

Today, the city has slow or declining population growth probably from economic blight. 

Farmington Hills

Farmington Hills lowest premium choices for all drivers.Drivers in Farmington Hills can find the least expensive premiums by getting quotes from Chubb, MetLife, and Hasting Mutual.

I queried each at $1,308, $1,452, and $1,520 respectfully per year for a 30 year old.

Which is 37% lower than the median rate for drivers of similar age and profile.

There is a big variance in price among the lowest and highest carriers illustrated, however, any of them are worth getting quotes from.

All insurers are near 20% cheaper than the median rate.

A 45 year old can get the best prices from Chubb, MetLife, and Hasting Mutual.

Each queried at $911, $980, and $1,054 respectfully per year for full coverage.

Which is near 35% lower than the “mean” quote for similar age drivers in Farmington Hills.

Auto-Owners and Frankenmuth are competitive too with low quotes at $1,193 and $1,225 respectfully.

Farmington Hills Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
MetLife $1,452$980
Hastings Mutual$1,520$1,054
Pioneer State Mutual$1,704$1,265

Farmington Hills is community of approximately 80,000 residents and is considered an upscale neighborhood of Detroit.

The area is considered one of the most prosperous areas in the state and the nation.

Farmington Hills is known for “Automation Alley” from the attraction of automotive and technology businesses. 

Numerous major corporations are located in the city including Robert Bosch Corporation, Allstate, Alcoa, Nissan, Gale, Daimler Chrysler, Cingular Wireless, and Motorola.

24/7 Wall St. has ranked Farmington Hills as the 14th best place to live in the U.S.


Southfield cheapest premiums by prices for all drivers.Drivers in Southfield can get the lowest rates if they get quotes from MetLife, Hastings Mutual, and Chubb.

I queried each at $1,312, $1,445, and $1,508 per year for a 30 year old.

Which is 39% lower than the median rate for drivers of similar age and profile. 

Frankenmuth and Auto-Owners should be on your list to get quotes too.

Both are well below the median rate with quotes at $1,555 and $1,590 respectfully.

A 45 year old can get the best prices with MetLife, Hastings Mutual, and Chubb.

Each queried at $944, $1,008, and $1,045 respectfully per year for full coverage.

Which is near 40% lower than the “mean” rate for similar age drivers in Southfield.

In fact, any of the carriers illustrated are worth getting quotes from since all are over 25% lower than the median rate for 45 year old drivers.

Southfield Company30 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver
MetLife $1,312$944
Hastings Mutual$1,445$1,008
Pioneer State Mutual$1,653$1,236

The original settlers from Birmingham and Royal Oak Michigan arrived in the area which is known as Southfield.

Massive population growth from 1930 to 1990’s was from residents of Detroit moving to Southfield.

It was incorporated as city in 1958 and has a current population of approximately 72,000 residents. 

Southfield is known for an upscale office market known at the “Golden Triangle”.

The area is home to the corporate headquarters of notable companies such as Federal-Mogul, Electronic Data Systems, Denso and Lear Corporation.

Plus numerous other Fortune 500 companies.

Southfield is one of the largest communities of middle class African Americans in the state.

Insurance Resources & DMV Information

Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
530 W Allegan St #7, Lansing, MI 48933
(877) 999-6442
1212 Corporate Dr, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858
(989) 773-7756
8158 Executive Ct, Lansing, MI 48917
(888) 767-6424

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