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Nebraska’s Car Insurance Minimum Requirements, City Average Rate Comparison, & Strategies to Lower Your Premium

In the state of Nebraska to be legal to drive you have to be able to provide one of the following:

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Bond

  • Property Bond

  • Certificate of Self Insurance

  • Certificate of Deposit

The majority of drivers in the state of NE usually get a certificate of insurance from an insurance firm authorized to do business in the state.

The other options require an amount of $75,000 whether on deposit, a bond, or certificate of self insurance. For drivers in the state the minimum liability  car insurance is required.

Best insurer options for 25 year old in Nebraska.Note: As illustrated, for a 25 year old driver the lowest rate options are from Farm Bureau Mutual, State Farm, and Progressive. This driver was not married, no more than one driving violation, and decent credit. Please see table below for better comparison.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements in Nebraska

CoverageNebraska Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Auto Insurance Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$25,000$50,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Medical PaymentsOptional$5,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$250 - $1,000 deductible

Source – Esurance

Bodily injury Liability

In the event the insured individual is at-fault in an accident, bodily injury liability will pay for the medical bills of the other driver and the passengers in their vehicle.

When the minimum quantity of coverage is purchased the insurance firm will pay up to $25,000 for an individual person or $50,000 for multiple people. Source – Allstate

Cheapest rates for 30 year old in NE.Note: Only one insurer provided a quote lower than $1,000 for a 30 year old driver – Farm Bureau Mutual. State Farm, Progressive, and Nationwide clustered at $1,010 to $1,033.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage responsibility covers damages to an individual’s vehicle public property like traffic signs or personal property like a place a business. Under the minimum needed protection, an insurer will pay up to $25,000 for required repairs.

Chart of insurers with cheapest rates for 35 year old.Note: A 35 year old driver can find competitive rates with State Farm and Farm Bureau Mutual in Nebraska. Please see table below.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

Since the chance of being involved in an auto accident with an uninsured motorist is high in NE (even in communities such as Blair or Gering) the state requires every driver to get uninsured motorist protection in the amount of $25,000 for one passenger injured; and $50,000 for more than one passenger injured in an auto accident.

Inexpensive auto insurance for 40 year old.Note: A 45 year old driver will find the cheapest rates as illustrated with Farm Bureau Mutual, Progressive, and State Farm. Each at $721, $725, and $732 respectfully.

Best & Cheapest Insurers by Age

Below is a comprehensive list of 19 insurance firms in Nebraska offering the lowest rates for drivers aged from 25 to 55 years old.

Please realize your quotes may differ from our quotes. To give you a perspective, each driver had only one driving violation, good credit, not married, and driving a 2014 Toyota Camry.

Discounts were “not” taken into consideration while retrieving quotes.

RankNE Auto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 25 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 35 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 40 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 55 Y/O Driver
1Farm Bureau Mutual$1,244$998$812$721$611$550
2State Farm$1,332$1,009$814$732$621$578
5Farmers Mutual OF Nebraska$1,401$1,057$908$778$644$600
8American Family $1,605$1,108$1,008$788$677$621
9American National$1,699$1,209$1,009$790$679$598
11MetLife $1,749$1,278$1,043$802$708$634
12General Casualty$1,750$1,278$1,045$809$710$654
14Auto Club Group$1,756$1,378$1,078$843$708$621
1621st Century$1,777$1,345$1,167$867$768$610
17Liberty Mutual$1,788$1,479$1,243$887$799$628
19North Star$1,721$1,443$1,277$890$823$674

Best rate options for 45 year old in NE. Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

While these are the minimum requirements it is highly recommended to get comprehensive and collision. If you have a newer model car then all both optional insurances would provide proper cover in any unforeseen accident.

For late model vehicle or those valued less than $3,000 you may want to compare insurance quotes and consult with a broker or agent when you have found quotes that fit your budget.

Gap Coverage

Nebraska is a state that offers Gap insurance. If your vehicle is financed then Gap insurance would cover the difference between the “actual-value” and the financed amount from the bank or lending institution.

Best Insurers by Consumer Rating, Rate Change Percentage & Complaints

The table below represents the best (or worst) insurer by consumer rating, rate change over 18 months, and the number of complaints. The table is only a guide for you to make an informed decision whether to get an auto policy or not.

NE Auto Insurance CompanyPremiumsRate Change > 18 Months# of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
State Farm$47,659,344 +3.4%464.4
Farm Bureau Mutual$121,528,000+3.1%444.1
Farmers $231,702,542+3.9%263.9
Farmers Mutual OF Nebraska$66,920,209+4.1%36 4.1
MetLife $24,293,753+2.9%93.9
Nationwide$40,911,924 +2.6%144.4
Liberty Mutual$56,145,789+2.9%94.4
Allstate$98,012,635 +4.3%294.3
American National$823,992 +2.9%214.2
General Casualty$1,504,011 +3.1%84.0
American Family$78,715,033+2.9%374.4
Auto Club Group$21,010,361 +3.1%83.9
State Auto$8,292,539 +2.6%23.9
North Star$7,125,841+4.1%123.8

Typical Coverage in Nebraska

The following are the average amount of coverage per driver in the state of NE:

  • Bodily Injury Liability – 100,000/300,000

  • Property Damage Liability – 100,000

  • Comprehensive Coverage – $250 deductible

  • Collision Coverage – $500 deductible

  • Uninsured Motorist Protection – 100,000/300,000

  • Medical Payment Coverage – $5,000

Average Rate by City in NE

Below is the average premium by city in Nebraska. The rates can vary from $900 to over $1,200 depending on the city or zip code you reside in.

If your quotes are higher than average you may want to look at determining factors by insurers. Such as your credit, age, male or female, and if you have had any type of traffic violation in the past.

If you would like more detailed quote comparison for major cities please read further below.

CityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulation
Bellevue$99050,137La Vista$1,23115,758Ralston$1,0095,943
Elkhorn$1,0617,075Nebraska City$1,1657,289Sidney$1,1006,757
Grand Island$1,02148,520

North Platte$1,08824,733St Paul$9902,290

Omaha, NE

Omaha lowest insurance firms for drivers.Finding cheap auto insurance in Omaha is fairly easy if you know where to get quotes from. Start by getting quotes from Farm Bureau Mutual, State Farm, and Progressive.

By far, the lowest quote is Farm Bureau at $843 for a 30 year old. This is 26% lower than the “mean” rate of $1,256 in the city of Omaha. A 45 year old driver would do well by getting quotes from Farm Bureau and State Farm. Both clustered near the $630 range.

Omaha CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$843$622
State Farm$1,011$634
Farmers Mutual OF Nebraska$1,090$732

Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska with 450,000 residents. The city’s arts and cultural attractions include the Omaha Symphony and Opera Omaha which is one of best symphony’s in the state.

Corporations have made Omaha their headquarters which include Ameritrade, Berkshire Hathaway, ConAgra Foods, Mutual of Omaha, and Union Pacific Railroad. 

The city has a wonderful nightlife centered around the Historic Old Market district. The renovated downtown area is loaded with neat restaurants, quaint coffee shops, with breath-taking landscape views.

Lincoln, NE

Best insurance options in Lincoln, NE.Getting cheaper insurance for residents of Lincoln is found with Farm Bureau Mutual, State Farm, and Progressive. All three insurers were 14% lower than the average rate of $1,111 in Lincoln.

As illustrated, as 45 year old driver would be smart to get quotes from Farm Bureau Mutual ($611) to Liberty Mutual ($715). A family of 4 should get quotes from all insurers to get the most savings while optimizing coverage.

Lincoln CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$812$611
State Farm$868$612
Liberty Mutual$1,032$715

Lincoln is the state capital and second largest city in Nebraska with 280,000 residents. Its superb rate of growth has made it one of the fastest growing metro areas in the Midwest.

Families flock to the city of Lincoln which is known for its friendliness, safe neighborhoods, cultural diversity, and low cost of living. Many multi-national corporations have headquartered in Lincoln for the city’s central location in the U.S.

The motto of “Community of Opportunity” most residents will brag that Lincoln is a wonderful city with big city culture and never loses its small town charm.

Waverly, NE

Waverly auto premium rate comparison.Getting affordable auto premiums is pretty easy with insurers like Farm Bureau Mutual, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. The average rate is on par with Lincoln’s at $1,111. All insurers illustrated are at least 11% below the average rate for a 30 year old driver.

The lowest quotes from a 45 year old are Farm Bureau Mutual and Progressive. Each at $689 and $709 respectfully. A family of 4 would be smart to get quotes from all insurance companies illustrated for a low-cost premium and maximum coverage.

Waverly CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$847$689
Liberty Mutual$943$718
State Farm$956$745

Waverly is town with approximately 4,000 residents and is considered a suburb of Lincoln, Nebraska. It is one of the fastest growing “small” communities in the state while being a hub through Interstate 80 and Highway 6.

One the largest employers nearby is Goodyear. Many residents love the stable economy of Waverly. However, the winter months can be harsh which limits outdoor recreation at times.

Norfolk, NE

Cheapest insurance companies in Norfolk, NE.The average auto insurance rate in Norfolk, NE is $1,065. Both Farm Bureau Mutual and Progressive are 20% lower at $802 and $804 for a 30 year old driver.

In fact, all insurers we queried  were below the “mean” rate. State Farm offers a quote 7% lower. While Nationwide and Liberty Mutual offer quotes which are 18% and 11% lower than the average rate, respectfully.

Norfolk CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$802$509
Liberty Mutual$890$588
State Farm$944$611

Norfolk has approximately 25,000 residents and 61 miles southwest of Sioux City. Popular attractions include, Elkhorn Valley Museum & Research Center, Norfolk Family History Center, Samuel R. McKelvie National Forest, and the Norfolk Arts Center.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the wonderful summer months and golfers are attracted to the Eldorado Hills Golf Course and Norfolk Country Club.

South Sioux City, NE

South Sioux City CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$878$689
Liberty Mutual$904$714
State Farm$943$756

If you need a lower auto premium we found all of the insurers illustrated provided just that. Our top picks are Progressive, Nationwide, and Farm Bureau Mutual. Each at $854, $878, and $899. At least 15% lower than the average rate of $1,023.

A 45 year old driver can find quotes clustering at the $700 range with Progressive, Farm Bureau Mutual, Nationwide, and Liberty Mutual.

South Sioux City is 87 miles north of Omaha and named after the Dakota Sioux tribe. The city was formed in 1855. Today it has nearly 14,000 residents.

Neat attractions include, Sergeant Floyd Riverboat Museum, Trinity Heights, Mid America Air Museum, Stone State Park, and the Sioux City Public Museum. There is always something to do throughout the year in the small quaint town of South Sioux City.

Scottsbluff, NE

Affordable auto premiums in Scottsbluff, NE.To find inexpensive car insurance start with Farm Bureau Mutual at $832 for a 30 year old driver. Progressive and Nationwide are a little higher at $858 and $870 respectfully.

All of the insurers illustrated in the graph are 20% lower than the average rate of $1,165 in Scottsbluff.

A 45 year old can find cheap quotes at the $670 to $680 range with Nationwide, Progressive, and Farm Bureau Mutual.

Scottsbluff CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$832$676
American Family$890$726
State Farm$949$799

Scottsbluff is a small city of approximately 15,000 residents. It was named in honor of Hiram Scott a local fur trapper who died in the town in 1828.

Cool attractions include, Scotts Bluff National Monument, Western Nebraska Mexican American Historical Museum, Riverside Zoo, and Northfield Park. A popular festival each year is the Sugar Valley Rally.

Imperial, NE

Imperial, NE comparison of Farm Bureau, Progressive, Nationwide, etc.Getting cheaper rates is found with Farm Bureau Mutual, Progressive, and Nationwide. Each clustered near the $900 range as illustrated in the graph and table.

The top two for a 45 year old driver is Farm Bureau Mutual and Progressive. Each at $699 and $705 respectfully.

A family of 4 in Imperial would do well by getting quotes from all the insurers illustrated to find maximum savings while maintaining the same or more coverage.

Imperial CompanyAverage Annual Rate for 30 Y/O DriverAverage Annual Rate for 45 Y/O Driver
Farm Bureau Mutual$879$699
American Family$967$756
State Farm$1,054$809

Imperial is a town of nearly 3,000 residents. The residents claim Imperial is a town to “Grow Your Family, Grow Your Business, and Grow Your Future.” With a small town way of life and family friendly atmosphere Imperial is top notch for new residents or to in-source your new business.

Resources & DMV Information
Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
941 O St #400, Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 471-2201
1500 NE-2, Lincoln, NE 68502
(402) 471-4567
4208 50th Street, Omaha, NE 68117
(402) 595-2039
Final Thoughts

At Autoinsuresavings you can use the quote comparison tool at the top of the page to find lower rates from Omaha, Lincoln, to Sidney.

It takes less than a few minutes to get three or more. Once you find the policy that fits your needs then you may want to ask the following questions to the insurance agent:

  • Am I in your lowest-priced company? If not, why

  • How can I get a better rate?

  • Do I qualify for any discounts offered by the company?

  • Are any discounts included in the rate quoted?

  • What payment plans do you offer?

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