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Renault Megane MKIII – Small Vehicle Powerful Punch!

Renault_MeganeIf you are looking for both power and performance packed into one (reasonably sized) vehicle, then you can’t go past what comes crammed into the Renault Megane MKIII. With two completely unique designs (a coupe and a hatchback) the Megane is designed to cater for a range of users, according to Wikipedia, and whether you are an individual or a small family you will find value from the innovative nature of the car.

From the outside the Megane looks just like your standard medium-sized family vehicle, but once you get under the hood you will realize this design actually comes packed with a range of extras that you can’t go past.

Available in a 1.6L and a 2.0L turbo (for those who like a little extra power) in addition to a range of diesel options, the Megane not only gives you a flexible interior, it also gives you the ability to choose the type of power and economy you are looking for – ensuring that you get both value for money and a smooth ride.


The Renault Megane is a model that certainly won’t let you down when it comes to features and this range features a whole host of options across the models. From the outset, a long wheelbase and a wide track help to ensure the stability of the vehicle – keeping you firmly planted on the road. In addition, if you are looking to go on a long trip then you will appreciate the rather generous amount of boot space.

Another neat feature is the concealment of the windscreen wipers beneath the hood rather than on top of the car. This, when combined with an interactive dashboard helps to bring the Renault Megane Mk III right into the 21st century and better than its predecessor the MK II according Autozine.org.


In terms of safety, the Megane comes packed with a range of safety features designed to make your driving experience a lot safer. Among the popular safety features included is traditional ABS and Electronic Brake Distribution, these features allow you to brake safely and ensure that any force is evenly distributed throughout the car, helping to reduce the risk of the car sliding or skidding.

In addition, the latest Megane comes packed with airbags to give you front and side protection, these airbags include driver and passenger airbags, in addition to side body airbags to protect against a side-on impact. The sturdy design of the body and well-designed seat-belt tensions ensure that during an impact the body doesn’t move too far and therefore helps to prevent an injury.renmeganecoupe


A sturdy suspension leads to a stable driving style, giving you the comfort and grip that you would come to expect from a good medium-sized car. If you opt for the 2.0L model then you may find that it has a good amount of up and go – enough to power you up some decent hills and get a good run around either way. The diesel model might be a better option if you are looking to save cash on fuel and can still give a decent amount of power as well! 

Paul James

Paul James

Paul is a freelance motor journalist and amateur rally driver from the UK. If you’re looking to buy cheap tires online, check out Easy Wheels.

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