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Vermont Cheapest Auto Insurance by Carrier & Minimum Requirements with Strategies to Help You Save on Your Premium

If you are looking for Vermont car insurance rates you have come to the right place to find the lowest quotes possible.

It is simple, just enter you five digit zip code at the top of the page and you will be provided quotes for the area you reside.

If you want to know the state minimum, average coverage per driver, or the fine and penalties of driving without insurance in Vermont, then read on.

Otherwise you can use the table of contents and skip to the cheapest auto insurance providers in the state and by city.

Vermont Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

CoverageVermont Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$20,000
Medical Payments CoverageOptional$5,000
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage$50,000 / $100,000$50,000 / $100,000
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage$10,000 with a $150 deductible (In some cases the deductible does not apply)$20,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$100 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 deductible

I have covered all the details for you in one spot rather than searching all over the internet to find out about your vehicular needs in VT.

If you are on your way to getting quotes you can review the state minimum requirements for Vermont.

Comparing premium prices by insurer for 25 year old driver in VermontNote: When querying for quotes the overall lowest prices for a 25 y/o driver are with Co-op, GEICO, and Concord. The quotes clustered between $1,199 and $1,256 per year. Progressive and Unitrin are certainly worth getting quotes from since they are below the median cost for similar age drivers.

Bodily Injury Liability

Bodily injury liability covers hospital costs for the driver and passengers of the other automobile if the insured party is accountable for the accident.

Under the minimum coverage, the insurance corporation will pay up to $25,000 for a single person and up to $50,000 for all passengers hurt in the accident.

Cheapest premium by price for 45 y/o driver.Note: For a 45 year old driver in Vermont the quotes clustered between $709 and $779 making all the of the insurers illustrated competitive. However, Co-op and GEICO are the most competitive offering quotes which are nearly 21% lower than the median price for drivers with a similar age and profile.

Property Damage Liability

Covers for physical damages to the other driver’s automobile as well as public property like guard rails, places or business, or traffic signs.

It includes personal property like someone’s home, garage door, or mailbox. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance corporation will pay up to $10,000 for damages sustained.

Least expensive quotes for 55 year old driver in VermontNote: As illustrated in the chart above, the cheapest insurers by price for a 55 year old driver are with Co-op, GEICO, and Concord. With older drivers, particularly those around 55 years of age, the insurers are extremely competitive. For drivers with good credit and with no recent traffic violations, any of the carriers above would want to insure you. And they should be nearly 18% lower than the median premium price compared to other insurers.

In insurance lingo you may see the numbers like this 25/50/10 which represents thousands for each as explained above.

Sometimes you may see the numbers like this: 25,000/50,000/10,000 which is the same.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

The state of Vermont also requires drivers to carrying uninsured motorist protection or (UM) on the policy in the amount of $50,000 for one passenger and up to $100,000 for more than one passenger in a vehicle during an accident with an uninsured driver.

Uninsured motorist property damage liability is required on the policy with the minimum amount of $10,000.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in Vermont

Out of the 10+ insurers in the list below the least expensive overall are Co-op, GEICO, and Concord.

Most of the time when I queried for quotes for the state of Vermont and various cities all three carriers are approximately 16% to 19% lower than the median rate.

This applied for drivers from 25 to 55 years of age. When I queried for quotes this was for a male driver with no traffic violations and good credit.

The next three cheapest are Progressive, Unitrin, and National Grange Mutual or NGM for short. Depending on the city or zip code you reside in any of the three carriers recently mentioned may be cheaper than the “top 3” least expensive.

As you will see in the detailed comparison of major cities below.

At the end of the day your best bet is to compare quotes and the list is only a guide or a starting point to find additional savings.

Vermont CompanyAverage Annual Rate 25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O Driver40 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
Co-op Insurance$1,199$987$789$709$601
National Grange Mutual$1,389$1,116$880$779$678
State Farm$1,524$1,267$918$834$652
21st Century$1,622$1,314$1,055$903$698
Union Mutual$1,654$1,370$1,133$1,008$756
MetLife $1,765$1,429$1,249$1,007$798

Best Insurance Companies by Consumer Rating, Rate Change, & Number of Complaints

Below are 11 top carriers in the state of Vermont with the amount of written premiums, rate change over a 12 to 18 month period, complaints, and consumer rating.

I have included the amount of written premiums since the number of complaints is include too.

This is important since the amount of complaints is relative (normally) to the amount of written premiums. For example, if a company has millions of premiums the likelihood of more complaints is higher.

There is nothing out of the ordinary which should deter you from buying a policy from any of the carriers below.

The rate change ranges from 2% to 3.9% depending on the carrier and is not out of the ordinary either.

Typically, the top companies raise their rates a little less than smaller local companies.

The consumer ratings average are from JD Power & Associates, AM Best, and other reputable online rating companies.

What I did it take an average among all of them. Typically the larger companies have higher rating and smaller ones are slightly lower.

Nothing in the details should prevent you from buying a policy from any of the listed insurers.

Vermont CompanyWritten PremiumsRate Change < 18 Months# of ComplaintsRating out of 5
Concord General Mutual $7,435,465+3.6%64.2
Liberty Mutual$14,574,492+2.7%114.7
Nationwide $8,548,227+2.9%84.5
National Grange Mutual$9,327,433+3.3%64.2
State Farm$20,378,030+3.0%194.7
Hartford$11,328,478 +3.2%94.5
Vermont Mutual$7,432,376+3.9%24.0

Common auto insurance policy for the state of Vermont

  • Bodily Injury Liability – $100,000 / $300,000

  • Property Damage Liability – $50,000

  • Uninsured Motorist Protection – $100,000 / $300,000

  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage – $10,000

  • Comprehensive Coverage – $100 deductible

  • Collision Coverage – $500 deductible

  • Medical Payments Coverage – $5,000

The state of VT is one the states in the nation with the lowest amount of drivers operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

However, they have increased the penalties for driving without insurance as of 2011 although there are states with uninsured motorists which are five times higher.

Vermont’s Penalties – Driving without Insurance

  • First offense – $250 fine

  • Second offense – $500 fine

  • Required to file an SR-22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

  • When convicted your license and registration are reinstated after you show proof of financial responsibility with a SR-22

Average Premium Cost by City

In the table below is a list of 22 less populated cities and the average premium price for a 30 year old driver.

Included is the percentage difference from the state average. Most of the time when I queried for quotes they were less than the state average price for a premium in Vermont.

If you receive quotes which are higher than those below you may have a mark on your traffic record, a low credit score, or possibly a lapse in your premium.

There are a number of other factors which raise your premium above the average price.

If you are a young driver, less than 25 years old age, your prices are going to much higher than those listed below.

The quotes are for a 30 year old male driver with no traffic violations and good credit.

If you would like a detailed comparison for the most populated cities in Vermont please read further below.

CityAverage RatePercentage Change vs State AverageCityAverage RatePercentage Change vs State Average


Cheapest premiums by price in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington driver’s average insurance rate is $1,100. Our top three picks are GEICO, Progressive, and Co-op Insurance. If you pick any of the top four in our list you see savings of 10 percent. Apply discounts and the average could be 15 percent or more.

Burlington Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,113$813

One of the coolest places is Burlington’s historic downtown or boat tours of Lake Champlain. The lake is one of the first naval battles of the Revolutionary War. Many enjoy the Burlington Bike Path and separate hiking trails which outdoor enthusiasts love.

Essex Junction

Cheapest policy choices by price in Essex Junction

Essex Junction established itself as a mill town along falls created by the construction of a dam on Winooski River. The history of the village was influenced by IBM which arrived in 1958. Now it is Global Foundries. As of the latest census there are a little under 10,000 residents.

Essex Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$954$725

If you are in need of auto insurance in Essex Junction then our top pick is Co-op Insurance. GEICO and Progressive are second and third.

Concord and Unitrin are certainly worth getting quotes from to see if there is possibility to get lower rates.


Least expensive policy options for drivers in Rutland.

Rutland is situated in the Green Mountains with beautiful scenery for outdoor enthusiasts and visitors alike. The town is on the outskirts surrounding the city of Rutland.

Unknown to most, the Rutland area became one the largest producers of marble.

Rutland Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$848$640

Our lowest insurance rate for Rutland was Co-op followed by Progressive and GEICO.

The average insurance rate for the area is $1,080.

If you get quotes from any of our top five picks you should be able to save over 10% pretty easy.


Affordable premiums by quote in Bennington.

Many visitors to the area are drawn by its rich history. The city is known for the Battle of Bennington which has monument to commemorate the Revolutionary War battle. Over 700 British were taken captive after the end of the battle.

Bennington Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
Co-op Insurance$721$510
National Grange Mutual$807$607

Your two best options for insurance in Bennington are GEICO and Co-op Insurance.

The average rate for the city is $1,000 for a 30 year old driver and $850 for a 45 year old driver.

If you get quote from the top three then savings of 10% would happen.


Least expensive premiums by quote in Battleboro.

Brattleboro is in southeastern Vermont on the Connecticut River and along the border with New Hampshire.  As of the 2010 census there are over 12,000 residents.

Home to the Alpine Ski Jumping’s renowned Fred Harris Memorial Tournament and Women’s Film Festival.

Battleboro Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$856$648

In our study for Battleboro we found the lowest insurance rates for a 30, 45, and 55 year old driver were from GEICO.

Runner up’s are Progressive and Co-op. Since the average rate is $1,103 you could get savings of 15% to 20% by switching.


Montpelier inexpensive premiums by price for 30 to 45 y/o drivers.

Drivers in Montpelier can get cheap auto insurance if they get quotes from Concord, Progressive, and Co-op.

I queried each at $875, $904, and $915 for a 30 year old driver. Which is 14%  to 18% lower than the median rate for the city.

Out of the all the carriers illustrated National Grange Mutual is near the median rate.

A 45 year old can get the lowest premium with Concord, Progressive, and Co-op. Each queried at $612, $640, and $680 per year for full coverage. Or approximately 17% lower than the “mean” rate for drivers in Montpelier.

Unitrin and National Grange are equally good contenders with quotes below the median rate.

However, there is a significant difference among the lowest and highest insurers making it just as important to compare quotes to find the best rate.

Montpelier Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,043$803

Montpelier is the capital of Vermont with approximately 8,000 residents. The interesting thing is during the daytime the population increases to nearly 25,000 due to the large number of jobs within city limits.

The city is named after Montpelier, France.  Settled in 1878 by Colonel Jacob Davis and General Parley Davis which went to survey the land.

Montpelier was incorporated as a village in 1818. 

The city was chosen as the location for the state capital in 1805. The arrival of a railroad during the mid-1800’s created a thriving economy.

By the year 1925 the city was home to nine granite works which were utilized to refine stone that was extracted from the quarries located in Barre.

A notable attraction which draws thousands of visitors each year is the Vermont State House.


Drivers in Stowe can get a low premium by getting quotes from Concord, Co-op, and Progressive.

I queried each at $880, $924, and $965 per year for a 30 year old driver. All three are over 14% lower than the median rate for a driver of similar age and profile.

Unitrin and National Grange Mutual should definitely be on your list to get quotes too. Since both approach 10% lower than the median quote.

A 45 year old can get the best prices with Concord, Co-op, and Progressive. Each queried at $623, $656, and $687 per year for full coverage.

Or approximately 12% to 16% lower than he median quote for similar age drivers.

There is nearly a $200 variance among the lowest and highest carrier in the illustration making it important to compare quotes to find the most savings.

Stowe Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,080$812

Stowe was chartered June 8, 1763 by Royal Governor Benning Wentworth with a few residents.

Today, Stowe is a small community of approximately 4,500 residents. It is most popular attractions are the Stowe Mountain Resort and the Stowhof Hotel.

The hotel has extremely nice views and breathtaking landscapes making it a world-class place to stay for anyone.

For the outdoor types and hikers there is the Stowe Recreation Path. Which is over 5 miles and stretches from downtown village to Stowe Mountain.

The Recreation Path has receive numerous accolades and awards.


Middlebury least expensive premiums by quote for all drivers.

Residents of Middlebury can get inexpensive premiums by getting quotes from Unitrin, Concord, and Co-op.

I queried each at $890, $936, and $968 per year for a 30 year old driver. Which is 16% to 19% lower than the median rate for drivers with a similar age and profile.

However, it should be noted that National Grange was quoted near the median rate.

A 45 year old can get the lowest policy price with Unitrin, Concord, and Co-op.

Each queried at $687, $700, and $712 per year for full coverage. Which is approximately 16% lower than the “mean” quote citywide.

All three carriers are extremely close in price so discounts or other benefits would needed to be explored for the best options per policyholder.

Middlebury Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,132$832

Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth chartered the town in 1761. The first settlers arrived in the area in 1766. It was named Middlebury because of its location between New Haven and Salisbury.

Today, it is a community of nearly 9,000 residents. The city’s claim to fame is Middlebury College one the United States most elite liberal colleges.

The city serves as the commercial and business center for the region.

Notable attractions include, Ticonderoga Heritage Museum, Button Bay State Park, Rokeby Museum, and Kingsland Bay State Park.


Barre, VT low-cost premium price by insurer for drivers.

The average premium price in Barre is higher than other cities in the state. To get the cheapest premium start by getting quotes from Concord, Unitrin, and Co-op.

I queried each at $900, $923, and $956 per year for a 30 year old driver. Which is 13% to 15% lower than the median rate for drivers of similar age and profile.

Although higher in price, Progressive and National Grange Mutual are worth getting quotes from since discounts or other benefits may drive down the cost.

A 45 year old can get the cheapest premium with Concord and Unitrin. I queried each at $698 and $732 respectfully for a 45 year old driver. Or approximately 16% lower than the average policyholder’s price for a premium in Barre.

There is a variance of $168 among the lowest, Concord, and the highest, National Grange Mutual, making it important to compare quotes.

But seek out any tailoring or benefits you may get from a particular company.

Barre Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,154$866

Barre, Vermont is known as the “Granite Capital of the World” with the amount of granite deposits at Millstone Hill.

With arrival of the railroad and granite productions Barre saw a boom in the late 19th century.

Thousands of people came and some migrated to Barre just for the granite and the potential business prosperity. “Barre Gray” granite is sought out from sculptors to this day.

Barre is a community of approximately 9,000 residents and is part of the Montpelier-Barre micropolitan area which has over 60,000 residents. It is the 4th largest city in the state.

Saint Albans

Saint Albans affordable premium by carriers fro 30 to 45 y/o drivers.

If you are in the market for an inexpensive premium in St. Albans, then start by getting quotes from Co-op, Concord, and Unitrin.

I queried each at $880, $911, and $945 per year for a 30 year old driver. Which is 13% to 16% lower than the average premium citywide.

Progressive is a good option too with a lower than average quote at $987.

A 45 year old can get a cheap premium with Co-op, Concord, or Unitrin. I queried each at $698, $708, and $754 respectfully per year for full coverage.

Or approximately 14% to 17% lower than the “mean” rate for drivers in St. Albans.

Other companies to consider are Progressive and National Grange Mutual since both are below the median quote for similar age drivers.

Saint Albans Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,127$858

Saint Albans city, not be confused with the town, is a community of approximate 6,000 people. 

St. Albans was chartered by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth on August 17, 1763 to Stephen Pomeroy.

It was settled in 1783, but delays from the Revolutionary War didn’t make it official until 1785.

St. Albans is most noted for the northernmost conflict of the Civil War. Known as the St. Albans Raid. Canada used confederate troops to try and lure Union soldiers farther north away from other important conflicts farther south. The raid took place on October 19th, 1864.

Notable attractions include, Cumberland Bay & Smugglers Notch State Parks, Clinton County Historical Museum, and Knight Point State Park.


Essex lowest premium prices for all drivers.

Drivers in Essex can get cheap car insurance by getting quotes from Co-op, Concord, and Unitrin.

I queried each at $896, $932, and $967 per year for a 30 year old. Which is 14% to 17% lower than the median rate for a driver of similar age and profile.

Both Progressive and MetLife are good contenders for a cheaper rate too with quotes at $1,087 and $1,128 respectfully for full coverage.

A 45 year old can get the least expensive premium with Co-op, Concord, and Unitrin. I queried each at $697, $758, and $779 per year for full coverage.

Which is 12% to 16% lower than the median rate for a 45 year old driver in Essex.

There is a significant variance among the lowest, Co-op, and the highest, MetLife, which is $157. Or over 22% difference among them.

Making it important to compare quotes. And realize that policy tailoring, benefits, or discounts can be applied to companies with a higher price to drive down the original quote.

Essex Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O
National Grange Mutual$1,165$903

Essex is the 2nd largest city in the state behind Burlington, Vermont with approximately 22,000 residents.

Essex Junction is a village within the community of Essex. Other communities are Butlers and Pages Corner and most outsiders would refer to the city as Essex. 

The city was incorporate in 1763 and named after the Earl of Essex.

Today, Main Street has specialty shops and quaint cafes with colonial character in the buildings and landscape.

There is a thriving downtown commercial center for businesses.

A notable attraction is the Harriet Farnsworth Powell Museum. The museum is housed in a former two-room schoolhouse, and includes a collection of costumes, school items, and local memorabilia.

Insurance Resources & DMV Information

Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
89 Main St, Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 828-3301
380 Ballard Rd, Milton, VT 05468
(802) 524-6033
4 Market St, South Burlington, VT 05403
(802) 828-2085
Final Thoughts

At Autoinsuresavings you can compare cheap car insurance quotes by using the advance comparison tool at the top of the page.

You want to be sure to compare your quotes to be sure you are getting the lowest rates without losing any coverage or simply use our online directory to find a local agent.

Since companies have different ways to determine your rate it is good to compare.

You will always received quotes from top providers such as Geico, Progressive, E-surance, and Allstate. 





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