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Car Care Tips Interview with Luke Ellery

Luke Ellery is the first Australian to win an official Road to Indy race and currently runs the driver training and mentoring side of the team at Ellery Motorsport. Luke was kind enough to have a chat with me on all things cars and shares his expert tips on car maintenance with us below.

Luke Ellery

Luke Ellery is Ellery Motorsports Racing Director.

What is your dream car?

Porsche 917 in Gulf colors

What was the first car you ever owned?

1962 Austin Healey Sprite

What is your most memorable driving experience?

Winning at Sebring, Florida, in a USF2000 car

When you’re driving how do you minimize wear and tear?

On the road it’s easy to look after your car, leave 5 minutes earlier and take it safe and gently!

What about when you’re parking (do you seek out shady spots, etc.)?

Shade looks after the paint on your car and generally reduces Ultra Violet sun damage. Clear coats can often flake in tropical conditions or on vehicles left outdoors so it’s wise to keep your car sheltered when not in use.

How do you prevent tire damage and prolong the life of your tires?

Always keep your tire pressures at the correct level – make sure you ask your local tire store what’s the best pressure for your car. A service station will generally have an Air station to fill your tires. Check them fortnightly.

How often do you change your engine oil and filters?

Depending on your car, as often as possible – never change the oil to an unknown or non-recommended brand. Jump on Google or read your owner’s manual to find out what oil best suits your engine.

How do you maintain your cars cooling system?

A simple flush and refill when you change oil is always helpful, when flushing your water system make sure you have bled the air from the system to avoid an air lock – this can easily kill the engine. Be careful with Subaru’s, some of these horizontally configured engines can be difficult to bleed.

luke ellery car

Image credit: www.indycar.com

How often do you clean your car engine?

Be sure not to spray too much water or cleaning products over vital electronics in the engine bay. Sometimes it’s best to just wipe clean any oil or grime with a rag. If necessary use a solvent that won’t interfere with electronics.

How often do you wash and wax your car and why?

Depending on what car and the imminent weather, I tend to wash every 2-3 weeks, sometimes more. I choose Bowden’s Own Products as they’re specially designed not to hurt the paint, I have found they don’t take away a layer of clear coat – instead removing the haze and built up grime.

Do you prepare your car differently in any way for seasonal changes?

In Melbourne it’s not too much of a problem, my friends in Minnesota have issues with snow tires but thankfully we don’t have that issue here!

How often do you suggest having your car inspected by a mechanic?

As often as possible, if something is sounding strange or feeling odd – don’t hesitate, a mechanic could save your life!

Any other car care tips you’d like to share?

Enjoy your car and treat it with respect, when in doubt always contact a professional.
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Kirsty Tanner

Kirsty Tanner

Kirsty Tanner is a professional writer and content marketer from Tasmania, Australia. She spends her free time going on Kombi adventures with her mischievous Kelpie, Spot. You can find her on Twitter where she posts about all things business and marketing.

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