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Interested in reducing your premium and why it is higher than average?

AutoInsureSavings LLC has articles written by licensed agents and experts to help you learn how to lower your auto insurance rates.

And help you pick the best company with the lowest cost while maintaining coverage.

The best way is maintaining a clean record and using strategies to lower your premium to save over the long run.

Six strategies for drivers to lower their premium.

Illustrated above are strategies to help you lower your monthly premium.

There is certain criteria car insurance companies use to decide your insurance premium based on the part of the country you live.

If you are in the market for a policy, you are going to find most companies use your zip code to determine your policy.

This is only one of many factors.

There are four “main” factors insurers use to determine your rate – age, vehicle, history and location.

There are other factors, but knowing the chief factors will help you make an informed decision when buying a policy. 

Eight factors auto insurance companies use to determine a premium. Above are more factors insurers use to decide your policy.

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