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Colorado Cheapest Car Insurance & Best Coverage Options

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Updated May 6th, 2021

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Advertiser Disclosure: Some of the offers within the content are from companies where AutoInsureSavings.org may receive compensation. This does not influence our analysis of services or products. Our opinions are our own in good faith.

AutoInsureSavings.org licensed agents did a comparison study of the cheapest car insurance companies in Colorado and found Auto-Owners Insurance provides the cheapest state minimum rate at $481 per year or 40% less expensive than Colorado’s average of $797 per year.

Nationwide at $1,442 per year, provides cheap auto insurance in Colorado or 34% cheaper than the state average of $2,180 per year. 

Affordable Car Insurance Rates in Colorado

Colorado car insurance shoppers should compare quotes with the same coverage levels with at least three insurance companies to find the best rate and save more on their insurance premiums.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado - Key Takeaways
AutoInsureSavings.orgThe cheapest Colorado car insurance options are:

Cheapest for minimum coverage: Auto-Owners Insurance
Cheapest for full coverage: Nationwide
Cheapest after an at-fault accident: Nationwide
Cheapest after a speeding ticket: State Farm
Cheapest after a DUI: Progressive
Cheapest for poor credit history: GEICO
Cheapest for young drivers: American Family
For younger drivers with a speeding violation: GEICO
For younger drivers with an at-fault accident: American Family

Enter your Zip Code or use this practical Colorado auto insurance guide which is the best way to find top car insurance carriers in your area regardless of your driving type.

Cheapest car insurance in Colorado with USAA, Auto-Owners Insurance, State Farm compared with average rates.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Minimum Coverage in Colorado

Auto-Owners Insurance offers the cheapest minimum coverage rates for Colorado drivers with a good driving record, which provided us a $481 annual rate or $316 cheaper than the $797 average quote for our 30-year-old sample driver.

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Suppose you are a military member or a family member of military personnel. In that case, your best rates are with USAA, which offered our agents a $447 annual quote or $36 per month for minimum liability coverage.

CompanyAverage annual rateMonthly rate
State Farm$490$41
American Family$856$71
Colorado average$797$66

*USAA is for qualified military members, their spouses, and direct family members. Your insurance rates may vary based on the driver’s profile.

Buying a minimum coverage car insurance policy is the cheapest way to meet Colorado’s insurance requirements to ensure you stay legal.

State minimums may not have sufficient coverage with the amount of bodily injury and property damage liability you need if you are involved in an auto accident.

A Colorado state minimum auto policy only covers up to $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability and $15,000 per accident in property damage liability.  

Cheapest Full Coverage Colorado Car Insurance

Nationwide offers the cheapest car insurance rates for full coverage in Colorado. Nationwide’s $1,442 rate is 34% less expensive than the state average of $2,180 per year. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$1,655$137
Colorado average$2,180$181

*USAA is for qualified military members, their spouses, and direct family members. Your average rates may vary based on the driver’s profile.

A full coverage car insurance policy costs more than liability-only policies but offers more asset protection with comprehensive and collision insurance included. Your motor vehicle is protected no matter who or any inclement weather caused the property damage. 

Cheapest Car Insurance With One Speeding Ticket in Colorado

State Farm offers the cheapest insurance quotes for drivers in Colorado with a speeding violation on their driving record. State Farm’s $1,690 rate is 33% or $824 less expensive than the state average. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$1,690$133
Colorado average$2,514$209

According to the Colorado General Assembly and The Zebra, your auto insurance rates can increase by $306 per year or 14% with one traffic violation for speeding.

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Most auto insurers will increase car insurance rates after traffic tickets, so you want to make sure to comparison shop for cheaper insurance companies in Colorado after any traffic violation on driving records. 

Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado With a Car Accident

According to our analysis, Nationwide offers the cheapest insurance rates for drivers in Colorado with one at-fault accident with a $2,268 per year insurance premium for our sample driver. 

Nationwide’s rate is 29% less expensive than Colorado’s average ($3,157) insurance premium for drivers with one accident in their driving history.

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$2,514$209
Colorado average$3,157$263

Getting into an at-fault accident may cause a rate increase of 34% or $977 per year, showing the importance of shopping for cheaper auto insurance if you have a change on your driving record.

To make sure you get the best rates, be sure to compare quotes with at least three car insurance companies after a car accident.

Cheapest Car Insurance With a DUI in Colorado

Drivers in Colorado with DUI offenses on their driving records can find the cheapest car insurance with Progressive, which provided our insurance agents a quote at $2,313 per year or a $192 monthly rate for full coverage.

The average annual rate increase for drivers with DUI violations is $3,357, making Progressive’s rate 32% cheaper than Colorado’s average DUI rate. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$2,836$236
Colorado average$3,357$279

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, car insurance premiums increase by 47% on average for drivers with driving while intoxicated violations (DUI’s).

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, you will need an SR-22 to reinstate your driver’s license. A Judge may order an ignition interlock device (BAIID) installed in your motor vehicle for one year. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Drivers With Poor Credit in Colorado

GEICO provides the cheapest insurance for drivers with poor credit in Colorado with a $1,915 rate for full coverage or 28% less expensive than the average bad credit rate increase of $2,633 per year. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$2,047$170
Colorado average$2,633$219

AutoInsureSavings.org analysis shows drivers who have a poor credit score will pay on average 22% more for car insurance premiums. And drivers with poor credit are more likely to file a claim or get involved in an at-fault accident.

For that reason, their auto insurance costs are higher than average. Make sure to maintain good credit scores and pay credit cards on time to ensure your car insurance rates won’t increase at renewal. 

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers in Colorado

We found young Colorado drivers looking for the cheapest full coverage insurance is with American Family, which provided our agents a $3,321 annual quote or 54% less expensive than our sample young driver’s average rates. 

USAA is the best car insurance option for younger drivers who qualify, which offered AutoInsureSavings’ agents a $1,345 annual rate for state minimum coverage.

The cheapest state minimum coverage in Colorado for teenage drivers is Auto-Owners Insurance, which offered us a quote at $1,537 per year or 39% cheaper. The next best option for younger drivers is State Farm, with a $1,670 annual rate for liability insurance.  

InsurerFull coverageMinimum coverage
American Family$3,321$1,830
State Farm$3,565$1,670
Colorado average$7,132$2,508

*USAA is for qualified military members, their spouses, and direct family members. Your insurance rates may be different based on the driver’s profile.

Statistics show a teen driver is more prone to car accidents than older experience drivers, making insurance costs higher. Our licensed agents recommend young or teen drivers to buy full coverage auto policies, so they have motor vehicle coverage in an auto accident as an added layer of protection.

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It is best to find a company that offers the cheapest car insurance rates for young or teen drivers in The Centennial State, such as American Family or Auto-Owners, to cut down on your insurance costs.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

Young Colorado drivers with a speeding violation should look to GEICO for the cheapest insurance coverage in Colorado. GEICO’s average car insurance cost is $4,478 annually or $3,256 less per year for auto insurance policies with comprehensive and collision coverage. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
State Farm$4,652$387
Liberty Mutual$4,956$413
Colorado average$7,734$644

Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Drivers with an At-Fault Accident

Inexperienced drivers in Colorado with one at-fault accident can find the best car insurance with American Family, which provided our agents a $4,603 annual rate ($383 per month) for full coverage insurance.

American Family’s at-fault accident rate is 43% cheaper than Colorado’s teen driver accident rate of $7,956 per year. 

InsurerAnnual costMonthly cost
American Family$4,603$383
State Farm$4,974$382
Colorado average$7,956$663

Best Auto Insurance Companies in Colorado

AutoInsureSavings.org team of licensed insurance agents rated the best car insurance companies in Colorado by customer satisfaction, surveys, J.D. Powers claims satisfaction score, A.M. Best, and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index.

We found that Nationwide, USAA, and American Family (AmFam) are the best insurance companies based on excellent customer service, claims satisfaction, and NAIC’s complaint index. 

ValuePenguin had similar results from their recent Colorado customer survey, with AmFam scoring 86% with customers in claims satisfaction. USAA scores well in customer service ratings but has a higher than normal NAIC complaint index at 0.98, near the national average of 1.00.

Insurer% respondents extremely satisfied with recent claim% respondents rated customer service as excellent
American Family 86%50%
State Farm73%46%
Liberty Mutual61%20%

Our licensed insurance agents also collected information on each insurance company in Colorado from the NAIC, J.D. Power, and A.M. Best’s financial strength ratings. 

The car insurance company with the lowest NAIC complaint ratio is AmFam, with a 0.44 complaint ratio compared to their market share and below the national average of 1.00.

InsurerNAIC Complaint IndexJ.D. Power claims satisfactionA.M. Best rating
American Family (AmFam)0.44862A
State Farm0.66881A++
Liberty Mutual0.92870A

The NAIC’s complaint ratio compares the number of complaints an auto insurer has based on Colorado’s market share. Any car insurance provider below 1.00 is better than the national average.

State Farm and USAA have the highest J.D. Power claims satisfaction scores of 890 and 891, respectfully.

A.M. Best financial strength ratings are a grade describing an auto insurer’s financial health and their ability to pay out claims.

Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes by Zip Code in Colorado with AutoInsureSavings


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While comparison shopping for car insurance companies in Colorado, it is essential to remember that many factors contribute to your premium cost. Your age, driving experience, and even your credit rating can influence your total monthly or annual cost.

It is always best for Colorado drivers to compare car insurance plans to find the best company that offers the lowest insurance rate.

Average Car Insurance Costs by City in Colorado

We collected insurance quotes from Colorado zip codes from top insurance companies and found average rates can vary by $554. Typically, you will pay higher rates if you live in urban cities rather than the state’s rural areas. Your Colorado rate is based not only on your zip code but the type of vehicle, liability limits, marital status, plus many other factors.

Cheapest Car Insurance in Denver, CO

Drivers in Denver, CO can find the cheapest insurance quotes with Auto-Owners, which provided AutoInsureSavings.org agents a rate of $1,673 annually or $139 per month with $100,000 in liability insurance and $500 deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage. Auto-Owner’s quote is 31% less expensive than the average Denver rate.

Denver CompanyAverage Premium
Denver average$2,414

Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs drivers can look to State Farm for the cheapest auto rates, with a quote at $1,530 per year with full coverage insurance. State Farm’s rate is 35% cheaper than Colorado Springs’s $2,352 average rates for similar driver profiles. 

Colorado Springs CompanyAverage Premium
State Farm$1,530
Colorado Springs average$2,352

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Aurora, CO

Good drivers in Aurora can find the cheapest full coverage insurance policy with Nationwide, which offered us a $1,484 annual rate for our sample 30-year-old driver with comprehensive and collision $500 deductibles and uninsured motorist coverage. 

Nationwide’s car insurance rate is $876 less per year than Aurora’s average of $2,360 per year. 

Aurora CompanyAverage Premium
Aurora average$2,360

Cheapest Car Insurance in Fort Collins, CO

Our insurance agents found the cheapest auto insurance rate in Fort Collins is Progressive, with a $1,563 per year rate for a full coverage insurance policy. Progressive’s quote is 34% less expensive than Fort Collins’s average rates.

Fort Collins CompanyAverage Premium
Fort Collins average$2,402

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Lakewood, CO

Drivers in Lakewood can get cheap auto insurance with American Family, which provided our licensed agents a $1,487 annual rate for a full coverage insurance policy with $100,000 in liability insurance. AmFam’s quote is 39% less expensive than the average rates in Lakewood, Colorado. 

Lakewood CompanyAverage Premium
State Farm$1,553
Lakewood average$2,468

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Thornton, CO

Good drivers in Thornton can find the least expensive car insurance policy with Nationwide, which offered us a $1,377 per year rate for our sample 30-year-old male driver. Nationwide’s full coverage quote is 37% cheaper than the city of Thornton’s average rates.

Thornton CompanyAverage Premium
Thornton average$2,170

Average Car Insurance Cost for All Cities in Colorado

CityAnnual Premium CostCityAnnual Premium Cost
Colorado Springs$2,352Dove Valley$1,917
Fort Collins$2,402Shaw Heights$1,938
Pueblo$2,266Manitou Springs$1,887
Boulder$2,317West Pleasant View$2,126
Greeley$1,860Battlement Mesa$2,022
Highlands Ranch$1,989Breckenridge$1,917
Longmont$1,957New Castle$2,131
Broomfield$2,028El Jebel$2,142
Castle Rock$2,034Silverthorne$1,887
Grand Junction$2,219Mead$2,006
Commerce City$2,054Castle Pines Village$2,029
Parker$2,142Todd Creek$2,179
Littleton$2,186Monte Vista$2,054
Dakota Ridge$2,029Basalt$1,911
Englewood$2,218Rocky Ford$1,887
Ken Caryl$2,126Meridian$1,934
Pueblo West$2,029Ponderosa Park$1,922
Wheat Ridge$2,179Yuma$2,006
Windsor$1,922Lincoln Park$2,179
Columbine$1,887Orchard City$1,911
Clifton$2,188Acres Green$2,126
Sherrelwood$2,165Palmer Lake$2,218
Cimarron Hills$1,911Holly Hills$2,006
Durango$2,034Snowmass Village$1,922
Cañon City$2,054Buena Vista$2,188
Greenwood $1,934Leadville$1,887
Fort Carson$1,860La Salle$2,211
Black Forest$2,179Hudson$2,219
Steamboat Springs$1,957Laporte$1,911
Lone Tree$2,126Cedaredge$2,029
Federal Heights$2,188Bennett$2,034
Cherry Creek$1,911Colorado City$2,208
Berkley$2,006Coal Creek$2,214
Fort Morgan$2,029Las Animas$1,985
The Pinery$1,860Leadville North$1,887
Castle Pines$2,205Lyons$1,957
Glenwood Springs$1,934Hayden$2,054
Stonegate$2,216Pagosa Springs$1,860
Roxborough Park$2,205Granby$2,129
Alamosa$1,903Perry Park$2,029
Wellington$2,142Idaho Springs$1,911
Craig$1,860Mountain Village$2,205
Twin Lakes$1,957Del Norte$1,860
Fort Lupton$1,926Fraser$1,911
Applewood$1,903Aristocrat Ranchettes$1,887
Trinidad$1,985Aetna Estates$2,126
Fruitvale$2,186Indian Hills$2,054
Woodland Park$2,277Crested Butte$2,205
La Junta$2,225Alamosa East$1,957
Carbondale$1,903Columbine Valley$1,985
Orchard Mesa$2,142Cascade-Chipita Park$2,100
Cherry Hills Village$1,922Fowler$2,149
Avon$1,860Log Lane Village$1,887
Air Force Academy$1,926Wiggins$2,126
Estes Park$1,985Limon$1,926
Sheridan$1,887Floyd Hill$1,909

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirements in Colorado

According to the Colorado General Assembly, all drivers in Colorado must comply with state laws and have the minimum bodily injury liability and property damage liability limits in their auto insurance policies.  

Liability insuranceColorado minimum requirements
Bodily injury liability$25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
Property damage liability$15,000 per accident

Our licensed insurance agents recommend uninsured motorist coverage in Colorado since the uninsured motorist rate is 13.3%, according to the Insurance Information Institute (III.org) and the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA.org). 

AutoInsureSavings.org agents also recommend higher liability limits with collision and comprehensive coverage or a full coverage policy.  You will be responsible for the extra costs in an at-fault auto accident if the cost of bodily injury and property damage exceed liability limits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the Cheapest Car Insurance in Colorado?

Auto-Owners Insurance offers the state minimum’s cheapest auto insurance rate at $481 per year for non-military members. The average annual car insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Colorado are $797, and Auto-Owners premium costs 40% less per year. Other good options for affordable car insurance are USAA at $447 and State Farm at $490 per year. 

How Much is Colorado Car Insurance per Month?

The average car insurance costs $2,180 in Colorado for full coverage insurance and $797 per year for state minimum coverage for a 30-year-old driver with a clean driving record. 

How Much Is Full Coverage Colorado Car Insurance?

The average cost of full coverage car insurance in Colorado is $2,180 per year or $181 per month with $100,000 per accident in liability coverage. Nationwide’s average rate for full coverage is $1,442 per year or $120 per month or 34% less per year, while State Farm’s $1,665 rate is 25% below Colorado’s state average.

How do I Save on Car Insurance in Colorado?

The best way to save on your insurance premium in Colorado is to find out from your car insurance provider if you are eligible for a money-saving driver discount offered by the company. Many insurance providers in Colorado will lower your overall insurance prices if you have more than one policy with them, such as life or home insurance policies. 

Another way to save on car insurance premiums is to practice safe driving habits and maintain clean driving records. Many insurance companies offer good driving discounts for drivers in Colorado that have clean driving records for three to five years. One example is Nationwide which offers good drivers a safe driver discount for being moving-violation-free for five years. Not only will you keep and your passengers safe, but it will also help you avoid car accidents or traffic violations that could cause your premium to increase.

To learn more about Colorado’s most affordable car insurance options, enter your zip code or contact the auto insurance experts at AutoInsureSavings.org.

Our licensed insurance professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.


AutoInsureSavings.org comparison shopping study used a full-coverage auto policy for a 30-year-old driving a 2018 Honda Accord with the following coverage limits:

Coverage typeStudy limits
Bodily injury liability$50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Property damage liability$25,000 per accident
Personal injury protection$10,000
Uninsured / underinsured motorist bodily injury$50,000 per person / $100,000 per accident
Comprehensive and collision coverage$500 deductible

We used insurance rates for drivers with accident histories, credit scores, and marital status for other Colorado rate analyses. We used car insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services, which are publicly available for comparative purposes only. Your auto insurance rates may vary when you get quotes.


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– Colorado.gov. “Penalties for Speeding.”
– Colorado Department of Transportation. “Impaired Driving.”
– Colorado Department of Revenue. “Reinstate Driving Privilege.

Jaime Arias

Jaime Arias

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