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Kansas Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes & Minimum Coverage plus a Comparison by Age & Company

In our study of the cheapest auto insurance carriers in Kansas, we found for drivers with a good driving record, the best options are going to be with Farmers, Auto-Owners, and American Family.

Depending on your location, each carrier can offer quotes from 22% to over 30% lower than the median rate for similar age drivers.

Other carriers you want to put on your list to get quotes are GEICO, Farm Bureau Financial Services, and State Farm.

Again, depending on your driving history, each carrier is able to offer quotes from 16% to 27% lower than the median rate.

There are other insurance firms you should get quotes from.

We will go into more details below.

In this article we are going to cover the minimum requirements in Kansas, the least expensive carriers, and cost-saving tips to help you find an affordable premium without breaking the bank.

If you would like to skip to a portion of the article, we have provided a table of contents down a little and to the right.

KS cheapest premium rate choice for 25 year old.Note: The most affordable carriers for a 25 year old are Farmers, Auto-Owners, and American Family. The illustrated female driver owned a 2014 Honda CR-V, good driving history, and decent credit. For more information please see rate table below.

Kansas Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Kansas is a no-fault state.

All no-fault states need their motorists to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to pay each insured motorist’s hospital charges, lost salary and death benefits with no regard for who was responsible in an accident.

Dependent on a person’s healthcare insurance, the State of Kansas may need its residents to maintain only the minimum PIP policy in the quantity of:

  • $4500 for medical expense and rehabilitation benefits

  • $900 a month for disability

  • $25 for in-home care

  • $2000 for funeral expenses

  • $900 a month for survivor benefits

As with most no-fault state there are exceptions where the cost of medical car for a person injured during an accident.

Since the exceptions are possible in the state of Kansas there is minimum coverage required too.

CoverageKansas Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$50,000
Uninsured Motorist Coverage*$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Underinsured Motorist Coverage*Combined with Uninsured Motorist Combined with Uninsured Motorist
Medical PaymentsOptional$5,000 limit
Personal Injury Protection$4,500 per person $4,500 per person
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$500 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 deductible

Bodily Injury Liability

Covers hospital charges if the insured party is discovered to be at-fault in a car accident.

When the minimum coverage is held, the insurer will pay up to $25,000 if a single individual is concerned up to $50,000 for multiple passengers per accident.

Kansas lowest premium options for 30 year old.Note: As illustrated, the quotes for a 30 year old driver clustered between $987 and $1,089 per year. The cheapest is Farmers, then Auto-Owners, followed by American Family. Please see rate table below.

Property Damage Liability

Helps pay for damages to the other person’s car as well as any public or private property, such buildings, doors, and traffic signs, that might be damage in an accident.

Minimum coverage allows for insurance firms to pay $10,000 for a single event.

The set limit for the state of Kansas is 25/50/10 and the numbers represent (in thousands) and are followed respectfully as mentioned above.

Inexpensive premium choices for 35 year old driver.Note: A 35 year old with good driving history should be able to get quotes lower than $900 per year. The lowest is Farmers at $866.  Auto-Owners and American Family clustering below $900 at $887 and $892 respectfully.

Best Insurers by Consumer Rating, Complaints, & Rate Change over 18 Months

Below is a list of 19 top insurance companies in Kansas by written premiums, complaints, rate change over a 12 to 18 month period, and consumer rating.

The inclusion of written premiums is for the amount of complaints.

National companies, such as Liberty Mutual or State Farm, are going to have more complaints.

However, they have much higher amount of written premiums.

Therefore the ratio is in line with smaller regional carriers, such as Farm Bureau Financial Services.

The rate change averages 2.7% across all companies. This is normal for most companies.

If you get a traffic violation your premium can increase dramatically.

The rate change should be nominal unless there is an infraction or change of circumstance such as moving to a new location.

The consumer rating data is compiled from reputable online sources to get an average.

Other sources and data is compiled from JD Power & Associates, III.org, and AM Best.

Kansas CompanyPremiumsRate Change # of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
Liberty Mutual$65,319,534+1.8%434.4
Farm Bureau Mutual$129,883,591+2.2%23.8
Traders$6,923,744 +2.8%113.8
State Farm$314,483,303 +2.3%684.4
American Family$89,761,971+2.1%834.2
Allstate$222,963,723 +1.8%64.4
Key Company$15,946,573+2.8%283.6
GEICO$68,118,333 +2.2%534.5

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Requirements

Kansas is a state where uninsured motorist protection is a requirement.

This coverage will pay for your medical expense in the event you are in an accident with an uninsured motorist.

On the other hand, if your healthcare benefits are high enough you could be exempt from carrying UM coverage.

Affordable auto premium prices for 40 year old.

Note: Out of the 5 carriers illustrated, 4 of them clustered between $790 and $810 for a 40 year old. Farmers being the cheapest at $790.

Comprehensive & Collision Coverage

It is highly recommend to consider comprehensive coverage for any unforeseen accidents such as natural disasters, such as tornadoes which are common in the state of Kansas.

With this coverage you will be protected up to a certain amount for any type of “non-collision” type of accident.

Collision cover is another option to consider and if you have financed your vehicle you will be required to show collision coverage to the bank.

Low-cost premium price choice for 45 year old.Note: As illustrated, 5 carriers clustered between $632 and $680 for a 45 year old driver. Farmers and American Family are the most affordable at $632 and $644 respectfully.

Cheapest Auto Insurance by Age & Company

Below is a list of the least expensive auto insurance companies for drivers from 25 to 55 years of age.

Overall and across the board the lowest is Farmers.

Depending on your age and location, Farmers can offer quotes up to 38% lower than the median quote for similar age drivers.

Auto-Owners is another company you should put on your bucket list to get quotes.

Auto-Owners can offer quotes up 36% lower.

Again, depending on your location and driver history.

American Family can offer rates up to 35% lower depending on your driver history.

For older drivers American Family does extremely well.

In Topeka and Lawrence, American Family is able to offer the cheapest quotes topping Farmers and Auto-Owners.

Other carriers to get quotes from are GEICO, Farm Bureau Financial Services, and State Farm.

All three carriers can offer quotes from 16% to 27% cheaper than the median quote.

Two other carriers you may want to put on your radar are Progressive and Allied.

Both of them can offer quotes from 9% to 16% cheaper depending your location and driver history.

And if you get quotes from all the carriers mentioned above you may want to give Nationwide a shot.

Nationwide can offer quotes from 8% to 14% lower than the median rate.

With all insurers you have a blend of national and regional companies to help you find the cheapest auto insurance while maintaining the same amount of coverage. 

Kansas CompanyAverage Annual Rate 25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O Driver35 Y/O Driver40 Y/O Driver45 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$1,276$1,032$892$809$644$487
Farm Bureau Mutual Financial $1,319$1,089$912$809$680$508
State Farm$1,327$1,099$955$810$700$509
Safe Auto$1,568$1,231$1,043$865$769$648
Liberty Mutual$1,589$1,276$1,044$879$800$675
21st Century$1,821$1,422$1,121$912$801$698

Cheap premium prices for 55 year old driverNote: A 55 year old driver can find cheap rates below $500 per year with good driving history. Out of the 5 carriers we queried the most inexpensive is Auto-Owners at $485.

Gap or Loan Lease Coverage

If your vehicle is financed you may want to consider the cost of Gap insurance which is going to cover the value of your vehicle and what is left over or the “gap” from financing the car.

More information about Gap insurance here.

Average Rate by City in Kansas

Location is a primary factor for insurance companies when determining your premium.

Below is a list of 33 cities and the average premium.

The lowest premium is $1,032 and the highest is $1,490 per year.

Over 45% difference from one city to the next.

This is one of the reasons you can have an increase or decrease in your premium when you move from one cit to the next.

If perhaps you have higher premiums than those listed below you are either a young driver or you may have traffic violations in your driving history.

Your best method to keep your premium as low as possible is to keep a clean driving record.

If you would like a comparison of quotes in the most populous cities in Kansas please read further below.

CityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulationCityAverage RatePopulation
$1,19012,265Kingman$1,3873,000Osage City$1,3112,837
Derby$1,25523,047La Cygne$1,1541,112Ottawa$1,17612,482
Dodge City$1,18828,159Leavenworth$1,17635,891Overland Park$1,190181,260
El Dorado$1,15412,852Lebo$1,182912Parsons$1,21010,164
Frankfort$1,269692Lyndon$1,2761,022Prairie Village$1,06521,892
Great Bend$1,17615,901McPherson$1,20513,322Seneca$1,0872,048
Hays$1,23721,038Merriam$1,12211,281Spring Hill$1,3655,483
Junction City$1,26825,388Newton$1,11119,117Wa Keeney$1,4901,862

Wichita, KS

Wichita cheap premium options for 30 and 45 year old.

To find inexpensive auto insurance rates in Wichita, start by getting quotes from Farmers, Auto-Owners, and American Family.

Each queried at $911, $934, and $987 for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 36% lower than the citywide “mean” rate of $1,490.

GEICO and Farm Bureau Mutual should not be ruled out since both insurers are well below the average rate.

One insurer we queried is less than $700 for a 45 year old driver – Farmers at $690 per year for full coverage.

Auto-Owner’s is 38% lower than the “mean” rate at $743. American Family is 34% lower at $765.

For a 55 year old driver 4 insurers are less than $600 – Farmers, Auto-Owners, American Family, and GEICO.

Each queried at $512, $532, $567, and $580 respectfully for full coverage.

Out of the 7 insurers we queried the most expensive is Nationwide at $1,189 for a 30 year old, $890 for a 45 year old, and $687 for a 55 year old.

More than 21% lower than Wichita’s average rate.

Wichita Company30 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$987$567
Farm Bureau Mutual $1,076$622
State Farm$1,143$643

Wichita is the largest city in the state with nearly 400,000 residents. 

Originally settled by Wichita Indians during the Civil War, the area attracted white settlers who formed trading posts near the river junction.

Wichita quickly became a key stop along the cattle-drive route known as the Chisholm Trail.

Kansas City, KS

Kansas City lowest premium prices for 30 and 45 year old.

Finding cheap auto insurance in Kansas City is easy if you get quotes from Auto-Owners, American Family, and Farmers.

Each queried at $908, $967, and $987 respectfully for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 24% lower than the citywide average rate of $1,387 per year.

GEICO and Allied are approximately $100 and $150 more than the lowest insurer illustrated.

For a 45 year old the lowest are Auto-Owners ($768), American Family ($780), and Farmers ($812) for full coverage.

Or more than 32% lower than the “mean” rate in Kansas City.

A 55 year old driver can find three insurers less than $600 per year. Auto-Owners, American Family, and Farmers being the three lowest.

It would be smart for a 55 year old driver to get quotes from all insurers illustrated for maximum savings and optimum coverage.

Kansas City Company30 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$967$555
State Farm$1,132$690

Kansas City is the 3rd largest city in the state with nearly 160,00 residents and 500,000 in the metropolitan area.

Known as the “Wheat State”, it was formed in 1868 and incorporated as a city in 1872. 

The state’s and city’s history and identity is closely tied to its agricultural roots.

Olathe, KS

Olathe, KS inexpensive rate premium choices for 30 and 45 y/o driver.

Drivers can get cheaper rates in Olathe by getting quotes from Auto-Owners, American Family, and Farmers.

We queried each at $876, $904, and $945 respectfully for a 30 year old driver.

Which is more than $400 in savings compared against the average rate of $1,311 per year.

A 45 year old driver can find affordable rates with Auto-Owners ($699), American Family ($706), and Farmers ($756).

Each more than 30% lower than the citywide average.

A 55 year old driver can find rates below $600 with 4 insurers – GEICO, Auto-Owners, American Family, and Farmers.

The cheapest is American Family at $521 followed by Auto-Owners at $531 per year.

Far lower than the “mean” rate over $1,300.

Olathe Company30 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$904$521
State Farm$1,102$665

Olathe is the 4th largest city in the state with 136,000 residents.

Known as the “Cowboy Capital of the World” it is technically a suburb of Kansas City.

During the 1800’s, Olathe served as a stoppage at the Oregon Trail, the California Trail and the Santa Fe Trail.

Topeka, KS

Topeka affordable rate prices for 30 and 45 y/o driver.

Getting cheaper auto insurance rates in Topeka is easy if you know where to get quotes from.

Start with American Family which is the lowest at $965 per year for a 30 year old driver.

Which is over $400 in savings when compared against the citywide “mean” rate of $1,365.

Farmers is second on our list at $987 or approximately 27% lower than the average rate.

Followed by Auto-Owners at $1,032 or 26% lower than the “mean” rate for a 30 year old.

For a 45 year old the cheapest quotes are with American Family at $844, Farmers, $876, and Auto-Owners at $890.

All three insurers are more than 30% lower than the citywide average rate.

GEICO and Allied should not be ruled out either since both insurers are at least 25% lower than the “mean” rate in Topeka.

For a 55 year old driver 3 insurers are less than $700 per year for full coverage.

American Family ($639), Farmers ($659), and Auto-Owners ($678) all three are nearly 40% lower with more than $6000 in savings per year.

Topeka Company30 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$965$639
State Farm$1,187$790

Topeka is the 5th largest city in the state with approximately 130,000 residents.

The city is known for the civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education.

In 1951 when Linda Brown was responsible for eliminating the standard of “separate but equal.”

Lawrence, KS

Lawrence, KS lowest insurer price comparison for 30 and 45 y/o driver.

The average car insurance rate in Lawrence is $1,154 per year.

If you want to save start by getting quotes from American Family ($865), Farmers ($890), and Auto-Owners ($969).

All three are 24% lower than the citywide “mean” rate for a 30 year old driver.

For a 45 year old driver we found one insurer less than $700 per year – American Family at $690.

Farmers is approximately $60 more per year at $754, followed by Auto-Owners at $769.

GEICO and Allied are more than $800 and $900 per year respectfully for full coverage in Lawrence.

For a 55 year old driver the cheapest rate is with American Family at $501, followed by Farmers at $548, then Auto-Owners at $569.

Out of the 7 insurers we queried the highest was State Farm at $1,146 for a 30 year old, $1,003 for a 45 year old, and $774 for a 55 year old driver.

Lawrence Company30 Y/O Driver55 Y/O Driver
American Family$865$501
State Farm$1,146$774

Lawrence is the 6th largest city in the state with nearly 100,000 residents.

Lawrence was settled by New Englanders in the 1800’s which opposed slavery.

Today, as a college town with a rich history, Lawrence offers a wide array of attractions in the cultural, artistic, historical, and recreational categories.  

Resources & DMV Information
Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
420 SW 9th St, Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-3071
5110 Speaker Rd, Kansas City, KS 66106
(913) 371-8238
1873 W 21st St, Wichita, KS 67203
(316) 337-6066
Final Thoughts

At AutoInsureSavings we know how important it is to save money by find the cheapest car insurance coverage. 

At the same time you want to be sure you are protected with proper coverage with the cheapest price when you need it most.

Feel free to use our comparison tool at the very top of the page to find the lowest premium for your driving needs.







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