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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Long Island New York & Comparison of Insurers for the Best Price

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Updated November 4th, 2020

In my analysis of the cheapest car insurance companies in Long Island, New York, your best options are going to be with USAA, Erie, and Carmoon Group.

Each company can offer auto insurance quotes from 25 to 36% lower than drivers with similar coverage and profile.

Other companies to put on your bucket list to get quotes are Central Mutual, Progressive, and Travelers.

When I queried for quotes, each company can offer quotes from 18 to 29% lower than the average premium for similarly aged drivers.

There are more details below. 

I am going to cover the minimum auto insurance requirements in New York briefly.

This is important if you need to save on your auto policy.

If you would like a detailed comparison of quotes by the carrier, use the table of contents down a little and to the right. 

Otherwise, I will include a few tips to help you save further on your monthly premium.

Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes in Long Island

When you compare quotes from different insurers, you will get different prices.

As illustrated in the image below, there is a variance of $150 from USAA’s price to Progressive’s.

It is important to look at the coverage.

Or when you compare car insurance quotes, make sure you are getting quotes of similar or equal coverage from each insurer.

Remember each insurer is going to attempt to sell you coverage you may not need.

Further down is a table for minimum coverage requirements in New York.

Perhaps you want to get the lowest price possible?

If so, this will be the minimum coverage you need to be legal to drive in Long Island.

Cheapest insurers by price for a 25-year-old driver in Long Island.Note: As illustrated, the 5 lowest carriers cluster between $1,967 and $2,127 for a 25-year-old driver, which is 33 to 39% lower than the average premium of $3,145.

It is important to get at least three quotes from different companies to compare.

Each insurer will compete for your business.

Local companies such as Carmoon Group and Central Mutual may offer competing quotes against national companies such as Erie or Progressive.

Minimum Coverage for Drivers

CoverageNew York Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$25,000 / $50,000$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$50,000
Personal Injury Protection$50,000$50,000
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist BILN/A$50,000 / $100,000
Comprehensive CoverageN/A$500 deductible
Collision CoverageN/A$500 deductible

Who has the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Long Island?

Below are the cheapest car insurance companies by price from the least to the most expensive.

USAA is the lowest out of the insurers I queried.

If you can get a policy with USAA, they are your best option.

If not, then Erie, Carmoon Group, Central Mutual, and Progressive are the cheapest.

On average, they can provide quotes 23% to 31% lower than the average premium.

Erie and Carmoon Group can offer quotes over 35% lower than the average premium of drivers of similar age and profile, depending on your age.

When I did my queries for quotes, I used a driver with a good driving history.

If you have past driving violations, you may or may not have a higher (or lower) quote, which I could retrieve.

All of the quotes are based on price only for a full coverage policy.

Discounts or anything which may influence the price of the premium were not taken into consideration.

CompanyAnnual Premium 25 Y/O30 Y/O35 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Carmoon Group$2,023$1,676$1,322$1,012$725
Central Mutual$2,055$1,656$1,345$1,020$765
West Bend$2,342$1,730$1,425$1,079$783
Utica National$2,376$1,755$1,432$1,080$793
Western National$2,380$1,778$1,433$1,086$796
Nationwide $2,638$1,894$1,571$1,199$823
Liberty Mutual$2,698$1,902$1,580$1,198$830
Utica National$2,700$1,926$1,602$1,165$835

*USAA covers only families and their children affiliated with the Military and Armed Forces. A spouse or person previously in the Armed Services may be able to get insurance through USAA.

Why Is Long Island Cool?

One of the most famous sayings on T-shirts, buttons, stickers, or what people say is “I Love New York.”

Long Island is why it has over 100 miles of amazing beach on both north and south shores.

Least expensive insurers by quote for a 30 y/o driver.Note: A 30 y/o driver can find the cheapest insurers clustering between $1,600 and $1,687 for a full coverage policy. The insurers illustrated are approximately 35% lower than the average premium of $2,594.

The Island boasts more than 7.6 million people.

Not only is Long Island, NY highly populated, but it is also the most populated island in the United States and the 17th most populated island in the world.

For drivers, it is always good to be sure you have adequate coverage for your vehicle.

With the immense population, there is a higher number of accidents.

Affordable carriers by price for 35 year old driver.Note: The least expensive carriers for a 35-year old are USAA, Erie, and Carmoon Group. All three are 25% lower than the “mean” quote of $2,048 in Long Island. Central Mutual and Progressive are 23% cheaper than the “mean” rate. All carriers illustrated are worth getting quotes from for savings.

Even Long Island residents may have higher policy prices than normal.

However, that does mean you cannot find the lowest priced policy to fit your budget while providing equal cover.

Today Long Island, NY, is known for its strong, hard-working middle class, which invests more in education than other parts of the country.

Low-cost premium prices for 45 y/o driver illustrated.Note: As illustrated, the quotes clustered between $980 and $1,035 for a 45-year-old driver with full coverage. All carriers illustrated are 24% lower than the average policy of $1,385.

Community events and issues are typical for the residents of Long Island, which are used to voice their opinion through the venues.

Long Island is one of the most affluent areas of the United States due to its proximity to New York City.

The Island has some of the states (and country’s) luxurious mansions showing off wealth, such as the popular Hamptons.

Thus making the Island a costly place to live and raise your children. The residents paying some of the highest real estate and property taxes in the country.

The ethnic diversity of Long Island is something the residents of the Island are proud of.

least expensive premiums by price for 55 y/o Note: A 55-year old will find quotes between $712 and $744. USAA is the cheapest at $712 or 25% lower than the “mean” rate of $958. All of the other carriers illustrated are 23% lower than the average premium.

There are a large Italian-American and Jewish-American population, and with the mixture of origins, the Island is known to have some of the best food in the world.

Some of the finest wine comes from Long Island since there are many wineries on the East End, and is one of the country’s fastest-growing wine regions.

Average Premium in Cities within Long Island

In the table below, I provide quotes from cities within the Island area of NY.

Depending on the zip code or city you reside in, your quotes can vary drastically.

The quotes compared between Hempstead and Bethpage vary by over $1,000.

If you would like a more detailed review of the least expensive carriers, then read further below.

East Hampton$2,76221,457Whitestown$1,85618,667
Greenwich$2,2871,732 Chatham$2,1274,128

Babylon, NY

Babylon, NY least expensive insurance companies by price for 30 and 55-year-old drivers.To get the cheapest car insurance in Babylon, get quotes from Erie, State Farm, and Progressive.

I queried each at $1,455, $1,563, and $1,590 respectfully for a 30-year-old driver.

Which is 39% lower than the average premium of $2,478.

A 45-year old can find low quotes with Erie and State Farm.

Each queried at $1,112 and $1,156 for full coverage.

Which is 35% lower than the “mean” rate in Babylon.

A 55-year old can get the best rates with Erie, State Farm, and Progressive.

Each queried at $795, $812, ad $855 for a full coverage policy.

Or 36% lower than the average policyholder within Babylon, New York.

Babylon Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
State Farm$1,563$1,156$812
Carmoon Group$1,897$1,376$965
West Bend$2,008$1,428$1,005

Southampton, NY

Southampton cheapest policy prices for 30 to 55 y/o drivers.To get the cheapest auto insurance quotes in Southampton, start with Erie, Central Mutual, and Allstate.

I queried each at $1,321, $1,387, and $1,455 for a 30-year-old driver.

Which is 14% lower than the average premium rate of $1,573.

A 45-year old can find the best prices with Erie and Central Mutual.

I queried each at $1,009 and $1,032 for full coverage.

Which is approximately 12% lower than the average premium in Southampton.

A 55-year old can get the best prices with Erie, Central Mutual, and Allstate.

I queried each at $769, $790, and $825 for full coverage.

Which is 10% lower than the “mean” quote within Southampton.

Southampton Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Central Mutual$1,387$1,032$790
Carmoon Group$1,500$1,125$865
West Bend$1,512$1,200$926

Bethpage, NY

Least expensive premium prices by carrier for 30 to 55 y/o in Bethpage, NY.To get the best prices on your auto insurance policy in Bethpage, get quotes from Erie, State Farm, and Nationwide.

I queried each at $1,522, $1,587, and $1,643 for a 30-year-old driver.

Which is 22% to 28% lower than the “mean” rate.

A 45-year old can get cheap quotes from Erie and State Farm.

I queried each at $1,115 and $1,176 for full coverage.

And approximately 21% lower than the average premium in Bethpage.

A 55-year old should compare quotes with Erie, State Farm, and Nationwide.

I queried each at $803, $815, and $851 respectfully.

Or nearly 18% lower than the average policyholder within Bethpage.

Bethpage Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
State Farm$1,587$1,176$815
West Bend$1,755$1,337$921

Huntington, NY

Huntington, NY low-cost car insurance quotes for 30 to 55 year old drivers.The average premium in Huntington, NY, is over $2,100 per year.

To find the least expensive car insurance policy, get quotes from USAA, Erie, and Carmoon Group. 

I queried each at $1,542, $1,611, $1,721 for a 30-year old.

Which is 23% to 28% lower than the average rate.

A 45-year old can get low quotes with USAA and Erie.

Each queried at $1,216 and $1,398 for full coverage.

Or approximately 23% lower than the “mean” quote in Huntington.

A 55-year old can get the best price from USAA, Erie, and Carmoon Group.

Each queried at $965, $980, and $1,031 respectfully.

Which is 19% lower than the average policyholder of the same age in Huntington. 

Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Carmoon Group$1,721$1,476$1,031
Central Mutual$1,768$1,490$1,058


At AutoInsureSavings, we want Long Island residents to enjoy the beauty, landscape, and broad ethnic culture while enjoying the savings on your premium.

Even if the cost is higher than average to live in Long Island, NY residents can find lower rates simply by comparing.

You don’t want to cut on your policy unless you have the coverage you don’t need, such as roadside assistance.

Many credit card companies (such as Chase Sapphire) already have roadside assistance available. You may want to look into it.

Long Island residents can find low quotes by taking about three minutes of their time to compare.

Enter your zip code at the top of the page and see how much you can save.

All quotes are to help you find savings. There is a hassle-free – no-obligation quote form to find out if you could save a few hundred dollars on your yearly auto premium.






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