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Arizona Low-Cost Auto Insurance Quotes, Minimum Requirements, & Average Quote by City for Savings

For drivers with decent driving history and location dependent, the overall least expensive auto insurance companies in Arizona are Ameriprise, Farmers, and Auto-Owners.

Each carrier is able to offer quotes from 16% to nearly 30% cheaper than the median rate for similar age drivers.

Other insurers you should put on your bucket list to get quotes are Freedom National, Farm Bureau Financial Services, and Travelers.

These three are included in the list since each can be nearly as competitive as Farmers or Auto-Owners depending on location.

At times, other carriers offering lower than average quotes are Titan, SafeAuto, and Allstate.

There are more details below.

In this article I am going to cover the minimum requirements in Arizona, the cheapest insurers by age, and cost savings tips to help you lower your annual premium.

If you want to skip to the best insurers there is a table of contents down a little and to the right for your convenience.  

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for Arizona:

If you are resident of Arizona it is vital to understand the minimum insurance requirements so you realize you are going to be protected in the event you are in a vehicle accident.

Below are the minimum standards.

CoverageArizona Minimum Liability CoverageRecommended Coverage
Bodily Injury Protection$15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident$100,000 / $300,000
Property Damage$10,000$50,000
Uninsured MotoristOptional$100,000 / $300,000
Comprehensive CoverageOptional$500 deductible
Collision CoverageOptional$500 deductible

The minimum Arizona automobile insurance needs are set at 15/30/10 the first two numbers (15 & 30), represent the amount of bodily injury liability coverage and the last number (10) represents the amount of property damage liability that the state requires.

All the numbers are represented in thousands.

Lowest premium prices for 25 y/o by carrier.Note: As illustrated, a 25 year old driver can find the cheapest quotes with Ameriprise, Farmers, and Auto-Owners. Ameriprise is approximately 21% lower than a driver with a similar profile. While Farmers and Auto-Owners are 18% lower than average.

Bodily Injury Liability

The state of Arizona specifies every person carry $15,000 to cover the medical bills per injured person with a $30,000 limit per accident for all people.

Least expensive choices for 30 y/o by insurer.Note: In this instance, the lowest quotes for a 30 year old are with Ameriprise. Depending on your driver history any of the insurers illustrated could be higher or lower for you. Above are the five lowest for a 30 year old driver.

Property Damage Liability

Property damage liability covers damages to the other party’s automobile, or other property like buildings and road signs.

In Arizona, the minimum property damage liability insurance is set at $15,000.

Cheapest auto insurance quotes by carrier for 35 y/o drivers.Note: A 35 year old driver can find quotes clustering between $865 and $923. Ameriprise is the cheapest at $865 when I did my queries. Followed by Farmers then Auto-Owners. All three are 17% lower than the “mean” rate for a driver with a similar profile.

Arizona is NOT “no-fault” State

Arizona is not a “no-fault” state so a driver is not going to be required to carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Arizona does not require drivers to carry comprehensive, collision, or uninsured motorist protection.

Lowest price providers for 45 y/o in Arizona.Note: A 45 year can find quotes varying by $60 in the illustration. Which isn’t much but that is for the 5 cheapest. In this instance, for a driver with good driving history, the cheapest carrier was Ameriprise. Then Farmers followed by Auto-Owners. All are 19% lower than the average premium rate for a 45 year old.

As always, be sure to consult with an agent after you have compared your quotes, and consider uninsured motorist protection since the uninsured motorist rate for the state of Arizona is higher than average.

Furthermore, Arizona rates are higher than the national average.

Who offers the Cheapest Auto Insurance in Arizona?

Below is a table list of the cheapest insurers in Arizona from 25 to 55 years of age.

Throughout the age spectrum I found Ameriprise to be the least expensive overall.

Each time I queried from quotes Ameriprise was 16% to 20% lower than the average premium.

Farmers was 14% to 19% lower while Auto-Owners was 14% to 18% lower.

Freedom National was 13% to 20% cheaper.

One thing to note, Freedom National was cheaper than Ameriprise for drivers from 30 to 40 years of age.

Since, they were not cheaper all of the time I put them 4th on the list of best carriers.

The list includes 22 insurers that can offer you a policy in Arizona.

It is from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

Arizona Company25 Y/O Driver30 Y/O35 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Freedom National$1,811$1,190$900$625$421
American Family$1,912$1,325$944$690$516
California Casualty$2,022$1,465$1,047$725$539
Farm Bureau Mutual$2,043$1,487$1,087$743$535
Safe Auto$2,056$1,500$1,090$745$556
The General$2,376$1,738$1,300$875$624
Kemper Specialty$2,480$1,841$1,326$923$654

Best Insurers by Written Premiums, Rate Change, and Consumer Rating

Here is a table of the best insurers by consumer rating, rate change increase or decrease, and the number of complaints.

The companies with the most amount of written premiums will have a higher amount of complaints. This is normal.

The rate change percentage is normal for all carriers.

The consumer ratings are from JD Power & Associates plus any other online consumer rating. It is an average from all sources.

Many of the smaller companies have little to no complaints.

However, you may pay a slightly higher premium through them.

Your best option is to get a quote to see what any company offers you for savings.

CompanyWritten PremiumsRate Change < 18 Months# of ComplaintsConsumer Rating out of 5 Stars
Liberty Mutual$97,218,432+2.0%174.4
Bankers Ins.$11,267,511+3.6%03.9
Chubb$41,433,643 +3.1%14.0
Farmers$122,587,443 +2.3%34.4
Cincinnati Ins$22,444,873+2.4%03.8
Allied$37,428,512 +2.7%34.1
Encompass$48,224,593 +2.3%04.0
GEICO$229,422,732 +2.2%434.3
Country Financial $65,412,592 +2.8%34.1
ANPAC$17,124,582 +2.9%53.9
Pekin$19,144,583 +2.2%23.9
Mutual of Enumclaw$9,731,682+3.1%33.9
Acuity Insurance$1,795,622+2.8%73.9
Assurance America$794,682+2.8%44.1
Arizona Automobile Ins. Company$2,733,667+3.5%83.9
State Farm$298,794,433+2.0%384.3
National General$98,943,333+2.1%143.9
American Family$105,887,228+1.9%324.1
Safeway$14,414,543 +4.4%73.9
Anchor General$19,432,543 +4.4%23.9
MAPFRE$6,424,876 +4.0%73.6
21st Century$49,422,333 +2.6%274.1
Infinity Auto$41,874,389 +4.1%323.9
Arizona Farm Bureau$65,224,821 +4.1%173.8
Ameriprise$37,454,543 +2.8%124.0
The General$87,588,732+4.1%373.7
MetLife$67,656,522 +3.7%124.2
Pimero$37,454,543 +3.5%43.9
Badger Mutual$4,455,587 +3.7%83.7
Western General
$20,433,769 +3.2%133.8
CSAA$7,464,839 +3.2%123.9
GAINSCO$5,687,522 +3.1%113.9
Mendota$4,487,511 +3.3%64.0
American Access$7,433,327 +3.8%33.9
State Auto$22,476,592 +3.1%64.1
SafeAuto$66,673,222 +2.7%214.1

Always Compare – Even if you think you are getting the best rate

At AutoInsureSavings we understand people are busy and stay with your current insurer since they believe it may be a hassle to switch.

On the other hand, it is easy to switch companies and if you are able to save hundreds of dollars over the next couple of years it would be well worth your time to do a little research and compare your options.

55 y/o low-cost premium prices by insurer illustrated.Note: When comparing quotes for a 55 year old there is a small variance in price. Every dollar counts and the cheapest provider is Ameriprise. Then Farmers with Auto-Owners coming in as the 3rd cheapest. All the carriers illustrated are 19% lower than the average premium for a driver with the same profile.

Regardless or your current insurance provider you are able to compare quotes for free.

You can call any carrier get free quotes or simply enter your five digit zip code above.

The tool will provide you a comparison of top companies, such as Liberty Mutual, Progressive, or Esurance (an Allstate company).

Average Premium Quote by City

Location can make a significant difference when you are getting quotes for a policy.

Below is a table of the average cost of a policy by city.

Included is the difference between the state average policyholder.

The approximate average policy costs $1,300 in Arizona.

CityAvg Annual Premium% Difference vs. State AverageCity% Difference vs. State AverageAvg Annual Premium
Apache Junction$1,122-12%Maricopa+7%$1,378
Arizona City$1,087-14%Oracle+2%$1,311
Buckeye$907-31%Oro Valley-13%$1,098
Bullhead City$987-29%Pinetop-12%$1,121
Cave Creek$965-29%Prescott-19%$1,198
Clarkdale$945-29%Prescott Valley-12%$1,132
Cottonwood$1,099-13%Queen Creek-13%$1,100
Douglas$998-29%Rio Rico-12%$1,121
Florence$1,116-13%San Luis-11%$1,145
Gold Canyon$877-31%Sedona-14%$1,065


Phoenix lowest policy options for 30 and 55 y/o drivers.If you want to get the cheapest policy then start by getting quotes from Ameriprise, Farmers, and State Farm.

I queried each at $987, $,1009, and $1,032 for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 24% lower than the citywide average premium.

For a 45 year old the best options are with Ameriprise, Farmers, and State Farm.

Each queried at $712, $733, and $765 for full coverage.

Titan and Freedom National are worth getting quotes since both are below the “mean” rate.

A 55 year old can find quotes clustering between $465 and $531.

Ameriprise is the least expensive with quotes 28% lower than the city average. Followed by Farmers and State Farm.

Phoenix Company30 Y/O 45 Y/O55 Y/O
State Farm$1,032$765$500

Phoenix is the 5th most populous city in the United States with 1.6 million residents and over 4.3 million in the metropolitan area.

Incorporated in 1881 with approximately 300 people it has grown to an “All American City” today.

Phoenix is the state capital and is home to many Fortune 500 & 1000 companies.

Such as, Intel, Motorola, AlliedSignal, Honeywell, Boeing, American Express, Prudential, and Charles Schwab. 

The city has numerous performing arts venues, most of which are located in and around downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale.


Tuscon low-cost policy choices for 30, 45, and 55 y/o drivers.If you are looking for a low-cost premium in Tucson then get quotes from Auto-Owners, Ameriprise, and Farmers.

Each queried at $1,098, $1,136, and $1,209 for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 21% to 28% lower than the citywide average premium.

A 45 year old can find cheaper rates with the same three insurers.

Auto-Owners offers a quote 27% lower at $743. Ameriprise has quotes 25% lower at $765.

And Farmers offers low rates at $799 for full coverage.

A 55 year old can get a lower policy price with Auto-Owners, Allstate, and Ameriprise.

Each queried at $432, $444, and $$456. All three came in 29% lower than the average premium for a driver with a similar profile.

Freedom National offers quotes for each driver which was 22% lower than the “mean” rate.

Tuscon Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Freedom National$1,199$879$508

Tucson is the 2nd largest city in Arizona with 525,000 residents and nearly 1 million in the metropolitan area.

Home to the University of Arizona, the city had Paleo-Indian residents approximately 12,000 years ago.

Incorporated as a city in 1877 with less than 5,000 residents, Tucson has grown to be booming high-technology region.

There are over 1,200 companies in industries such as aerospace and missile production, computer hardware and software, optics, biotechnology and electronics. 


Mesa least expensive auto insurance choices for 30 and 55 y/o drivers.Finding a cheaper premium is easy if you know where to look.

Start by getting quotes from Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

Each queried at $1,087, $1,141, and $1,143 for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 21% to 26% lower than the “mean” premium rate in Mesa.

A 45 year old can find low quotes with Farmers, Auto-Owners, and Freedom National.

Each queried at $785, $800, and $811 for full coverage.

Which is 20% to 26% lower than the average rate for a driver with a similar profile.

A 55 year old can get a cheaper policy with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

Clustering between $411 and $432 which is 28% lower than the average premium quote for a the same age driver.

It would be smart to get quotes from all insurers illustrated to find the most savings with more coverage.

Mesa Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Freedom National$1,141$811$418
Safe Auto$1,276$845$487

Mesa was founded in 1878 with approximately 500 residents.

Today, it boast nearly 500,000 residents and is the 3rd largest city in the state.

It is a suburb about 20 miles east of Phoenix. 

Mesa is a prosperous industrial area with companies like Boeing and AT&T among its leading employers.

The area’s climate makes it an ideal tourist destination.

A strong and growing economy lure top companies and young professionals. 


Chandler cheapest premium options for 30, 45, and 55 y/o drivers.To find the cheapest quotes in Chandler then start with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

I queried each at $1,121, $1,144, and $1,165 respectfully for a 30 year old driver.

Which is 13% to 18% lower than the average premium.

A 45 year old can find low quotes with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

Each queried at $789, $811, and $823 for full coverage.

And is 12% to 16% lower than the “mean” rate for a driver with a similar profile.

A 55 year old driver can find a cheap premium with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

Each queried at $511, $523, and $544 for full coverage.

Or approximately 14% to 19% lower than the average premium in the city of Chandler.

Chandler Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Freedom National$1,144$811$523
Farm Bureau$1,280$876$590

Chandler was incorporated as a city in 1920 with approximately 1,000 residents. Today, it has nearly 250,000 residents.

It is a suburb of Phoenix and in a metropolitan area of 4.3 million people. 

The city of Chandler has experienced exponential growth, ranking among the fastest-growing municipalities in the country.

The heart of Chandler remains its revitalized historic downtown which includes the award-winning Chandler City Hall and a Center for the Arts. 


Scottsdale low-cost policy choices for 30 and 55 year old.If you are looking for the lowest premium possible then get quotes from Farmers, Auto-Owners, and Freedom National.

I queried each at $1,231, $1,267, and $1,300 for a 30 year old driver with full coverage.

Which is 19% to 23% lower than the average premium in Scottsdale.

A 45 year old can get a cheaper rate with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners.

Each queried at $812, $824, and $825 for full coverage. Or approximately 22% lower than the “mean” rate.

A 55 year old can get low quotes with Farmers, Freedom National, and Auto-Owners. Each queried at $499, $509, and $511.

Or approximately 23% lower than the “mean” rate for a driver with a similar profile.

In fact, any of the insurers illustrated would be worth getting quotes from for savings.

Scottsdale Company30 Y/O45 Y/O55 Y/O
Freedom National$1,300$824$509
Farm Bureau$1,376$887$578

Scottsdale used to be named Orangedale and was changed in 1894.

Incorporated as a town in 1951 with approximately 2,000 residents.

Today, it has nearly 1/4 of million residents and is a suburb of Phoenix with 4.3 million in the metropolitan area. 

Scottsdale has a places where residents can ride horseback through pristine desert in the morning and visit one of the country’s best contemporary art museums in the afternoon.

Making it one of the most pleasant places to live in Arizona.

State of AZ Resources
State Department of InsuranceDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Motor Vehicles
2910 N. 44th St., Ste. 210
Phoenix, AZ 85018
(602) 364-2499
1130 N 22nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85009
(907) 465-3900
Arizona Motor Vehicle Division
(602) 255-0072

Five minutes of your time could save you hundreds of dollars over the next few years.

Therefore be sure to compare and “never assume” you are getting the lowest car insurance rates possible today.

Insurers are competing for your business and Autoinsuresavings wants you to save money while getting the equivalent or more coverage for less.






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