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Are you asking yourself “Who the heck can insure my vehicle?”

It’s no secret that your car needs to be insured in order to be driven on the road.

However, what happens if you cannot insure your vehicle for one reason or another? Is someone else able to insure your car?

What if I own a car, but somebody else drives it for me – can that person insure my car?

While every situation is different, and it may be tough to give an answer to a specific situation, there are someWho knows general answers to each question that should help you figure out your options.

Whether you’re a young driver, or you are dealing with a suspended license or some other issue, we have some answers to help you with your insurance needs.

I’m a young driver

In general, car insurance for teenage drivers can cost a fortune.

Teenagers do not have the driving experience nor the credit history to really gauge how safe or risky it would be for an insurance provider to provide them with affordable auto insurance.

This graph show how a car insurance premium can increase by 100 percent when adding a teen to a family policy.

Note: A family policy adding a teen or young driver to it can increase a premium nearly 100 percent as illustrated by the graph.

Fortunately for most teenagers, someone else is able to insure their car. However, it should be noted that most insurance companies would prefer that the person insuring their vehicle is a family member according to Esurance’s blog.

Most teenagers typically have their parents or guardians insure their car. The reason for that is simple: it is more affordable.

Insurance providers will allow a parent or guardian to insure the vehicle of their teenager because they usually live in the same household for, at least, part of the year.

Most parents or guardians prefer to insure their teenager’s vehicle because they receive a multi-car discount, thus saving them money.

Average Cost for Insurance Per State for Teens

StateAnnual Premium
Illinois $5,987
Massachusetts $5,782
New Hampshire$4,763
New Jersey$8,653
New Mexico$5,983
New York$7,098
North Carolina $2,973
North Dakota$4,872
Ohio $3,987
Rhode Island$7,398
South Carolina$4,983
South Dakota $4,982
Wash. D.C.*$7,099
West Virginia$6,129

I’m not the primary driver of the car

Do you own a car that you are, for one reason or another, unable to drive? Does somebody else drive your car for you? In that case, you aren’t the primary driver of your vehicle.

As a result, you have two options when it comes to car insurance: you could sign up for your own policy, or have somebody else insure the car for you.

When you sign up for car insurance, the provider will typically ask you to list who is the primary driver of your vehicle.

If you choose to insure your own vehicle, you would then list that person’s name on your policy.

This option may be preferred because it gives you more options should that person no longer be able to drive your car.

Adding a Another Driver to a Policy

This graph shows how a driver of a vehicle add another driver with a premium increase of 50 percent.

Note: In this illustration adding another driver to a policy can increase a premium by 50 percent.

On the other hand, the insurance company may charge you more for your premium since they know someone else is driving your car.

Allstate even mentions since regulations and policy terms vary widely from state to state it is important to consult with an license agent before making any decisions.

I would recommend getting a second opinion too. 

Illustration with Young Driver

This illustrates how a driver adds a teen or young driver to a policy and the car insurance premium increases nearly 100 percent.

Note: As illustrated by the graph adding a young or teen driver to a policy will increase it by 100 percent or more.

Depending on your situation, you may be able to have somebody else insure your car under their name. In such a case, that person would act as the owner of the vehicle and put the car on their policy, listing themselves as the primary driver.

I’m a high risk driver and my rates are too high

If you were recently convicted of a DUI or you have multiple traffic and speeding infractions, then you most likely have been hit with high risk driver’s insurance.

You’re paying rates that are through the roof due to the high-risk status, and you probably will pay those rates for some time.

In order to reduce your rates, you probably have thought about having someone else insure your car for you for the time being.

Examples of Auto Insurance After a DUI

Insurance CompanyWithout DUI**With DUI***
State Farm$2,112$2,943
National Avg.$2,287$3,364

**Your insurance will vary depending on age and other factors.

***In most instances insurance rates are hike by 20 percent or more. For a teenager this could be 100+ percent or more.

In most situations, it is not recommended that you have someone else insure your vehicle.

If you were to get into an accident or be found guilty of another serious infraction, you could actually cause that person’s insurance rates to also skyrocket.

Additionally, you could face serious consequences should the insurance company find out that you were deliberately having someone else insure your vehicle in order to avoid paying high rates.

While it may be possible to have another person insure your car in such a situation, we do not recommend it for the reasons given.

Non Owners Car Insurance

Do you have a relative visiting you for an extended period? Are you temporarily unable to drive your vehicle due to a medical condition?

In those cases, you may have another person driving your car on a daily basis for a certain amount of time.

Because that person will likely drive your car regularly, they’ll need some kind of insurance to protect them and you.

In such a situation, that individual can insure your car through a special policy known as non-owners car insurance.

About.com has an great article written by Emily Delbridge about the specifics of the coverage. Non owner policies do not provide full coverage in the case of an accident, but they do provide coverage for liability.

To find out if your car insurance provider offers non owners auto insurance, you should give them a call before you have someone start driving your car regularly.

What companies offer the best rates for someone to insure my car?

If you’re going to have someone else insure your car, we recommend that you help them get the best rates possible. To do that, have that person fill in their zip code at the top of this page in our advanced quote comparison tool.

They need to answer a few questions, and then we’ll provide them with the lowest quotes from the top insurance companies in their area. It only takes a few minutes, so take care of it today!

Top Insurance Companies

RankInsurance CompanyCustomer Service Rating
1Progressive4.1 out of 5
2Hartford3.9 out of 5
3Travelers3.7 out of 5
4Metlife4.1 out of 5
5State Farm4.0 out of 5
6Allstate3.9 out of 5
7Farmers3.9 out of 5
8USAA4.5 out of 5
9Ameriprise4.0 out of 5
10Good2go3.2 out of 5
11Top 10 Insurance Firms
12Other Leading Insurance Companies
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