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Laconia Motorcycle Week, Largest Bike Rallies in the U.S. & States with the Highest Percentage of Riders

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Updated November 15th, 2020

Located in Laconia, New Hampshire this historic bike festival is going on its 96st year this upcoming June.

With an average of more than 400,000 people showing up for the festivities per year.

Laconia is an awesome place for bikers all around the country to meet up and get together and compare bikes and party together for a week or even longer if you choose.

Laconia Bike Week in New Hamphire

Note: As illustrated above you can see the amount of motorcycle enthusiasts which attend the week long festival. Over 400,000 riders of all types enjoy one of the biggest bike rallies in the United States.

Official Bike Week Website for Laconia is Here

Laconia is an awesome place to go spend some time on your motorcycle if you have never been.

Filled with beautiful back roads along gorgeous Lake Winnipesaukee, Laconia is every rider’s dream town.

Let’s go over a few of the basics of Laconia Motorcycle Week and comparing some of the biggest rallies in the United States so you’re prepared for your first or next trip.

Largest Bike Rallies in the United States

Below is a table list of the biggest motorcycle rallies by attendance. Laconia is the 3rd or 4th largest in the country. Of course Sturgis is the largest reaching over 700,000 in 2015.

Rank by AttendanceRallyLocationAttendance
1Sturgis Motorcycle RallySturgis, ND500,000 - 700,000
2Daytona Bike WeekDaytona, FL450,000 - 550,000
3Bikes, Blues and BBQFayetteville, AR400,000
4Laconia Motorcycle WeekLake Winnipesaukee, (Laconia), NH400,000
5Rolling Thunder RideWashington D.C.350,000
6Bike Week in Myrtle BeachMyrtle Beach, SC300,000
7Republic of Texas Biker RallyAustin, TX200,000
8Laughlin River RunLaughlin, NV70,000
9Indiana BoogieSpringville, Indiana 30,000
10Love RideGlendale, CA20,000
11Redwood RunPiercy, CA12,000+

States with the Most Motorcycle Riders per Capita

I have compiled a list of motorcycle riders by state base on per capita. Of course South Dakota is first with 12 people per bike.

Unlike Washington D.C. which is the least at 172 people per bike. I am sure the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally influences the outcome.

New Hampshire comes in second with only 17 people per bike. And of course Laconia Motorcycle Week influences the data.

Iowa is third with 18 people per bike. There are numerous rally’s in Iowa with Iowa Grand Motorcycle Rally held each year drawing in thousands or motorcycle enthusiasts. 

State# of Bikes*Population* People per bike
South Dakota69,284816,59812
New Hampshire79,2661,316,80717
Iowa 173,9293,050,20218
North Dakota32,654674,62921
Alaska 30,983714,14623
Idaho 62,5761,571,10225
Maine 50,3181,327,37926
New Jersey330,4708,799,59327
Ohio 390,49411,537,96830
New Mexico64,8632,065,91332
Rhode Island32,9891,052,52832
West Virginia56,2101,854,36833
Kansas 81,3542,859,14335
Illinois 350,19312,841,98037
Massachusetts 159,0006,555,46641
Virginia 195,7228,023,95341
North Carolina223,2099,560,23443
South Carolina107,8644,637,10643
Hawaii 30,0981,363,35945
New York345,81619,395,20656
Texas 438,55125,253,46658
District of Columbia

*Approximate as of 2018


Once you have arrived to Laconia Motorcycle Week you will want to set up base somewhere so you’re not worried about finding a place to sleep.

The area offers multiple cabins and also campsites with full access to water and electricity for a small fee per night.

After setting up camp it is time to start partaking in the activities that Laconia brings.

Bike week in Laconia, New Hamphire

Note: As illustrated above, the small town of Laconia, New Hampshire located along the Winnipesaukee River between lake Opechee Bay to the north and lake Winnisquam to the southwest welcome bikers from the east coast and Canada each year during the month of June.

Riding Events

Where you want to start riding is really up to you. There are many different riding events throughout the week starting with the first which is called the “Naswa’s Peter Makris Memorial” ride.

If you’re looking to check out hundreds of vendors and live bands and music then heading to Weirs Beach will be your type of fun.

Weirs Beach offers just about everything from vendors, souvenirs, to bikini contests and much more.

Note: Freedom Ride makes its way down Lakeside Avenue at Weirs Beach. Motorcyclists from around the country ride from Weirs Beach to the POW/MIA Memorial at Hesky Park in Meredith. The usual sponsor of Laconia Bike Week is Progressive Insurance.

You definitely aren’t going to have time to get everything done in one year so I suggest you make a list of the events that look like fun to you and check those out first.

Here is a list of all the events that will be taking place at Laconia Motorcycle Week from Saturday June 9th until Sunday June 17th.

Here is the schedule for this year and the years thereafter.

As I suggested, check that list out and make a schedule for yourself to follow throughout the week so you’re assured you are making the most out of your week.

The Bikes

If you’re wondering what kind of motorcycle you can bring to this event then I have the answer for you; all of them!

Well to an extent, don’t show up on a moped and expect to keep up with the big boys on the real motorcycles.

Fancy custom made motorcycle at a rally.

Note: An example of a fancy custom make motorcycle you will see at Laconia Bike Week. Image is from the 2017 rally.

If you’re driving a sports bike you will be more than fine at the event, but if you’re riding a Harley you will really feel like you fit in.

Either way, who knows, you may end up leaving with a new motorcycle with all the great deals and giveaways they offer over the course of the week.

Weirs Beach a hotbed of activity during bike week.

Note: The center and hotbed of activity during Laconia is Weirs Beach. You will find literally thousands upon thousands of motorcyclists from all over the United States to cherish this special week in June.

Any event that has been going on for 96 years should definitely be worth your time. If it wasn’t a good time the rally would have probably ended years ago.

Number of Deaths per Rally

Finally, you want to be safe while you are the rally during Bike Week in Laconia or any rally for that matter.

I have outline the amount of deaths per year for each of the top three rallies in the United States.

Laconia, Daytona Beach, and Sturgis each have a number of motorcyclists which die each year.

According to the press, the majority of riders do not wear helmets at the rally (which is presumed) and if so, many of the unforeseen accidents would have been prevented.

Have fun, but be safe.

YearDaytona (Deaths)Laconia (Deaths)Sturgis (Deaths)

Source for Data & Statistics, for Daytona, Sturgis, & IIHS.

Final Thoughts & Considerations

So now that you know the basics of Laconia Motorcycle Week it is time for you to do some research of your own and set a plan so you can maximize your time in Laconia.

Follow the link I attached to all the events of the week, make a list, figure out where you are going to sleep, and get the party started!

Penny Adams

Penny Adams

Penny Adams has written for the auto industry for 10 years. Articles written are original, highly researched, and complete with sources listed. When not writing or telephone fund raising for non-profit organizations, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and granddaughter, growing food, and exploring the great outdoors in Michigan.

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