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A Look Back At The Best Motoring Moments Of 2016

It must be said that 2016 has been a good year for drving. There have been plenty of great goings-on and happenings for four wheels in 2016 and a few bad ones too. So, let’s take a look at the best and the worst of 2016.

Corvette’s Birthday

It was a 63 year anniversary for Corvette in 2016 and Chevrolet decided it was best to mark the occasion with a new auto. The new Stingray model didn’t balk at the current trend for smaller engines and was released with a 6.2l V8 which manages to produce 460bhp and still manages to enter US dealerships for just over $60,000 – pretty amazing stuff – happy birthday Corvette.

NSX Concept

The NSX was one of the cars that really managed to encapsulate motoring in the 1990s and this new concept was revealed at the Detroit motor show in August. The NSX concept was revealed and will compete in the GT500 but there is no information on when it will be sold to the general public.

Alfa Romeo 4C

The 4C was shown off as a concept over two years ago now and it looked astounding, albeit we never imagined it would make the road in the same way we saw it on the pedestal. It has. The 4C has gone into production and is still made of carbon fiber and still looks just as beautiful as the one we saw in concept – amazing.

Gas Prices

The price of petrol fell in the US significantly, something that has eased the burden for a lot of motorists. The cost of a gallon of gas is now around $1.99 on average – a notable decrease in the last few years. This is down to economic factors and global ones too and is a big boost for people who use their vehicle day in day out.

London Cabs


Photo courtesy of Jimmy Barrett. Source, Flickr, Black London Cab

One of the biggest and most tumultuous car areas for Brits in 2016 was the sale of the London Taxi marque to Geely from Manganese Bronze. It was sold for 11m and there were fears that it was going to see the end of the London Taxi as we know it. Fortunately, it seems nothing has or will change – a big relief.

Touring Disco Volante

It’s like we’ve a soft spot for all things related to Alfa Romeo and when we saw the Touring Disco Volante we were delighted with the Italian manufacturer based car. The car has the same 4.7l V8 that powers the 8C and it looks stunning if you ask us.


One of the most exciting events of 2016 was electric and the release of the i3 in July was a revelation. The car offered an electric car from a top end manufacturer that was affordable and appealing. It also came with an extender car battery option – something we liked the look of at www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/car-batteries/ and that we look forward to seeing how it works in translation.

McLaren P1

Mclaren p1

At the Paris Motor Show, Mondial de l’Automobile 2012, the McLaren P1. Image credit: ifitshipitshere.blogspot.com

If you’ve plenty of money in your pocket and a love of hybrid sports cars then the P1 is the car that should get you excited. It’s the first of all the hybrid supercars to go into production and to be honest – it excites us.

So, as you can see 2016 was not only a great year for cars, it was a transforming one too – expect exciting things over the next 12 months.

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a car lover and an enthusiast of older autos. He writes about his passion for a number of blogs and also enjoys karting.

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