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But I Didn’t Stage My Accident! How To Beat Insurance Fraud Charges

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Updated November 15th, 2020

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Making a claim against your insurance policy can be a tremendous help when you are in a car accident. Having this money at your convenience can assist you pay for repair bills, medical expenses, and other charges that have come about because of the wreck.

However, insurance adjusters have the duty of scrutinizing your claims to make sure that you are telling the truth and declaring the money honestly. If you are wrongfully charged with fraud, you can beat this accusation and collect on the cash to which you are rightfully entitled by following these steps:

Retain Legal Counsel

Being accused of fraud can be a shock to your very existence. You may have had a great relationship with your insurer up until your accident, only to be called a thief and a liar simply because you made a claim against your policy. Rather than taking this accusation personally and letting your emotions get the better of you, you should instead hire a lawyer to act as your advocate and intercessor between you and the insurer. Your attorney can handle all of the communications and construct a defense that will prove your innocence.

Get the Police Report

Nevada insurance law stipulates that fraud accusations must be proven through official documentation, such as a


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police report. Instead of letting your adjuster manipulate his or her documentation, you can fight the charge by getting a copy of the law enforcement report that was taken of your accident. When you have this document in your possession, you can show that the facts of the wreck were clearly written down by the police. This lawful proof could exonerate you if your adjuster is outright lying about the details or inadvertently reporting the information inaccurately.

Secure Eyewitness Statements

If you are fortunate enough to have witnesses to your accident, you can bolster your fight against the fraud charges by securing these people’s testimonies. Whether it be bystanders who were in the area at the time of the wreck or the people with whom you were driving, these individuals could provide crucial insight to show that you are not lying and that you have no reason to make a fraudulent claim.

Get Proof of Your Injuries

If you are making a claim for medical reasons, it is difficult to fake being injured if you go to the doctor and have your physical condition observed, diagnosed, and documented. Having x-rays, blood tests, and other official

medical notes at your disposal can help you fight off claims that you are falsifying your information. You can further strengthen your own defense by going to a licensed physician, such as one at an emergency room or respected medical clinic, instead of an unlicensed practitioner.

Show Pictures and Videos of the Wreckage

You can back up your case by providing your attorney and the court with any pictures or videos you have of the wreck. Accident reconstruction teams and legal experts can often tell whether or not an accident was faked, based on photos or videotapes that were made during and after the event. If you have such documentation, you can fight the fraud charge effectively by making this evidence available to your lawyer and the judge.

If you are making a claim against a significant insurance policy, it might be second nature for the adjuster to accuse you of fraud. Rather than submit to such an accusation, you can fight it and win by taking these actions immediately after your car accident.

LaGeris Underwood Bell

LaGeris Underwood Bell

A car accident victim endures much stress, but freelance writer LaGeris Underwood Bell understands that being falsely accused of fraud can increase the stress level exponentially.

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