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How To Get A Discount On Your GEICO Car Insurance

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Updated July 1st, 2020

Like many car insurance providers, GEICO offers several car insurance premium discounts to qualified policyholders.

Some of these discounts are uniformly offered across the country and some are subject to state-specific policies and regulations.

If you want to save on your GEICO auto insurance, be sure you are taking maximum advantage of these opportunities.

GEICO divides discounts into a few general categories:

1. Vehicle Discounts

Your car can save you a lot of money, and that’s aside from the savings for driving a safer, more reliable, or less expensive car.

GEICO is like most other insurance companies in that they will reduce your rates by a few dollars for each of the following safety features you have or have installed on your car.

(You should always check to see if any upgrades you want to make to your car qualify for discounts, especially if the potential for savings is your primary motivation):

  • Air bags – Driver-side airbags are good for 25% off and full front seat bags for 40% off, but this only applies to the medical payments and/or personal injury protection (PIP) coverage options on your policy.

  • Alarm/security system – Make your car less likely to get stolen and you could save up to 25% on the added premium for a comprehensive coverage option.

  • ABS – Anti-lock brakes that come factory installed can save you up to 5% on adding a collision option.

2. Safe Practices, Education, and Signs of Reliability

Seat belts – the simple act of always wearing your belt and keeping passengers buckled in can be good for a 15% reduction on the medical payments or PIP coverage costs.

Good Driver Discount – show yourself to be safe by going five years accident free and you may qualify for up to 26% in total savings.

(GEICO automatically applies this discount in most circumstances, but you should be aware of this and always confirm your eligibility with your GEICO agent.)

Good Student Discount – full-time students can get up to a 15% discount. The specifics of this discount depend on individual state laws, but usually only students between age 16 and 25 with a “B” average or better are legally eligible.

(Some states allow the discount if a student makes the Dean’s List or Honor Roll of his/her school and other states offer a equivalency test for home-schooled students.)

Driver’s Education for Young Drivers – new drivers are expensive, but if they go through the driver’s ed classes that are usually required by the state, or driver’s education approved by the state and recognized by GEICO, insuring them can be slightly more affordable.

Defensive Driving Course discount – not all states allow defensive driving course insurance discounts (Massachusetts and Vermont are two examples) but in most states, if you complete an approved defensive driving course, course you can qualify to further lower your GEICO premiums.

3. Customer Loyalty

More than one car – GEICO offers a discount of up to 25% on car insurance when you insure additional vehicles.

Bundling – insuring your home with GEICO or taking on a product like renters insurance from GEICO can lead to a reduction in the cost of your car insurance for having multiple policies.

4. Your Profession or Professional Affiliation

professional job

Certain jobs qualify for an automatic discount. Image: Victor1558 via Creative Commons/Flickr

Government employee discount – GEICO started out serving government employees (in fact. its original full name was Government Employees Insurance Co.) and it maintains the Eagle Discount for both active and retired federal employees, offering them up to 8% off their total premium. (This discount is not allowed in all states.)

GEICO/Berkshire Hathaway employee discount – employees of GEICO, its parent company, and other subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway (which includes hundreds of companies such as Dairy Queen, See’s Candies, Fruit-of-the-Loom, etc.) are eligible for various discounts on their premium.

Military Discount – Active and retired military service people as well as members of the National Guard and Reserves can be eligible for up to a 15% discount on their total insurance costs.

Affinity/Membership in Certain Organization – membership in hundreds of civic, fraternal, and sororal organizations can be worth a small deduction from GEICO, so be sure to ask your agent.

GEICO is a national company so the vast majority of the car insurance discounts it offers are available anywhere.

However, a few specific discounts such as defensive driver, good student, and driver’s education discount are not available in every state and are specific to each state’s requirements.

If you have GEICO car insurance or are thinking about getting a policy, you should keep these discounts in mind to get the best prices available to you.

(Note: this article is strictly informational in its intent as the author has no affiliation with GEICO or any other car insurance provider.) 

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson, a former insurance agent, is a writer with Reply!. He has more than 25 years of experience in market research, public relations, consulting, writing and sales work in all areas of the auto industry.

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