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Flo Could Be Your Savior When You Add Progressive Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside Assistance - Image: Author Owned

Roadside Assistance – Image: Author Owned

If you drive enough miles, eventually something will happen mid-trip to really trip you up: a flat tire, a minor mechanical failure, a leak of fluids, or even something more serious like sliding off the road in icy conditions. If it happens when your family is with you, the stress level magnifies.

Most driving families put in place some protection against roadside emergencies, either by joining an association or car club, or by taking advantage of premium services through other membership-based organizations. You might be surprised to know that most major car insurance companies offer similar protection that can be added to your individual or family car insurance policy. Progressive is no different.

Progressive’s 24/7, 365-day coverage

Progressive’s roadside assistance program offers 24/7 coverage for the following situations:

  • Locked out of your car

  • Car breakdowns, including mechanical or electrical failure

  • Equipment failure, such as a dead battery or flat tire

  • Vehicle stuck in mud, snow, sand or water near the roadway

  • Vehicle needing gas, oil or other fluids

If you are faced with one of these situations and have Progressive’s roadside assistance coverage, all you need to do is dial the toll-free number given to you by Progressive and a customer service attendant or dispatch operator will help asses the need and direct the necessary personnel to you. You receive professional help at the point of your breakdown. If the situation calls for it, free towing to the closest qualified repair shop will be provided.

It’s a sign-and-drive plan where you will not be out any direct expenses for the service.

Broad, nationwide coverage

Progressive has partnered with Agero, one of the nation’s largest brokers and providers of roadside assistance services. Through this partnership, Progressive is able to offer support services to its customers nationwide. It’s also one way in which Progressive can assure you that you won’t pay out-of-pocket for covered services as Agero sets service contracts with emergency service providers. One added bonus with the Agero partnership is that roadside assistance can be extended to also cover motorcycles insured through Progressive.

old broken car

Make sure to get roadside assistance so your car doesn’t end up like this. Image Credit: Project FAV

Amazingly affordable

In most cases, you can add Progressive roadside assistance to an existing policy for less than $3 per month for cars and trucks and less than $1 per month for motorcycles. (Exact pricing depends on the insured vehicle, the state where you live and drive, and the location of your designated service garage.)

By contrast, many of the leading auto club memberships range in price from $75 to $250 per year. Towing without any type of prearranged contract can easily cost from $75 to $200 per incident. It’s hard to put a number on what a local mechanic might charge you should you breakdown in a strange city.

old american car

Keep your favorite car off the side of the road! Image Credit: Antonio Iacovelli

A word about exceptions

While the extent of covered services with a Progressive roadside assistance option is impressive, a note should be made that there are a few general exceptions.

You are protected only when you drive the vehicle insured on your policy (you are not covered for rental cars or if you are driving a friend’s car.)

In some states, you must already have both collision and comprehensive options in place with your Progressive car policy in order to add roadside assistance. To be sure if you are eligible, check in with your local Progressive representative. When you do, you can also ask about the numerous discounts on car insurance premium available in your specific area for even as reasonable as the rates for adding Progressive roadside assistance to your car insurance policy are, everybody can appreciate additional savings.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson is a writer with Reply!. He has more than 25 years of experience in market research, public relations, consulting, writing and sales work in all areas of the auto industry.

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