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GM Recalls 1.6 Million Cars Due To A Faulty Ignition


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In automotive news, the big auto-giant General Motors announced that the company will recall 1.6 million vehicles because of a faulty ignition switch. Investigators are curious as to why GM has finally recalled so many vehicles when the problem was first spotted in 2001. Now, 12 deaths and a number of other reported accidents believed to been caused by the faulty ignition switch,  have aroused suspicion amongst consumers and their relationship with GM.

The Problem

Essentially, the problem ended up being that the key in the ignition would slip into auxiliary mode after the vehicle endured a bump or pot hole in the road. The heavier weight of the key and the fragility of the ignition switch are believed to be the main problem. Remember, in auxiliary mode the only thing working in your car is probably the radio. In other words, no engine, air bags, power steering, etc.

Nancy Bowman Case

In the case of Nancy Bowman, an owner of one of the cars recalled (2007 Saturn Ion), the car died a total five times because of bumps in the road. Nancy then stated the car was a “death trap”, and should not be driven by anyone. When she took her car in for service, the mechanics claimed the incident was an isolated one and that she should not worry. One thing to keep in mind is that when the engine turns off, the driver loses crucial control and safety features such as air bags and power steering. Needless to say, the danger of operating this vehicle has escalated dramatically.

A Decade Before the Recall

What adds to this disturbing issue is the fact that it took nearly a decade to reveal to the public that the ignition

1950 Chevrolet

Most people drove American cars with the three biggest manufacturers being Ford, Chrysler and General Motors with the Chevrolet being both the most popular

switches were faulty. A total of 12 fatal accidents were reported to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration concerning the bad ignition switches. So why did GM allow over a million of their cars to be sold with potentially fatal results? Investigators are still trying to answer this question as they interrogate the known people in charge at the time.


The cars recalled for faulty ignition switches are Chevrolet Cobalt’s 05′-07′, Pontiac G5 05′-07′, Saturn Ion 03′-07′, Chevrolet HHR 06′-07′, and Pontiac Sky and Solstice 06′-07′. General Motors offers $500 to anyone with a car on the recall list to put towards a new vehicle. Consumers, however, are taking legal action in hopes of getting something like a trust fund compensation package. Mike Andrews, an Alabama lawyer, states the $500 as “really ridiculous” in dealing with gaining consumer support.

Will GM Pay Up?

To add further dismay to consumers, GM filed bankruptcy back in July of 2009 and claims that any matters that pre-date the suit are irrelevant. Will the fact that GM filed for bankruptcy alter the assumption of responsibility? The company has also just released a new recall of 1.5 million SUV’s, vans, and Cadillac’s for reasons not yet entirely released. The future of one of America’s greatest automotive companies isn’t looking too hot with all of its reported fatal engineering issues and a dire need to revamp public relations. In my opinion, the relationship between big corporate entities and everyday consumers is cold, calculated, and in need of genuine ethics and leadership.

Nathan Quinlan

Nathan Quinlan

This article was written by Nathan Quinlan, a professional writer and content creator for www.LinearAutomotive.com. Nathan is a young, aspiring writer with a wide range of interests and knowledge.

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