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2017 Honda Crosstour: A New Breed Of Crossovers


Photo courtesy of http://automobiles.honda.com/

We have seen Honda Accord evolve over eight generations of designs, it started from a compact hatchback and ended up as a critically acclaimed best-selling midsize sedan. Over these eight generations we have seen many avatars of Honda Accord including coupe, wagon and hybrid powered variants. This time Honda has tried to tap the crossover wave with its latest model, the Honda Accord CrossTour.

The crosstour appears as a wagon like conveyance that features increased ride height, increased trunk space and all-wheel drive. What I noticed was that even the cargo space has increased; still it featured less cargo space than most of its rivals. The point is that if you like Honda Accord but you want more cargo space and all-wheel drive then you can consider buying it.


The latest Honda Crosstour is available in two variants: EX and EX-L.

One thing to be noted is that even though Honda first launched it under the name “Honda Accord Crosstour”,the current model has been renamed as simply “Crosstour”. However it’s the same car as before with just its name changed to crossstour.

While the EX variants are standard ones, the EX-L variants are the luxury ones. The EX version comes with fog lamps, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel, sunroof, automatic climate control and automatic headlights. You also get Bluetooth connectivity for your phone and a dedicated iPod interface for USB audio. Besides the iPod dock it also has a six-CD changer audio system with seven high quality speakers.


2017 Honda Crosstour

The EX-L variant has all the features of the standard EX model but it adds up some luxury features like leather upholstery, collision warning system, heated seats and satellite radio. And yes you also get the keyless ignition/entry system.

While buying a crosstour you will have two engine choices, the first is a 2.4 liter, 192 horsepower engine and the second one is a 3.5liter 278 horsepower V6 engine. I own a 3.5liter engine variant of the car. Since I have an EX-L variant, I have a six speed automatic transmission, for the standard EX version you will get a five speed automatic transmission.

The average fuel economy that I get on my EX-L variant of crosstour is 25 miles per gallon. On highways you can expect it to be around 30 miles per gallon.

Whether you purchase an EX-L variant or the standard EX variant, in all models you will get almost all of the safety features including a rear view camera, traction control, front seat air bags, antilock disc brakes and front seat head restraints. The EX-L model comes with an added safety feature called frontal collision warning system that alerts you whenever you get too close to another vehicle driving in your front.


  • Excellent steering and surefooted handling.
  • Rear view camera.
  • Collision warning system.
  • Increased cargo space.
  • Good fuel efficiency.


  • Confused crossover styling.
  • Button heavy controls.
  • Unimpressive navigation system.


This crossover vehicle is for those who just love to drive around in their accords but they find it limiting in cargo space. If this is the case with you then you should definitely check it out.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Kevin O Brian

Kevin O Brian

This Yabbly car review was written by Kevin O Brian. He is a test driver at Honda’s testing facility and has test driven almost all of the production models of Honda automobiles.

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