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How to Maximize Your Auto Insurance Coverage Without Breaking the Bank

Money in the bank

Auto insurance can be lowered to help you save. Photo credit: Dave Dugdale under Creative Commons

Sensible drivers with sensible cars and clean driving records assume that they’ll get the best insurance coverage with little effort.

In truth, most car insurance plans aren’t a good fit for the people that they cover.

If you want to get the most value from your policy, here are several steps that you can take to ensure a positive outcome.

Opt for Low Rates & High Deductibles

For careful drivers, low deductibles make little sense.

While low deductibles may seem appealing at first, they ensure that your monthly premiums are way out of wack with risk even if you’re not a narcoleptic with a Ford Mustang.

Bumping a deductible from $250 to $1,000 will drastically reduce your monthly rates.

Be Wise when Choosing Comprehensive Coverage

One of the golden rules of automobile insurance is this: comprehensive insurance isn’t advisable for the average customer unless you’re a hypochondriac.

It’s far better to work with an insurance carrier that takes an a la carte approach to policy creation.

Local outfits like Marine Agency Corp are especially adept at crafting custom plans.

Unfortunately, if your vehicle is financed banks are going to require you to carry comprehensive coverage.

Pay for a Minimum of 6 Months Up Front

If you’re willing to pay for 6 months of insurance up front, it tells a carrier that you’re a responsible individual.

Doing so will often prompt a carrier to offer a discount or a freebie add-on.

If they don’t do that automatically, ask for a bonus for paying in advance.

Take Advantage of Available Discounts

Just about every auto insurance outfit offers a slew of discounts that the average driver doesn’t even know about.

For instance, you can often cut your rates just by keeping your monthly mileage below a certain limit.

Taking a driver safety course can lower your premiums even further if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Master the Forgotten Art of Haggling

Insurance carrier personnel are allowed to give their clients a decent amount of leeway if they ask for it.

If you’re a great driver that’s never filed a claim, you can use that as leverage to demand a better rate and better benefits.

Auto insurance companies love to poach clients from their rivals.

Peace of Mind at a Fraction of the Cost

Obviously, it’s not tough to get a great rate and great coverage from your auto insurance policy if you know how the game works.

Hopefully, you’ll never need said coverage.

Making every penny of your premiums count will ensure that you come out the winner in the end.

Anica Oaks

Anica Oaks

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