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The 1994 Honda Accord Is The Most Stolen Vehicle

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Most drivers when asked that question they say cars such as a “Corvette” or “Lexus”. That is not the case and below we are going to explain why.

Forgot To Lock Your CarThere are two main things you would like to defend yourself against when you purchase vehicle insurance for coverage. One, is an unforeseen accident and the other is in case your vehicle is ever stolen. Below we’ll look at how a vehicle’s burglary record could affect the price of covering it, and whether comprehensive coverage is unquestionably worth having for the car or cars you may drive.

According to the NICB, or National Insurance Crime Bureau the hottest vehicle for theft is the 1994 Honda Accord. Next in line is the 1995 Honda Civic. You may be asking yourself “why older cars?” The fact relays on not just the cars, but the parts which are easily sold on the black market. It is easier for the thieves to steal a 1994 Honda, then gut it, and sell the parts, such as the air bags.

More Inexpensive Cars are Stolen

In the opinion of the NICB, FBI crime statistics indicate 2012 is maintaining a contemporary trend in burglary decline, down over three percent so far based on 2011 statistics. The amount of stolen cars has been lowest in the past twenty years. If that is the case should you drop comprehensive cover for you vehicle?

Since comprehensive cover in not legally required, a natural question for many drivers; “Is it worth the money to have full cover or should comprehensive cover be dropped from your insurance plan?” It really depends on the replacement cost of your vehicle. Typically if the car is older than ten years and is worth a couple of thousand dollars then comprehensive is probably not worth it. What you should do is figure out the value of your automobile, which can easily been done with Kelly’s Blue Book, and determine how much it would cost to insure with comprehensive.

The difference in the price of coverage can be from over one thousand dollars a year to only four hundred dollars a year. If you vehicle is worth $3,000 then it may not be worth it to carry comprehensive and/or full cover.

Any car or vehicle worth $3,500 and $5,000 is debatable on full cover for those reasons that if you calculate the amount you pay for full cover the extra cost may or may not be worth it. If your vehicle is in that range then you may want to use a car insurance calculator to figure out precisely if you need comprehensive or not.

Don’t Always Ditch Comprehensive Coverage

If you have a vehicle worth approximately $5,000 to $10,000, then the return on your cash is much higher and it is clever to have comprehensive coverage. On thing you have to be aware of is that a vehicle’s value is not the only thing to take into account when deciding on full coverage. If you own an automobile free and clear and have no money in the bank and your car is everything to you, then the extra sixty dollars a month in coverage is worth it.

If nevertheless, you have cash in the bank to get a new car, and your car’s value is around $5,000, then you can start deciding if comprehensive coverage is something that sounds right for your present insurance position.

So does a car’s burglary rate have anything to do with the price of yourCar Theft Sign comprehensive car cover? Yes, but it is also influenced by other considerations, and the auto insurance quotes you get for comprehensive or any type of coverage will be influenced by the replacement cost for your vehicle. As well as the year, model and make of your vehicle, burglary rates, and where you reside.

There are other factors such a how much does it cost to get your vehicle fixed. If you have a seven thousand dollar Volvo and another driver has a seven thousand dollar Toyota then the cost to insure the Volvo will be higher since it cost more to repair it.

Based on statistics the primary reasons a car is stolen today is because the driver did not lock the doors to the vehicle. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a $2,000 Honda or a $50,000 plus dollar fancy Mustang, you should always lock the car. If fact, the odds are higher the little ole’ Honda is going to be stolen rather than the Mustang. That is something to think about.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

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