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If You’re Under The Umbrella With A Travelers Car Insurance Plan, Check Into These Discounts since Policies Cost Thousands over the Years!

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Updated July 1st, 2020

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the average American driver will spend somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000 over the course of a driving life paying for car insurance.

Take a look at the cost of premiums by age below.

For further details see Penny’s article

Average price of a policy from 18 to 70 years of age.Note: In a perfect world with no automobile accidents or traffic violations, etc. you would pay $80,000 plus or minus over your life maintaining an auto premium. The chart above puts in perspective and these reason to illustrate it.

Put in that light, it’s no wonder that so many insurers routinely try to find new ways to entice customers to switch or stay with them by offering innovative premium discount programs.

If you happen to be insured with the nation’s 9th largest provider and have a policy with Travelers, be sure you are aware of all the discounts programs they offer.

Here’s a Quick Summary of Travelers

Below is a list of states which Travelers offers a policy for personal premium.

In California and Alaska they do not offer a personal premium, but only a commercial policy.

Compared to a state average quote they are below average most of the time. And in many states Travelers offers quotes 10% less than an average premium.

The customer satisfaction results are from J.D. Power and Associates.

You can enter your state in the search bar for results. 

StatePercentage Rate Hike 2017State Average QuoteTravelers QuoteDifferenceSatisfaction Out of 5
Idaho 6%$1,326$1,365+$393
Illinois 5%$1,452$1,388-$644
Iowa 6%$1,322$1,410+$883
Kansas 5.3%$1,348$1,310-$383
New Hampshire2.3%$1,173$1,155-$184.5
New Jersey2.6%$1,905$1,765-$1404
New Mexico5%$1,690$1,704+$144
New York6%$1,590$1,490-$1004
Ohio 5%$1,634$1,680+$464
Rhode Island2.7%$2,020$1,987-$333.5
South Carolina6%$1,300$1,343+$434
Texas 5.5%$1,990$1,890-$1004

Travelers’ Safe Driver Advantage

Like many insurers, Travelers offers a discount to safe drivers.

To be eligible for this discount with Travelers, all the covered drivers in a household must be free of any at-fault accidents and have driving records free of any major traffic violations.

Accident Forgiveness

Technically, this may not be considered a discount, but it is a benefit that can hedge against future rate increases.

If you maintain your coverage with Travelers for four consecutive years and if you have five total consecutive years of driving without an accident or serious traffic violation, Travelers will “forgive” the first accident you have resulting in a claim with them and your premium won’t go up as a result.

This may not apply if your first accident results in a homicide, is the result of a DUI, or has other serious criminal charges associated with it.

8 to 25% illustrated with discounts on a policy.

Note: Illustrated above is the typical amount you can discount from your premium. An expense you will have the majority of your life, taking advantage of as many discount as possible is extremely important. To keep your premiums low keep a good driving record and drive as little as possible. See “Low Mileage Discount” below.

Multi-Car Advantage

If you own or lease two or more cars and have them insured through Travelers, you can enjoy a discount for covering all of them (drivers must all reside at the same address.)

Multi-policy Discounts

You can apply for up to a 20 percent discount on your premium with Travelers if you add a Travelers policy for homeowners,  condo, dwelling fire, renters,, valuable items,, boat and yacht, or a personal liability policy.

When a driver combines discounts there is more percentage lower.

Note: If you have the opportunity to combined discounts your discounts can lower your premium from 12 to 30% or more. 10% off a $1,500 policy is $150. When tallied over 10 or 15 years the amount becomes substantial.

Hybrid Vehicle Discount

If you own or lease a hybrid, Travelers may be able reduce your premium even further.

Receive another five percent discount on your Travelers premium when you pay the entire amount in a single lump sum.

The most common discount for an auto policy.

Note: Illustrated above are the most common discounts for your auto policy. The two which can really lower your bill are “Good Driver” and “Low Mileage”. Of course, if you can take advantage of them all then do it.

Travelers’ Buying Early Advantage

If you purchase your Travelers car insurance policy within eight days of requesting a quote for coverage, you can get an additional reduction in the total premium.

Good Student Discount

For drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 who are full time students, maintaining a “B” average or better can result in additional reductions in premium costs.

Driver Training Discount

Drivers under the age of 21 who successfully complete an approved driver-training course can enjoy additional discounts from Travelers.

The course must have a minimum of 30 classroom hours of instruction and a minimum of six hours of hands-on driving experience training per student.

Student-away-at-school Discount

If you have kids who are students attending a school at least 100 miles away from home and they are under the age of 25, additional discounts may apply.

Cost of premium with discounts and without.

Note: Illustrated is the cost of an auto policy over 5 years. When a driver is able to take advantage of all discounts the cost is lowered substantially. Above is illustrated the same driver profile one with and the other without the advantage of discounting a premium.

Home Ownership Discount

If you own a home or condo, you don’t even have to have it insured with Travelers for them to consider giving you additional discounts on your premium.

New Vehicle Discount

If you insure a car with Travelers that is less than three years old, you may qualify for up to 10 percent off your collision coverage costs.

Low Mileage Discount

In a handful of states, Travelers will extend added discounts if you drive less. To ensure this, Travelers offers its own version of an in-car monitoring system it calls IntelliDrive.

Agree to have your driving habits monitored for a period of time and Travelers will take up to 10 percent off your premium.

In a few states, keep your annual driving miles under 13,000 and you could get another 30 percent taken off your premium.

Comparing Discounts offered by Insurer

With a side-by-side comparison of top carriers Travelers offers more discounts than their competitors with State Farm being the only carrier offering the same amount. GEICO and Progressive offer slightly less.

DiscountTravelersState FarmGEICOProgressive
Multiple policiesxxxx
Anti-lock brakesxxx
Passive restraintxx
Daytime running lightsxx
New vehiclexx
'Green' vehiclex
Safe driver/accident-freexxxx
Defensive driverxxxx
Low mileagexxx
Affinity / occupationalxx
Full paymentxxx
Paperless billing / automatic paymentxxxx
Early signing:xx
Good studentxxxx
Distant studentxxx

A Word about Conditions

States regulate providers and there are some states that don’t allow Travelers to extend the full range of these discounts to drivers in that state.

Be sure you get all the information you need about what your state allows (and requires) so that you receive all the benefits you are due with a Travelers policy.

(Note: the article is intended solely for informational purposes only and is in no way to be considered a promotional piece or a solicitation. The author is in no way, affiliated wit Travelers or any other provider.)

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson, a former insurance agent, is a writer with Reply!. He has more than 25 years of experience in market research, public relations, consulting, writing and sales work in all areas of the auto industry.

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