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4 Affordable & Cool Looking Hybrid Vehicles Which Put Safety First!

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Updated November 15th, 2020

While hybrid cars are becoming more popular with the public, many people still want their vehicles to offer the same, if not better, safety features found in luxury automobiles. With that in mind, hybrid car manufacturers continue to strive to meet these safety expectations and have to date created several notable styles of cars that offer high-quality car ownership combined with the safety features that people today demand. People who are on the lookout for the best and safest hybrid car for their family may take these models into consideration.

2017_Ford_Fusion_Titanium hybrid vehicle

2016 Ford Fusion Titanium. 5/5 at Edmunds.com, 4.5/5 at Autoblog.net, and 8.4/10 at US News Best Cars.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion continues to earn high marks with hybrid fans because it is attractive, as well as safe. With modern conveniences like a touch screen interface control and smooth transition from fuel to electricity, the Fusion remains one of the highest rated hybrid cars on the market. Safety experts have also ranked it among the highest when it comes to safety features. With its multi-angle rearview mirror and forward collision alert system, the Fusion can be a benefit to families who want the convenience of hybrid driving combined with the safety amenities they expect and need.

Table – Features and Specifications of Ford Fusion Hybrid

 SE 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl gas / electric hybrid CVT)Titanium 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl gas / electric hybrid CVT)
Combined MPG4242
EPA Mileage Est. (Cty/Hwy)44/41 mpg44/41 mpg
Fuel Tank Capacity13.5 gal.13.5 gal.
Fuel Typeregular unleadedregular unleaded
Range In Miles (Cty/Hwy)594.0 / 553.5 mi.594.0 / 553.5 mi.
Transmissioncontinuously variable speed automaticcontinuously variable speed automatic
Basic Warranty3 yr. / 36000 mi.3 yr. / 36000 mi.
Base Engine Typehybridhybrid
Total Seating55
Cylindersinline 4inline 4
Drive Trainfront wheel drivefront wheel drive
Base Engine Size2.0 L2.0 L
Cam TypeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Cylindersinline 4inline 4
Horsepower188 hp @ 6000 rpm188 hp @ 6000 rpm
Torque129 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm129 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
Valve TimingVariableVariable

Pros & Cons of Ford Fusion Hybrid


  • Super-Efficient 1.5L EcoBoost Motor
  • Impressive handling
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Strong Base Engine
  • Top-Rated Safety
  • Luxurious Upgrades


  • Manual Transmission No Longer Available
  • MyFord Touch Often Slow to Respond

Chevrolet Volt

Getting up to 35 miles per gallon on the highway, the Chevrolet Volt features a dual electric and gasoline motor that can be transitioned smoothly without the driver noticing the change. The Volt also has an impressive drive train that stands out with car enthusiasts, as well as a responsive steering system that makes the car easy to handle on all road conditions. The Volt fares well with families who want these and other safety features in their compact hybrid car.

Pictures & Ratings


2017 Chevy Volt which has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Edmunds and Car & Driver. And a 7.3 out of 10 @ the Car Connection.

With car accidents being one of the top five causes of death in the United States, it is easy to see why it’s a good idea to invest in a vehicle that has high safety ratings. And if you ever do suspect your vehicle of having any unsafe or defective parts or are involved in an accident due to no fault of your own, make sure to promptly seek legal advice. “Most personal injury lawyers will offer some type of free consultation or case evaluation and if you ask the right questions, you will know what they expect as payment and what type of experience they bring to the table” says houston-accidentattorney.com.

Table – Features & Specifications of Chevy Volt

 LT 4dr HatchbackPremier 4dr Hatchback
Combined MPG4242
Range / Total53 mi battery only, 420 mi total53 mi battery only, 420 mi total
Transmission1-speed direct drive1-speed direct drive
Basic Warranty3 yr./ 36000 mi.3 yr./ 36000 mi.
Base Engine Typehybridhybrid
Total Seating55
Cylindersinline 4inline 4
Drive Trainfront wheel drivefront wheel drive
Fuel Tank Capacity8.9 gal.8.9 gal.
Fuel Typeelectric fuelelectric fuel
Cam TypeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Horsepower149 hp149 hp
Battery18.4 kWh 300 V lithium-ion18.4 kWh 300 V lithium-ion

Pros & Cons of the Chevy Volt


  • Striking Colors
  • The Head-Turning Body
  • Amazing Fuel Efficiency
  • Affordability
  • Technology
  • The Novelty
  • Ratings


  • Not a Powerful as Competitors
  • Shorter Distance
  • Can be a bit more expensve than Competitors

Honda Accord Hybrid

The Honda Accord offers drivers top-rated safety features that range from a reliable brake system to tight road handling that puts it on par with sportier coupes and sedans. With its sleek design and modern enjoyments like an 8 inch television screen and Internet radio, the Accord can help families stay safe, as well as entertained while out on the open road. Experts give this car favorable reviews for its safety and beauty.

Picture & Ratings


2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. Probably the best car in the list. 4.4 out of 5 rating at Edmunds.com & 9.3 out of 10 at Kelly Blue Book.

Scoring 9.0 out of 10 marks for safety, the Honda Accord stands out among its competition with its powerful drivetrain and six-speed transmission. Drivers who favor the Accord Hybrid report having plenty of passenger room and cargo space for long distance trips.   They also remark that the Accord handles well while rounding tight curves on the highway and gets up to 40 gallons per mile while on the open road. People who are Honda Accord Hybrid fans also report that they can enjoy the benefits of driving without the fear of crashing or having a devastating accident that will make it necessary to retain a lawyer or disrupt their travels.

Table – Features & Specifications of Honda Accord Hybrid

 EX-L 4dr Sedan 2.0L 4cylHybrid 4dr Sedan 2.0L 4cyl
Combined MPG4848
Transmissioncontinuously variable-speed automaticcontinuously variable-speed automatic
Basic Warranty3 yr./ 36000 mi.3 yr./ 36000 mi.
Base Engine Typehybridhybrid
Total Seating55
Cylindersinline 4inline 4
Drive Trainfront wheel drivefront wheel drive
Mileage Est. (Cty / Hwy)49 / 47 mpg49 / 47 mpg
Fuel Tank Capacity15.8 gal.15.8 gal.
Fuel Typeregular unleadedregular unleaded
Range In Miles (Cty / Hwy)774.2 / 742.6 mi.774.2 / 742.6 mi.
Cam TypeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Horsepower212 hp @ 6200 rpm212 hp @ 6200 rpm
Torque232 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm232 ft-lbs. @ 4000 rpm
Battery1.3 kWh lithium-ion1.3 kWh lithium-ion

Pros & Cons of Honda Accord Hybrid


  • Acceleration and Power
  • Handling and Braking
  • Performance and Powertrains
  • Infotainment System
  • Seating
  • Safety Ratings
  • Reliability
  • Driver Impressions


  • Touch-Screen Controls
  • Not Very Engaging
  • Cargo handling

Toyota Camry

The Camry has long been a favorite of safety experts because of its ability to handle well on wet road surfaces and tight curves. The hybrid Camry performs even better than its standard counterpart, scoring an 8.5 out of 10 points on the safety scale. With its smooth fuel to electric transition, comfortable and controlled pedal system, and 10 airbags strategically positioned throughout the car, the Camry remains a favorite of families who want a safe ride while enjoying the modern conveniences of a hybrid vehicle.

Picture & Ratings

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid

2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid which receives good ratings. 4.5 out of 5 at Edmunds.com, 9 out of 10 at Kelly Blue Book, and 8.6/10 at US News Best Cars.

Table – Features & Specifications of Toyota Camry Hybrid

 XLE 4dr Sedan 2.5L 4cylSE 4dr Sedan 2.5L 4cyl
Combined MPG3838
Transmissioncontinuously variable-speed automaticcontinuously variable-speed automatic
Basic Warranty3 yr. / 36000 mi.3 yr. / 36000 mi.
Base Engine Typehybridhybrid
Total Seating55
Cylindersinline 4inline 4
Drive Trainfront wheel drivefront wheel drive
EPA Mileage Est. (Cty / Hwy)40 / 37 mpg40 / 37 mpg
Fuel Tank Capacity17.0 gal.17.0 gal.
Fuel Typeregular unleadedregular unleaded
Range In Miles (Cty / Hwy)680.0 / 629.0 mi.680.0 / 629.0 mi.
Cam TypeDouble overhead cam (DOHC)Double overhead cam (DOHC)
Horsepowerinline 4inline 4
Torque200 hp @ 5700 rpm200 hp @ 5700 rpm
BatterySealed Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)Sealed Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)

Pros & Cons of Toyota Camry Hybrid

  • Competitive Fuel Economy
  • Latest Safety Technology
  • Surprising Affordability
  • Exceptional Ride
  • Consumer-friendly Infotainment System
  • Upscale Interiors
  • Seamless Transition from Electric to Gas Power
  • Average Powertrain performance
  • Sensitive brakes


Many of today’s families want to enjoy driving hybrid cars. When they search for those models that are the safest, they may be well advised to consider these models that stand out with safety experts.

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