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How Alloy Wheels Can Make Your Car Look Better & Make You Feel Better

In every aspect of life people want to be seen as individuals and having a car that stands out from the crowd is one way of showing individuality. LK Performance investigates how owning a car that is unique in design allows an owner to express their personality through their creativity.

Benefits of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels can be customized to suit taste. Alloy wheels can be designed in a way that suits the taste of an owner, and provides a car with a more pleasing aesthetic. In the long term, if an owner is looking to sell their car, customized alloy wheels could add value to the price.

Picture of an Alloy Wheel

A nice set of alloy wheels will compliment a car.

Owners can get just about any design they want on their alloy wheels, using a variety of colors and techniques to finish off the look. In some cases, alloy wheels can be painted the same color as a car itself, should this be what the owner requires, which gives an exclusive look to any car.

Adding Value & Performance to Your Vehicle

With custom alloys providing a car with a fresh look, adding value and increasing the performance of some models, they are becoming more popular among drivers who want to put their own stamp on their car. Refurbishing alloys can make them look as good as new.

Price of High-End Aftermarket Alloys

RankAlloy WheelPrice
1Enkei: Tenjin$195-$250
2Weds: Maverick 709M$531-$765
3Volk Racing: RE30$847-$910
4Forgeline: GA3$1,045-$1,505
5HRE: S107Special order only

Price of Popular Aftermarket Alloys

RankAlloy WheelsPrice
1Pro Comp Alloy Wheels $55.00
2Fairway Alloys Aggressor Golf Wheel $66.00
3American Racing AR95 Estrella$77.00
4NS Series Wheels NS1507$78.00
5Maxxim Wheel $80.00
7Trail Master Trail Master TM210$95.00
82013-2015 Honda Civic Wheel Action Crash$150.00
9Enkei Performance Lusso$222.00

Refurbishing Alloy Wheels Back to Life

Over time, alloy wheels may deteriorate with wear-and-tear, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be restored back to their original beauty. With the added benefit of being able to repair the damage and refurbish the alloys so they look as good as new.

Customization & an Extension of Your Personality

Many people use alloy wheels as an extension of their personality. There are many people that see a car as something that shows off what they’re all about. Many of them believe that customizing their car, including their wheels sends a statement to people.

Picture of an Alloy Wheel

A set of alloy wheels can change the look and feel of your car.

Comparing Alloy to Steel Wheels

Compared to their steel counterparts, alloy wheels can provide an improved look, increased performance and the opportunity for owners to update their car if they wish. The flexibility of being able to update alloy wheels, and re-design them means that people are able to keep up to date with current trends and show people what their car means to them.

Top 3 Best Alloy Wheel Manufacturer


Most of the Volkswagen, Mercedes, and other German made vehicles have BBS rims. BBS has been in business since 1970. The quality for price is great and if you put a set of BBS rims on your vehicle it will turn heads. No matter the vehicle.

CI-R Platinum Silver w/Pol SS Lip

BBS CI-R Platinum Silver w/Pol SS Lip


Ronal is one of the largest manufactures of alloy wheels in Europe, known for better quality manufacturing of vehicles. Ronal produces wheels for Ford, Audi, and BMW. Some Toyota brands have Ronal wheels. All rims have a 2 year warranty from the date of manufacture.

Ronal R50 Polished Alloy Wheels

Ronal R50 Polished Alloy Wheels


If you are shopping for new wheels you are going to run in Enkei brands, which are everywhere. One of the best brands to come out of Japan, Enkei produces rims for racing vehicles, trucks, and classics. Even some real nice classic and fast vehicles. With its own SPEC-E testing process the rims will last.

Enkei STR5 Machined w/ Black wheels

17×7 Enkei STR5 Machined w/ Black wheels

Alloys Are Usually a Good Investment

A car is an investment for many people, and plenty of people like to make such an investment look as good as possible. This is especially the case for cars that are used to advertise businesses on the roads, the added benefit of being able to customize alloy wheels means companies can ensure their vehicle look as professional and unique as possible.

Tim Pike

Tim Pike

Tim Pike enjoys working on cars, and is particularly interested in alloy wheels. If you don’t find him in the garage, he’s most probably out running, cycling, or playing hockey.

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