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If you own one of the many great Honda models such as the Accord, Civic, or CR-V, you already know how dependable these vehicles can be.

Cheapest to Insure Honda by Model

The national average annual price to insure a Honda costs $2,274 annually or a monthly $189 rate with full coverage.

AutoInsureSavings.org licensed insurance agents found the cost can vary by the model since a Honda Accord costs $269 more to insure than an Odyssey, and out of all the models, the Odyssey is the least expensive to insure.

Before buying a new Honda, we have supplied the average yearly insurance cost for each model and the best insurance company to help you save money and make an informed insurance decision.

2021 ModelAnnual insurance costCheapest Insurer
Accord LX$2,177 Progressive
Civic LX$2,507Liberty Mutual
Civic Type R$2,775GEICO
CR-V LX$2,082Progressive
Fit LX$2,174Progressive
Insight LX$1,934State Farm
Odyssey LX$1,909State Farm
Pilot LX$2,168Progressive
Ridgeline RT$2,340Progressive
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*Average cost for full coverage policies with uninsured motorist coverage, collision and comprehensive coverage. Your actual rates may be different by zip code when you get a quote.

Make sure to compare quotes from multiple auto insurance companies using a free resource like an online tool to find the best company that offers the exact type of quotes and coverage you need for a new or used Honda.

Honda Accord Insurance Rates

The average cost to insure a Honda Accord for 2018 to 2021 models is $2,177 annually or $181 per month for a 30-year-old driver. If the model year of your Accord is more recent, you can expect to pay $185 more per year.

Younger 20-year-old drivers for Accords can expect to pay $5,041 to $5,345 per year or an average of $410 per month for full coverage. Driver age is one of the biggest factors, just like driving history and credit score, that can decrease or increase what you pay for your auto insurance. Teenage drivers are largely considered to be high-risk drivers, and often face higher than average insurance costs when compared to other demographics of adult drivers.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Honda Accord$2,299$5,345
2020 Honda Accord$2,210$5,132
2019 Honda Accord$2,157$4,877
2018 Honda Accord$2,043$4,812
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See all Honda Accord insurance rates by year.

Based on AutoInsureSavings.org research, the cheapest car insurance for an Accord is Progressive. Progressive’s average rates are $1,649 per year or a monthly rate of $137, which is 29% more affordable than average auto insurance costs.

Honda Civic Insurance Rates

The average price to insure a Honda Civic for a 30-year-old driver is $2,507 per year or a monthly rate of $208 for full coverage. A 20-year-old’s average rates for a Civic are $5,286 annually or $440 per month.

Among the top insurers for coverage, we found Liberty Mutual offers the lowest rates at $2,043 per year for newer model Civics, or about 22% less expensive than average.  

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Honda Civic$2,612$5,670
2020 Honda Civic$2,530$5,375
2019 Honda Civic$2,476$5,126
2018 Honda Civic$2,412$4,973
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See all Honda Civic insurance rates by year.

Honda Civic Type-R Insurance Rates

The average annual price to insure a Type R is $2,775 per year for a 30-year-old driver. A 20-year-old can expect to pay an annual rate of $5,499, or $458 a month.

The Honda Civic Type-R is a robust variant of the Civic that includes a turbocharged engine and many other high-performance upgrades, with excellent safety ratings. Surprisingly it is only slightly more to insure than a regular Civic, so it is hardly an extra cost.

Through our research, we found GEICO can offer the lowest auto insurance rates for a Type R at $1,923 per year for a 30-year-old with a full coverage policy, or 33% lower than average.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Type R$2,834$5,909
2020 Type R$2,811$5,672
2019 Type R$2,755$5,237
2018 Type R$2,702$5,178
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Honda CR-V Insurance Rates

The CR-V’s average premium is $2,082 per year or $173 per month for our sample driver. Newer models CR-Vs are $150 more annually to insure than previous models, and they are one of the least expensive to insure out of the Honda lineup.

A younger driver looking to insure a CR-V will pay on average $4,641 annually or a $386 monthly rate that includes comprehensive and collision insurance.

During AutoInsureSavings.org’s comparison shopping study, we found Progressive provides the cheapest option for insurance rates for a Honda CR-V at $1,573 per year or 25% cheaper than average rates.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 CR-V$2,178$4,980
2020 CR-V$2,154$4,843
2019 CR-V$2,040$4,532
2018 CR-V$1,957$4,212
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See all Honda CR-V insurance rates by year.

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular SUV vehicles on the road and offers a good mixture of convenience and affordability, with excellent crash test ratings making it an excellent choice for families with a safe driver behind the wheel.

Honda Fit Insurance Rates

The Honda Fit generally costs less to insure than many other Honda vehicles, with an average car insurance premium of $2,082 per year or $154 less than other models besides the CR-V. The older the model Fit, the cheaper it is to insure by $146 annually.

After doing our research, we found that Progressive offered the lowest coverage rates for drivers with clean driving history, with an average price of $1,602 or a monthly cost of $133 for most drivers. The cost to insure a Honda Fit is $39 less than the amount to insure other vehicles in its class.

minimum coverage policy for Honda Fit only costs $430 per year or $34 a month with Allstate if you are looking to save money, but realize you lower liability limits and coverage with state minimums when you insure it.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Honda Fit$2,244$4,752
2020 Honda Fit$2,189$4,538
2019 Honda Fit$2,156$4,240
2018 Honda Fit$2,098$4,184
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See all Honda Fit rates by year.

Honda Insight Insurance Rates

The average yearly rate to insure a Honda Insight is $1,934 for a 30-year-old driver, including collision and comprehensive with uninsured motorist coverage.

A 20-year-old will pay average rates of $4,629 yearly or $385 a month for an Insight.

After researching various companies, we found that State Farm offered the cheapest car insurance rates for an Insight overall at $1,487 per year or $123 a month for full coverage.

State Farm also has the least expensive minimum coverage rates at $467 per year or a $38 monthly rate.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Honda Insight$2,037$4,980
2020 Honda Insight$1,945$4,643
2019 Honda Insight$1,912$4,521
2018 Honda Insight$1,843$4,374
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See all Honda Insight insurance rates by year.

Honda Odyssey Insurance Rates

The Honda Odyssey is the cheapest to insure out of all Honda models in the lineup. The average insurance premium for an Odyssey is $1,909 annually or $159 per month for full coverage insurance.  A 20-year-old can expect to pay $4,259 annually or a $354 monthly rate.

Overall, the average Odyssey owner’s cheapest company is State Farm, which offers coverage at a $115 monthly rate or $1,388 per year, or 24% less expensive than average rates.

State Farm also provides the cheapest minimum coverage at $419 per year or $34 a month for a 30-year-old driver.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Odyssey$2,040$4,512
2020 Odyssey$1,954$4,287
2019 Odyssey$1,832$4,190
2018 Odyssey$1,810$4,047
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See all Honda Odyssey rates by year.

Honda Pilot Insurance Rates

We found the average insurance rate for the Honda Pilot is $2,168 per year for 30-year-old drivers needing higher coverage limits with a full coverage policy. Younger or teen drivers can expect to pay $4,850 annually or $404 per month for the same coverage levels.

The company offering the least expensive auto insurance rates for the average driver is Progressive, with rates as low as $1,682 a year or $140 per month.

The cost of coverage for a Honda Pilot is around $39 less than the price to insure other vehicles in the same category.

The auto insurer offering the lowest minimum coverage policy is GEICO at $612 per year or $51 a month.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Pilot$2,278$5,132
2020 Pilot$2,210$4,980
2019 Pilot$2,116$4,752
2018 Pilot$2,068$4,538
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See all Honda Pilot insurance rates by year.

Honda Ridgeline Insurance Rates

During our quote survey, the average cost of coverage for a Honda Ridgeline is around $2,340 per year or a $195 monthly rate for full coverage. That is slightly higher than many other Honda models for our sample 30-year-old.

A 20-year-old is going to pay much higher rates at $5,538 annually with the same coverage levels.

Overall, the least expensive insurance provider for the Ridgeline was Progressive, which offers rates at $1,856 or $154 a month, which is 21% cheaper than average rates for similar driver profiles.

Progressive also offers the cheapest minimum coverage policy for Ridgeline at $682 per year or approximately a $57 monthly rate.

Year and modelAnnual cost for 30-year-old driverAnnual cost for 20-year-old driver
2021 Ridgeline$2,485$6,143
2020 Ridgeline$2,372$5,954
2019 Ridgeline$2,287$5,643
2018 Ridgeline$2,217$5,614
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See all Honda Ridgeline rates by year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cheapest Honda to Insure?

Our research found that the Honda Odyssey is the most affordable Honda vehicle to insure. For most drivers, it costs on average $159 per month to insure this car. Other inexpensive Honda models that are affordable to insure include the Fit and Pilot, which cost on average $180 per month to insure.

Why is the Honda Civic Car Insurance so High?

The Honda Civic itself is typically not expensive to insure, costing most drivers around $208 per month. Some drivers see higher car insurance rates with a Civic due to age or having a more powerful variation of the Civic, such as the Civic Type R. Teens and young adults are often attracted to the compact style and overall design of the Honda Civic. And most insurance providers will charge young drivers a higher premium simply because of the higher risk factor.

The Civic Type R features a more powerful engine making it much faster than the traditional Civic. For that reason, this Honda model often has a higher premium because the vehicle is more likely to be involved in a crash.

What Used Honda is Cheapest to Insure?

2018 and older Honda Odyssey minivans are the least expensive Honda models to insure, averaging $1,810 a year. The Odyssey is one of the top-selling minivans in the United States and offers front-wheel drive and plenty of interior space, with the additional factor of a comfortable ride.

Which Honda Model is the Most Reliable?

The Honda Civic, regardless of its year, is the most reliable Honda Model available. The Civic has gone through several changes over the years. Yet, despite being considered a fairly average vehicle, it continues to be one of the most dependable cars out there with superior build quality and the latest safety features, which can help you save on your insurance costs.

What Car Insurance Discounts can I get for my Honda?

There are several car insurance discounts you can get for your Honda vehicle. If it has plenty of safety features such as the Civic or Odyssey, many insurance providers offer discounts based on safety features. You will need to discuss deals with your insurance provider to determine if you or your Honda is eligible for more money-saving benefits or discounts.

To learn more to help you save on car insurance rates for various Honda models, contact the auto insurance experts at AutoInsureSavings.org. Our licensed insurance professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.


AutoInsureSavings licensed insurance agents compared quotes with the most popular Honda models for a 30-year-old and 20-year-old driver. The zip codes used are from Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentucky to do a comparative analysis for each driver.

Any state is requiring personal injury protection (PIP), medical payments coverage, or uninsured motorist coverage (UM), we supplied those coverages in the quote process, including roadside assistance, to compare a full coverage insurance policy with add-ons. We used minimum coverage liability limits, and for other insurance policies, we used the following coverage limits:

Bodily injury liability$50,000/$100,000
Property damage liability$50,000
Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist$50,000/$100,000
Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist$50,000
Medical payments coverage$1,000
Personal injury protection$1,000
Comprehensive insurance$500 deductible
Collision insurance$500 deductible
Roadside assistance$4 per month
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We used rates for Honda model drivers with a good credit score, clean driving record, and marital status for other rate analyses. We used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services, which are publicly available for comparative purposes only. Your rates may vary by zip code when you get a quote.

Editorial Guidelines: We are a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about auto insurance. Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything auto insurance related. We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by auto insurance experts.