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Be Sure To Drive Safe During The Holidays

It is impossible to be sure you are never in a car accident. There are nonetheless, paths to aid in avoiding accidents and being prepared in case one occurs. Taking a couple of seconds to make some critical safety checks before getting into the automobile and heading to your family’s “get together” to have a nice dinner this coming Thursday, or Thanksgiving.

Even though the holidays are time to spend with family, if your vehicle breaksThanksgiving Image down unexpectedly then it may turn a holiday into a disaster. Doing the basics to your vehicle to make sure everything is “okay” then you will know your in for nice holiday weekend.

Be sure to check your Tires

While checking the tire pressure of your vehicle is not something you normally think of all the time you may want to check the pressure in them. Especially since the climate has changed in some parts of the country. Small things, such as the tires, that we may ignore and get away with during daily drives may turn into difficulty with a flat tire.

Before hitting the road, make sure your tire pressure is where it should be. You can generally find the endorsed tire pressure or PSI on the tire itself, but this is not the correct place to look for the PSI. Most will go to the instruction manual. However, that is not the best place either since since starting in 2003 vehicle manufacturers were directed to place the tire placards in a standard location. On the placard of the vehicle, normally placed on the driver’s side doorjamb, you can find the recommend tire pressure from the manufacturer. Again, do not rely on the side-wall of the tire. Another mistake some drivers make is looking up for the correct pressure on the internet. This is another mistake which should be avoided since you may not have the correct tire when checking the internet. Don’t forget to check your spare tire too. If you have a flat tire and the spare is flat then you are going to need additional help.

Customarily, we do not even remember that we have got a spare tire till we’re on the road side with a flat and trying to work out the correct way to use that jack that comes with the vehicle. Take a moment to be certain the spare is in good shape and correctly inflated before hitting the road.

Ensure your wiper blades are in fine condition. If you live in a state like New Mexico, you may not have much use for wiper blades and barely employ them so you will presume they are fine. Nevertheless these blades have a tendency to crack and go to pot when exposed to the sun for months at a time. The worse thing about wiper blades when the fail to help you see is when a “big-rig” goes by you on the interstate and then you need them when it is raining. So be sure to give you wiper blades a once-over; it takes less than thirty seconds.

old car batteryIf you battery is three years or older you may want to check it to make sure it will be operational when going on a long road trip. Normally, you can have your battery checked at your local auto shop or Autozone for a few dollars. If it is questionable about your battery you should have it replaced before you go on a long trip. You certainly would want to have to pay an enormous price for one when in an emergency. Be sure the battery terminals are good and not built up with corrosion.

Be sure to have your Emergency Roadside Kit.

We have here, an infographic, on behalf of Carinsurancequotes.com which suggests the items you need in your car in case of an emergency.

Be sure to check the Oil and your Radiator Fluid

If you are going to drive in a colder climate it may be a good idea to have your radiator fluid changed to be sure it would not freeze up. You can’t have only water in the radiator if you are going to be in a place where it is below freezing. While getting your radiator fluid checked you can check your oil. If it is about time to change it then you may want to spend then money to have it changed. As with radiator fluid, different types of oil are available for different climates also. With all the oil replacement centers offering their services inside 30 minutes and at a fairly cheap price, spending your lunch at a lube shop could finish up being a sound decision.

Talk with Your Insurance Agent

Drivers may need to talk with their auto insurer’s agent when preparing the foundations for a long trip. Most insurance carriers offer optional coverages that may be beneficial during trips and at pretty cheap car insurance rates to clients. If you are going to buy emergency roadside service from your carrier, they’ll repay you for the fair price of towing or any other unforeseen accident. So this may be a good option.

Customers typically have the choice to get rental and travel cost coverage. With rental coverage or also, called rental reimbursement you will be able to recover the costs for your vehicle expenses in case you do not have a car for a few days because of an accident. Travel cover will pay for food and lodging, if it is required, while the insured car is in the mechanic’s shop.

Although the article takes a few minutes to read, but that is about the time it would take for you to check everything for your vehicle to be sure you are prepared for a great Holiday. Drive Safe and have a great Thanksgiving!

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

Managing Member of AutoInsureSavings LLC, Greg enjoys writing articles to help drivers save on anything related to automobiles. Travel and enjoying the outdoors are some of his hobbies. The best way to reach him is at his Twitter or Facebook Profile.

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