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Editorial Guidelines of AutoInsureSavings.org

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AutoInsureSavings.org Editorial Team is all about providing unbiased and fact-checked information for drivers throughout the United States to make informed decisions about the area of auto insurance, auto insurance policies and auto insurance add-ons to policies.

Shaun Fyffe - Spanish and AP High School Teacher

Shaun Fyffe, Editor, Spanish and AP High School Teacher

Jennifer Benson - Licensed Car Insurance Agent.

Jennifer Benson – Licensed Insurance Agent, Insurance Reviewer

Maurice Draine - Former Insurance Agent & Agency Owner.

Maurice Draine – Former Agent with Journalism Degree

General Guidelines

We expect all writers and editors at AutoInsureSavings.org to comply with these guidelines when creating content.

Writers are responsible for the accuracy of their work. Confirming information and double-checking facts are of the utmost importance.

Our writing and editorial team will not accept any payment of any kind in exchange for positive content or reviews of a company or vehicle. We write what we know. We take pride in creating honest content. It’s what the reader deserves. Our team has over 50 years of experience in the insurance industry.

There will be information we don’t know or is up for debate, and we will be open about that. As our goal is to produce consistent, professional content, our writing team takes care to use fair language in all of our work.

Authority, Corrections, & Accuracy

Our writers strive to provide up-to-date, objective, and factual information to provide non-biased information to our users to make educated decisions based on their individual opinions. If we are contacted about a potential error, we do our best to keep an open mind and do everything possible to correct the information. We also provide a date at the top of all content to easily see when it was last updated.

The insurance industry is continually changing. We monitor the industry closely to ensure that all content is 100 percent accurate and up to date. Industry experts review our content for accuracy, as noted above. 


Plagiarism is the act of taking another’s work and passing it off as your own. AutoInsureSavings.org has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism or fabrication of any type. Violation of this policy may result in termination from the company pending a review.

The editorial team’s discretion regarding what is plagiarism and fabrication of any type will not be tolerated. All AutoInsureSavings.org content must be originally compiled and written.

Plagiarism includes but is not limited to:

– Replicating or copy/pasting from another website/source into content written for AutoInsureSavings.org.

– Only making small modifications or changes to content from other websites.

– Copy previously written by a writer for a different site.

If we find that work has been plagiarized from another site, the editorial team will be notified as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

To provide additional protection against plagiarism, we use content management systems with Artificial Intelligence Software and other third-party software to check our content before publication.


Our writers do not use slang or inflected language. A casual phrase may be a pejorative for someone else, and we work to be as inclusive as possible.

The use of profanity is forbidden on AutoInsureSavings.org.

We understand that insurance can be complex and intimidating.

That’s why we do our best as an editorial team to create content that can connect with people from 16 on up.

We strive to write in simple language that anyone can understand.

Authoritative Sources

We make sure to use only credible sources across all of our websites.

Those sources include:

– State and federal government agencies like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the United States Census Bureau,

– Legal websites like Lawyer.com and Nolo.com, and

– Independent data-ranking agencies like the National Association of Insurance Commissioners or NAIC.

You can contact us or send an email to legal [@] autoinsuresavings.org.

Christina Palermo - Licensed Car Insurance Agent

Christina Palermo – Licensed Insurance Agent

Eric Huffman - Licensed Car Insurance Agent.

Eric Huffman – Licensed Insurance Agent

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