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The New Chevy Cruze Diesel Price And Performance Guide

Due to higher gas prices, many consumers are demanding car manufacturers give them fuel-efficient options. The new Chevy Cruze diesel mpg rating is catching the eye of many consumers, apparently meeting those demands. Many dealerships will carry this remarkable vehicle, so be sure to get multiple quotes from local dealers to find the best price.

Chevy Cruze background

Chevrolet hasn’t had a diesel vehicle in its fleet of new cars since 1986 when it rolled out the Chevette. Soon, rumors started swirling that the company would introduce a diesel vehicle, and the Chevy Cruze diesel mpg rating would be the big selling point for the car, making it worth the cost.The rumors turned out to be correct since Chevy later announced the new diesel vehicle would be released sometime in the spring of 2013 with 46 mpg fuel-economy performance.

The Cruze was introduced by Chevrolet in 2011 as its latest offering in compact sedans. Models for 2012 saw few changes over the previous year, but the 2016 Cruze offered a choice between standard four-cylinder and turbocharged engines. The diesel option is the most recent variation on the Cruze, boasting safety, comfort and green technology.

Price and fuel efficiency


2017 Chevy Cruze.

The Chevy Cruze has a 46 mpg rating is for the highway. That’s more efficient than most hybrid cars and comparable economy cars like the Ford Prius. The Cruze Diesel only gets 27 mpg in the city, but that is still higher than many non-diesel vehicles on the market.

Later, the price for this high-performance vehicle was quoted as $25,695 for the base package, including several upgrades not seen in other base models. For example, this price will get you leather seats whereas many vehicles come with standard cloth or vinyl seats and will incur an extra charge for leather. The package also has a 100,000-mile, five-year powertrain warranty, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck at this price.

Engine and performance

The Chevy Cruze is equipped with a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter, turbo-diesel model. It has a lot of horsepower and plenty of torque, along with an overboost function that can increase the torque from 258 pound-feet to 280 pound-feet for a few seconds at a time to help with acceleration. Even with its fuel-efficient 46 mpg on the highway, the new Cruze will satisfy customers who want fuel economy and performance in their cars.

The same engine is faulted for loudness when starting and idling, although the noise level is acceptable inside the car. Reviewers give the Cruze high marks for its agility and power steering. For the environmentally conscious, the engine employs a particulate filter that is supplemented with urea injection to reduce oxides of nitrogen.


The car will slowly be rolled out to different markets before it’s released across the entire country. If you’re looking for fuel economy and an engine that picks up speed well and has plenty of power, news of the new Chevy Cruze diesel mpg rating should excite you. It’s exciting a whole lot of other drivers who are clamoring to be among the first to own this new car.

Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel

Alex Gabriel is a writer at Reply! with several years of digital marketing and copywriting experience. A native of Portland and graduate of the University of Oregon, Alex has a passion for writing about new cars. To learn more about cars with the best tech features, see his price guide for new vehicles.

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