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The Pair Of Sunglasses Every Driver Needs

Many people dream of owning a $400.00 pair of designer sunglasses, with large aviator frames and dark lens – maybe even hoping to sport them at the club on Saturday night.


Image for use under the Creative Commons license, Credit, tochichi, from Flickr.

Although I never understood why people do such things, I have always been interested in the usefulness of products in comparison to brand recognition and functionality. Many of my predictions have been correct when it comes to effectiveness and the evil counterpart ‘coolness’.

Most designer brands are a waste of money, as they use style and name recognition to mesmorize audiences and consumers to purchase their products. Other than a few sunglasses companies, most of the designers that you have heard of in the past – names like Prada, Gucci, and Coach – are all actually sunglasses that are made from the same manufacturer Luxottica.

Other than Maui Jim, which I believe to be the best sunglasses company on the planet, all other major brand lens technology is created, manufactured, and distributed by Luxottica.

Keep in mind some of the following features when looking into the proper pair of shades for driving.

Bigger is Not Better

One of the most important tasks in driving is one’s ability to see from all angles. Many of the designer sunglasses that I have described above have large, out-of-this-world frames that block one’s peripheral vision, which is essential to driving.

If you have ever shifted lanes at 80 mph, only to hear a loud beeping sound from the lane across from you than you know what I am talking about. Every car has a blind spot to some degree and wearing large-framed


Maui Jim Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the bright Spring/Summer sun! This pair of sunglasses is black in color.

sunglasses while driving only enhances this blind spot. A pair of sunglasses with more of a sleek look with full temple exposure is the best glass to purchase for traveling.

It’s All in the Technology

The lens is the most important part of the sunglasses, or any type of glass wear for that matter. Generally, grey and brown tinted lenses are the best lenses for driving because of the neutrality in their colors schemes. If you are driving with pink or blue lenses, you may find yourself squinting while attempting to decipher the road from the trees or even the sky. Make sure to buy neutral lenses.

Polarization is really the key to success when purchasing sunglasses for driving. Without polarization, direct sunlight will bleed through the lens and affect your ability to perform your driving duties. Also, without polar lens, the images will reflect differently off your lens and cause distortion in your vision during peak daylight hours.

Light transmission is one the most important design factors to consider. Usually, a lens that is a Class 1 to Class 3 is great for day driving, where a Class 0 is okay for night driving. I would research your area and consult with a sunglasses retail store to find out the class of light transmission for each pair of glass wear that you are interested

Keanu from Maui Jim

Make a bold statement with Maui Jim’s latest aviators KEANU

in buying.

Maui Jim is the Way to Go

Maui Jim has been an independent, self-sustaining private sunglasses enterprise for many decades and offers some of the best lens technology on the planet. For example, their new sunglasses that are limited to only a small, experimental market provides a lens that is a mixture of polycarbonate (what most lenses are made of) and glass (usually very fragile). The mix of these two properties gives the lens the clarity of glass but the strength of polycarbonate. In addition, all of Maui Jim sunglasses are designed with a layering-scheme in their design, providing effective deflective capabilities with clear direct vision for the user.

When the light hits the lens it either deflects upward or downward based on what plane with which you are looking – this gives you full mobility and range essential for driving or traveling.

If I had to recommend a sunglasses company with the best lens technology and vision support for driving or traveling, Maui Jim would be the home run. Their prices are higher than Oakley or other comparable brands, but the extra money is well worth it.

Matthew Hall

Matthew Hall

This article was written by Matthew Hall, a car enthusiast and professional writer for DriverPhysicals.com.

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