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Six Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads!

The world is full of danger. Whether you’re crossing the road to get to your office, or driving down the highway, roads can be the most dangerous thing of all. But boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The funky red light at your local street corner has nothing on the world’s most dangerous roads (in no particular order)!

Most Dangerous Roads in the World

Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China7,500 per 100,000
The Stelvio Pass, Italy5 - 10 per Year
Los Caracoles Pass, Chile5 - 10 per Year
Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand10 - 20 per Year
The Zoji Pass, India15 - 25 per Year
Guoliang Tunnel Road, China5 - 10 per Year
Karakoram Highway, Pakistan50 per Year
James Dalton Highway, Alaska1 - 2 per Year
Jalalabad–Kabul Road, Afghanistan5 - 10 per Year
North Yungas Road, Bolivia200 to 300 Yearly

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This road in the mountains of Bolivia has a friendly nickname sure to dispel all your fears, “the Road of Death”. Over 250 people die travelling this road every year, thanks to the sheer cliff-side with no railing and the frequent rock slides. The death toll reaches such high annual levels because it’s usually bus-loads of people that fall of the side when buses try passing each other on the road. If you have to cross this path, get a rental.

Guoliang Tunnel Road, China

The villagers of Guoliang were tired of being cut off from the rest of the world because of the cliffs that surround their village, so they got together and after five years of effort the tunnel road was finished! Oh, and several of them died doing it. As you can imagine, navigating a road built by remote, cut-off villagers may not be the safest way of travelling.

Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand

Funny how these all seem to go hand in hand with cliffs and ravines. The Skippers Canyon road is such a dangerous one that you have to have a special permit to be able to drive on it. It was recently closed for a few months, as part of it collapsed into the river 80 meters below.

The A537 Road, England

Proof you don’t have to be in a remote location to have your car totaled! Oh… did we not want that?

The A537 has been dubbed the “widow-maker” due to its heinous bends, steep falls, and the fact that its lined with stone walls or rock face pretty much the whole way. And it’s a favorite of motorcyclists on high-powered bikes! Because safety is no issue!

old BR116

BR-116 before becoming Green Line Corridor. Photo via Dario Hidalgo

BR-116, Brazil

A poorly maintained road that (surprise, surprise) involves navigating through some cliffs and that is frequently infested with gang violence and road-side bandits. Sounds like something out of the apocalypse, but it’s real and it’s in Brazil. The BR-116 joins the crew of creatively nicknamed roads with the moniker “The Highway of Death”. Death toll: hundreds.

The James Dalton Highway, USA

Alaska: home of oil, wildlife, and the James Dalton Highway. No cliffs here, just a stretch of road that runs off to the horizon amidst the tundra of the north. A stretch of road also known for its many potholes and the high winds that will knock rocks right into your vehicle. So if your car breaks down, congratulations, you’re in the middle of nowhere and there’s no cliff to jump off of if you don’t feel like starving to death. Though if Jack London is to be believed, freezing to death is quite pleasant, so I suppose if you must ride the highway, do it in winter.

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Anica Oaks

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