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The In’s & Out’s of Towing And Labor Cost Coverage

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Updated November 15th, 2020

Cars are unpredictable.

You never know when there could be a problem, and if you are far away from home when your car breaks down, you may not know what to do.

There are so many things that could go wrong; for example, the battery could die, you could run out of gas, you could get a flat tire, the engine could fail, or you could get locked out of the vehicle.

Towing and Labor Cost Coverage (we’ll refer to it as TL from here on) also known as Emergency Road Service is available to help in these situations.

If you have this type of coverage, you will receive monetary assistance if your car needs to be towed or if you have to call a locksmith.

In addition, you are often covered for things like a tire change or even having someone come out to bring you more gas for the vehicle.

How To Get Emergency Roadside Assistance Coverage

If you are interested in TL, speak to your car insurance company. The process for signing up is usually very simple and will only take a few minutes.

However, before you make a final decision, think about what type of coverage you will get.

Weigh the cost of the benefits to figure out if this is something that you need.

Also, be aware that in certain areas, you have to have both comprehensive and collision coverage if you want to get TL as well.

Top 10 Roadside Assistance Companies

RankRoadside Assistance ServicesPrice
2Good Sam Roadside Assistance$79.95
3Allstate Motor Club$52.00
4National Motor Club$96.00
5Paragon Motor Club$69.95
7BP MotorClub$95.88
8Better World Club$58.95
9GM Motor Club$94.00

Graph of Top Companies

This graph illustrated the price of top roadside assistance companies with the ratings from customers

Note: Ratings are provide by Top Ten Reviews

Insurance Companies offering Roadside Assistance

Insurance CompanyCostPhone Number
State Farm Emergency Road Service$4.56 / year877-627-5757
GEICO Emergency Road Service Coverage*$15.60 / year800-424-3426
Progressive Roadside Assistance$16 / year800-776-2778
Farmers Towing and Road Service*$23 / year800-255-7828
USAA Roadside Assistance$24 / year800-531-8555
Allstate Towing and Labor Cost$125 per Occurence800-255-7828

*GEICO & Farmers require the driver to carry Comprehensive and Collision Coverage.
Note: Typically it is cheaper to get roadside assistance through your insurance company. However, Motor Clubs work exceptionally well and are usually rated much better than roadside assistance coverage through your insurance provider.

Credit Card Companies

Some credit card companies offer roadside assistance.

If you are carrying a credit card call your company see how much it is.

Typically, credit card companies have low basic rates, but towing and labor can be more expensive.

MastercardTowing, Tire Replacement, Fuel Delivery, Jump Start Billed to your card, typically 3 to 15 dollars.
Visa Towing, Tire Replacement, Lockout, Jump Start, Winching, Fuel Delivery$59.95 per dispatch
American ExpressTowing, Tire Replacement, Lockout, Jump Start, Winching, Fuel DeliveryPrice Quote

Note: If you have an American Express Gold, Plum, Platinum, or Delta Reserve roadside assistance is complementary.

Wireless Service Providers

Most of the major top wireless service providers offer roadside assistance.

You are able to get towing, locksmith services, gas & tire change service. Here are the prices:

Sprint$2.99 Per Month
Verizon Wireless$3.00 Per Month
AT&T$4.00 Per Month

Information On Limits

Like the name implies, this type of coverage is for emergency situations.

As a result, the limits are not very high. It is not uncommon to see a cap of a hundred dollars for each incident, for example.

In addition, because incidents that fall under the category of emergency roadside service are generally not that expensive, you shouldn’t have to pay much of your own money.

Still, each company is different, so you have to talk with someone to find out what the limits are like with your insurance company.

The person you speak to can also discuss the coverage in more detail for you.

TL fits within most people’s budgets because the premiums are not very high.

What To Do When An Emergency Occurs

You are driving along when suddenly your emergency light comes on in your car, you get a flat tire, you run out of gas, etc.

What do you do? It is important to remain calm and to get your vehicle to a safe location.

Once you are out of traffic, find the emergency roadside assistance phone number given to you by your car insurance company.

It’s recommended to have this number stored in your cell phone for easy access.

When you get a representative on the line, tell him or her what happened and the address of where your car is currently located.

The representative will then send someone out to your location to help you.

Depending on which company you use, you may be able to call a towing company on your own.

You will have to pay the costs upfront yourself, but if you simply turn your receipt into the insurance company, they will get your money back to you.

Find out if you can do this by speaking to your representative.

A Good Source of Information & Discounts are Motor Clubs

If you are a member of a motor club, you may get roadside assistance included in your membership.

It can cost a lot to be a part of one of these clubs, but these clubs typically have multiple benefits.

Three Most Popular Motor Clubs

CompanyBasic PlanPremium Plan
AAA $56$90
Better World Club$55.95$89.95
Allstate Good Hands$52$108

In addition to roadside coverage, you may also get discounts on travel and receive money off of entertainment, restaurants, and hotels.

Lauren Saleh

Lauren Saleh

Lauren Selah is a freelance writer who blogs for Allways Towing 24/7 where roadside safety is our #1 priority. She is an avid traveler and prefers to take the scenic driving routes whenever possible.

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