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50 Sure Fire Ways To Get Cheap Car Insurance

  1. Raise Your Deductibles

  • This is one of the fastest ways to decrease your car insurance rates. Raising your deductible from $100 to $1,000 can save you up to 40 percent in some cases.

  1. Drive Less

  • Reducing the amount you drive is going to decrease your premium. Just make sure you are honest about it. Don’t tell the insurer you drive 5,000 miles a year when you really drive 12,000.

  1. Drive Safe

  • If you have a traffic violation you may want to consider driving safe as possible. Once you have a clean record for three or five years (depending on the carrier) then your rates are reduced.

  1. Bundle Your Policy

  • If you have life, homeowners, and car insurance, you may want to consider bundling all of them under one carrier for cheaper car insurance rates.

  1. Combine Vehicles

  • If you live with a significant other and you have separate policies consider combing to save more on car insurance.

  1. Pay In Full

  • If you are paying monthly most likely your are paying an extra fee. If you can afford to pay in full yearly or semi-annually you can reduce your insurance rates significantly.

  1. Improve credit score

  • If your credit score is low then you can increase it significantly in six months by paying bills on time. When it improves call your insurer to re-evaluate for reduced auto insurance rates.

  1. Reduce Teen Driving

  • If you have teens driving your vehicle reduce the amount they drive. If they are off to college and over 100 miles away ask your insurer about reducing your premium.

  1. Comparison Shop

  • Be sure to compare up to three or even five insurance companies with the same level of coverage. If in the market for a new vehicle get quotes first to see how much it will cost to insure the new automobile.

  1. Drive An Ugly Car

  • I don’t really mean an ugly car, but if you can drive a car which doesn’t attractCar Insurance Tips thieves you have less of a chance it will be stolen. If you have a vehicle which goes 0 – 60 in 5 seconds you could get a more family friendly vehicle to save.

  1. Reduce Coverage On Older Cars

  • If you have an older automobile you may want to drop comprehensive and collision coverage.

  1. Compare Rates Before Buying A New Car

  • If you are going to buy a new car compare quotes from various insurance firms. You may want to compare different models too since the price for insurance can vary from model to model.

  1. Get Married

  • If you get married your auto insurance rates are going to drop since the insurer believes you will be more responsible now.

  1. Defensive Driver Course

  • Even if you haven’t had an accident or traffic violation insurance companies are all about safety and if you take a driver course you could save substantially on your premium.

  1. Sell Your Car

  • If you have a car sitting around in the garage you technically have to keep it insured unless you turn in your license plates. If you have plates sell it to save more on insurance.

  1. Break Down And Analyze Your Policy

  • You want to examine your policy to be sure you do not have any unnecessary coverage.

  1. Professional Discounts

  • If you are part of any professional organization then you may qualify for discounts.

  1. Do Research

  • Don’t assume you are getting the best deal on auto insurance. You want to do a little research and educate yourself on auto insurance. Remember – as long as you drive you have to have insurance and a little research could save you hundreds over the years.

  1. Avoid Duplicate Coverage

  • If you have medical insurance then you may not need PIP or personal injury protection on your car insurance premium.

  1. Know Your Coverage Types

  • Car Insurance TipsIf you don’t know what the coverage is for, then you wouldn’t know what you are really getting. Be sure to understand all coverage, how much it costs, and how much you are covered for.

  1. You Decide

  • Everyone has to have state minimum coverage, but you can take control and determine how much coverage you need. You don’t want to be over-insured and at the same time you don’t want to be under-insured either.

  1. Don’t Add Components To Your Car

  • If you add a lot of components to your vehicle such as a suspension lift or a sound system which plays at 120 decibels this will not be covered in an accident unless you tell the insurer. If you do then your rates will go up.

  1. Park In The Garage

  • If you are at home park your vehicle in the garage and if you have secure parking at work tell your insurer about it to get cheaper car insurance rates.

  1. Get Good Grades

  • If you are a college student and have a B average show your report card to the insurer to get reduced rates. Same for Mom and Dad which have a teen going to college on the policy.

  1. Increase Security

  • If you have a vehicle without anti-theft devices then consider getting one installed. You will get reduced rates and reduce the chance of your vehicle being stolen.

  1. Move

  • This isn’t a viable option for most, but if you move to lower crime area you can save on auto insurance.

  1. Car Pool

  • If you live near a friend which works at the same company then consider car-pooling. Not only will you save on auto insurance by reducing your mileage you will save money on gas too.

  1. Electronic Payments

  • Tell the insurer you would like to have your payments taken out of your bank account automatically each month. This will save you money and the headache of writing a check each month.

  1. Get A Monitoring Device

  • If you don’t mind a little invasion of your driving habits this is almost a guaranteed way to save thirty percent or more on auto insurance. Progressive’s Snapshot and Allstate’s Drivewise are two examples.

  1. Quit Your Job

  • I only said that to get your attention. If you can try to work from home. ManyCar Insurance Tips employers are going this route nowadays to save money. If you can work from home your auto insurance is reduced. You might be able to tell the insurer your vehicle is only for pleasure use!

  1. Regular Review Of Your Policy

  • Every year you want to review your policy to be sure there are no unnecessary add-ons or if you need to decrease your coverage. For example, you may drive less now and you would want to tell your insurer about it.

  1. Reduce Coverage On An Older Car

  • If you have a vehicle which is ten years or older you may want to drop comprehensive and collision coverage. This could save you a bundle.

  1. Pay On Time

  • You want to be sure to pay on time to the insurer. Technically, if you missed a payment then you are not covered. Most companies are lenient up to a weeks late payment.

  1. Don’t Have A Lapse In Coverage

  • If you let your policy lapse then you are effectively starting over with your insurance company. This gives them a reason to check your credit score, etc. and will increase your car insurance.

  1. Negotiate

  • Many pick an auto insurance quote at once then never go back. You want to know which coverage options to choose.

  1. Be An Expert Caller

  • If you know what coverage you need and the discounts get on the phone and ask the insurer things like, Company A offered me this amount. Or say, What if I add another vehicle, etc. This doesn’t work all the time, but at times if you catch them off guard and take control you might find big savings.

  1. Go Paperless

  • Ask the insurer if you get paperless statements how much of discount do you get?

  1. Get Technology

  • Get hands-free devices to talk on the phone so you are not distracted. Distracted driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. The perk here is you will be a safe driver and cheaper car insurance in the long run.

  1. Cancel Your Policy In Writing

  • Technically you are supposed to cancel your policy in writing. If you are going to cancel one and go with another insurer it may be good to do a little CYA and send the insurer the cancellation in the mail. You don’t want to pay for insurance you don’t need and if you don’t pay the “previous” insurer then your rates may go up even if you are insured with another company.

  1. See What Is Tax Deductible

  • Car Insurance TipsIf you are driving your vehicle for work there could be items on your car insurance policy which are tax deductible. You want to consult with your accountant and the IRS before you go this route. More money saving ideas.

  1. Get Rid Of Vehicles You Don’t Use

  • Not only can this include an automobile, but any other item you aren’t using such as motorcycles, boats, jet skis, etc.

  1. Don’t Soup Up Your Vehicle

  • If you have a Honda Accord and slap a Corvette engine in it then your rates are going to rise. Worse, if you get into an accident and failed to tell the insurer you have the super-engine in your vehicle you may not be covered at all.

  1. Go Direct

  • Comparison sites are great to get free car insurance quotes or to compare cheap car insurance, but if you find an insurance company with low cost then go direct and see if it is lower.

  1. Don’t File Claims Unless Necessary

  • If you have to pay $200 in repairs for your vehicle it may not be worth it to file an insurance claim. The rise in insurance costs would off-set any repair savings.

  1. Credit Score

  • If you have an existing policy and your rates rise see if it is because of your credit score. Insurance companies cannot raise your rates in the middle of your policy. If your credit score has improved you can ask the insurer to re-evaluate to get cheaper car insurance rates.

  1. Go To College

  • Many are going to college to further benefit themselves and if you go to college once a week and get good grades then you may qualify for auto insurance discounts.

  1. Graduated From College

  • If you are in college and graduated be sure to tell the insurer you have an associates or bachelors degree to save more on car insurance.

  1. Avoid Gaps In Coverage

  • Even if you are shopping for lower auto insurance you don’t want the coverage to lapse or have a gap when you find a new insurance company. This will certainly raise your rates.

  1. Read The Fine Print

  • As boring as it sounds you might want to pull out the policy when you are having a cup of coffee in the morning and go over the fine print. Not only will you learn more about the insurance firms policy you may find something you don’t need which means more savings!

  1. Tell Your Insurer About Yourself

  • Most people want to keep their information as private as possible. A reputable insurance firm is not going to share your information. If you talk to the agent and tell them more about yourself you might find more discounts available you didn’t know about. The more they know about you they more they can offer you to save.

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