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6 Tips to Help You Get Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers

It’s essentially inevitable. If you are a new driver, then you will have to pay higher rates on your car insurance. Because you have such limited driving history, most insurance providers will assume that you’re a risk to insure.

With all that said, however, you don’t have to settle for paying an arm and a leg for car insurance. New drivers cannew driver get cheap car insurance by taking the right steps. That’s why we’ve outlined the following 6 tips to help you get cheap car insurance for new drivers.

1) Compare Rates

As a new driver, you have limited to no driving history. The way car insurance providers will view your limited history largely varies. Some providers may be more willing to give you the benefit of the doubt than others. That’s why it’s so important to compare car insurance rates.

Fortunately, comparing rates is easy. To get started, all you need to do is enter your zip code into the quote comparison tool at the top of the page. Answer a few questions honestly and specifically. We’ll then provide you with rates from the leading car insurance providers in your area. Choose a few providers offering the lowest rates, and compare the plans they’re offering.

Remember – the best plan for you may not be the cheapest.

It’s better to start comparing sooner rather than later. In fact, most experts recommend that you compare car insurance rates at least once per year in order to keep your rates low.

2) Research before You Buy a Car

Most people tend to buy a car and then look for insurance. That is probably the worst thing you can do to get cheap car insurance for new drivers! Not all cars cost the same to insure, and making the wrong choice could cost you hundreds of dollars each year.

As a new driver, the car you drive will significantly impact the amount you pay in car insurance. Some cars are simply more affordable to insure than others. While a BMW, Mercedes, or a sports car like a Ford Mustang may be appealing and exciting to drive, they are either more costly to repair or they are involved in more driving infractions and accidents than more affordable sedans.

To make sure that you get a car you want while still getting affordable rates, it is recommended that you choose 5-6 different makes and models of cars that interest you. Then compare what rate you’d pay with each of the cars. That way you know which of the cars you like is the cheapest to insure.

3) Get a car with airbags

When buying a new car, airbags come as a standard feature. When buying used, however, you want to make sure that the car has airbags if you’re looking to get cheap car insurance. If the previous owner gave the car a Fast and Furious makeover, they may have removed the car’s airbags to make it lighter.

If you drive a car without airbags, you become a greater risk to car insurance providers, as even a minor accident could cause a serious injury. For the reason, you’re almost guaranteed to pay increased rates.

4) Get an anti-theft device for your car

Your safety is not the only thing on your provider’s mind when determining your car insurance rates. They also want to know how likely your car is to be stolen. Of course, where you live will increase or decrease the likelihood of theft. You don’t have to move, though, to lower your risk and thus, lower your rates.

By installing an anti-theft device in your car, you’ll be able to show your provider that you’re serious about preventing theft. Most providers will give you a small discount off your monthly premium for taking matters into your own hands.

new to driving5) Take a defensive driving class

All new drivers should take a defensive driving class. Not only will it help you become a better driver on the road, but it will also show your insurance provider that you know how to avoid accidents and other dangerous situations on the road. Taking the class will earn you a discount of as much as ten percent off your monthly premium, so taking the class is definitely worth the five hours of your time.

6) Do well in school

This last tip won’t necessarily help every new driver save on their car insurance, but it will help those in school. If you are a student, be it in high school or college, you can save on your car insurance simply by getting good grades. Studies have shown that good students tend to be safer drivers. For that reason, car insurance providers offer discounts to those new drivers that can present a report card or transcript with good grades.

In summary, being a new driver doesn’t mean that you have to pay through the roof for your car insurance. Cheap car insurance for new drivers is available if you take the right course of action. By following our tips, you’ll be able to get affordable rates, no matter how many years or months you’ve been driving.

Greg Fowler

Greg Fowler

Managing Member of AutoInsureSavings LLC, Greg has been in the insurance industry for 12 years and enjoys rebuilding vehicles. His goal is to help drivers save on anything related to automobiles. Travel and enjoying the outdoors are some of his hobbies. The best way to reach him is at his Twitter or Facebook Profile.

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