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How To Get The Cheapest Car Insurance

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Comparison Shop To Save – Shopping Can Be Your Best Saver

Getting the cheapest car insurance is not as hard as before. Long gone are the days when you have to call every single insurance broker to try and find the best deal. There are many comparison sites to help you compare quotes from top insurance companies, such as Progressive and Safeauto. With these platforms you can have an agent give you a call back or send you an email. Everything is at your finger tips and can be done in about ten minutes while having a cup of coffee.

Other options are to consult with local agents to see if they can help you get a lower rate. Any time you call an agent they are going to want to earn your business. When you comparison shop you want to let the agent and/or insurer know you are comparing various insurance companies. What you are doing is getting them to find the best deal for you and not the other way around. Take advantage of all the tools available that are online. However, you want to be strategic, the best thing to do is compare your quotes and not make a hasty decision. A great thing to do is ask your friends who they insure with and get their opinion. Some of the answers may surprise you. It is important to note, those who compare three or more quotes find savings of those who don’t. So be sure to compare and find savings.

Consider Getting A Different Vehicle To Save

If you have a sporty or luxury vehicle, such as an Audi or Mercedes, then you are going to pay more in insurance premiums then other drivers. Since the vehicles are able to reach high speeds, the insurance company is going to consider you high risk of getting into an accident. Even vehicles with add-on parts or upgrades are going to raise your insurance rates.

Nice SUV For Cheapest Car InsuranceInsurance firms use the make and model of your vehicle to determine your rate and how much you pay for cheap car insurance. The newer the car, more than likely the higher the insurance since it costs more to repair or the replacement cost is high. You do not want to assume if you have an older car your are going to pay less for insurance rates either. The best thing to do is to check with your insurance company or shop around for vehicles which have been known to have lower than normal auto insurance premiums.

Age – Ways to Save On Auto Insurance

Your age is one of the most important determining factors by insurance companies when setting your auto insurance rates. As most know, once you reach the age of 25 your insurance costs are going to be lowered, assuming you do not have any major traffic violations. Once you reach the age of twenty-five you want to call up your insurance company and let them know. The amount of savings could reach twenty percent or more just by getting older.

Drivers between the age of 25 to 55 are associated with the lowest premiums and can get the cheapest car insurance rates. This age group is considered to be the safest drivers by insurance companies and those under the age of 25 and over the age of 55 are consider to be higher risk since based on statistics younger drivers and the elderly (over 55) get in more accidents than those in the “sweet spot” of 25 – 55.

Increasing Your Deductibles – Save Big Time!

We have written an article about increasing your deductible. This is a great way to instantly decrease your insurance premium. A deductible is the amount you are required to pay out in the event of an automobile accident before your insurer will pay out on your claim. Since it is a big factor in determining your auto insurance, raising your deductible will lower your monthly premium considerably. What you are telling the insurer is you are willing to take more risk by paying more (the deductible) in the event of an accident.

If you want to get the cheapest car insurance then consider raising your deductible for comprehensive and collision cover. Raising your deductible from $250 to $1000 dollars could see savings of ten or maybe even twenty percent on your monthly premium. If you haven’t been in an auto accident or had many major traffic violations this could be a great option.

Where You Live – Move If You Can

Those who live in neighborhoods which are safe from crime are less likely to have their car stolen, damaged by vandals, or broken into while it is parked. Those who drive less to and from work statistically are less likely to be in an auto accident since they spend less time on the road and their mileage per year is considerably less.

If you are able to move to an area where the crime is less and your daily commute is shorter, then you are able to get cheaper car insurance. As we all know, most people just can’t pick up and move, but it is something to think about next time you are going to move to another location or state. This is one of the reasons insurance companies want to know where you live and how far you are driving to work.

Make Your Insurance Company Your Best Friend Through Loyalty

Being loyal to a friend means a lot. Being loyal to your insurance company Handshake for loyaltymeans a lot to them too. If you are a long time customer to a certain insurer you may be able to get reduced premiums or reduced deductibles, such as Nationwide’s vanishing deductible program. This is who the companies reward their most loyal customers. Insurance agent loyalty can be your best friend too. If you want the cheapest car insurance then find an insurance company that offers the amount of coverage you need for the best price. Then develop a relationship with the company and stick with them year after year. If you are already getting low rates or a vanishing deductible there is no reason to shop around after you have develop a long term relationship with your insurer. Last, but not least, the best way to develop loyalty with your insurer is to make timely payments, either yearly or monthly.

Have Two Vehicles? Get A Multi-Car Policy

Today the majority of people and families have more than one car. Many people are living together, but not married. Others have vehicles which they use only seasonally or other cars which are used sparingly. If you own two or more cars you are able to consolidate them in one policy then you are able to lower your car insurance rates.

Multiple drivers can be added to your policy, such as your friend or roommate to help reduce your auto insurance premium. You want to be sure of the driving record of someone before adding them to your policy, so be sure to find out how much it would cost to add others to your policy. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t work and is sitting in the garage you could consider adding that to the policy since it may save you money. The best thing to do is to compare quotes and run the numbers to see where you can or cannot save with a multi-car policy.

Multi-Policy Discounts – Got Life, Health, Auto, and Travel Insurance?

If you have dental, life, health, auto insurance through several different companies then it may be time to combine them all into one. Not only can you save money; you have to deal with only one agent and the paperwork is consolidated for you. You might even have a boat or other recreational vehicle. By combining all of the policies into one could give you considerable savings and time. If you currently have auto insurance with one company and health insurance with another then by combing them you eliminate hassles and you get cheaper car insurance.

Even combining something as minor as travel insurance could give you considerable savings for each cover. The process is really simple – call up your insurer and ask them what it would cost to insure everything. If you are in the process of finding one then compare quotes and find one which fits your needs.

Drop Collision And Comprehensive Coverage

If you want cheaper car insurance and you have a vehicle which is worth $4,000 or less then it may be time to think about dropping collision and comprehensive cover. You want to find out if the cost of keeping the coverages is worth paying month after month. If you have a vehicle that is worth $1,000 dollars then get only liability and nothing else. In the case where it is in the $3,000 range then you want to do a cost comparison analysis to see if keeping comprehensive and collision is worth it. A good rule of thumb to go by is if the Kelly Blue Book value of the car is $2,500 and the cost of keeping comprehensive and collision together is higher than twenty percent or $500 dollars then it may be time to let the coverage’s go and save yourself money. If you are a safe driver, had no major accidents, or traffic violations, then this is definitely something to consider to save.

Improve Your Credit Score – Everyone is Happy!

This is a highly debated topic among consumers and other insurance firms, such as the Cure, but if you have a higher credit score then you are going to get cheaper car insurance. If you are in the market to lower your auto insuranceGood credit get the cheapest auto insurance rates rates then clean up your credit score. Not only will you save money on insurance, but at the end of the day you will be happy after your credit score has improved. By having a low credit score it could cost you thousands of dollars of the years while carrying your car insurance policy.

After you clean up your credit score (we aren’t going to discuss that, but it can be done in about six months depending on your personal situation), keep your score clean by paying your bills on time, avoid bank overdraft charges, and maxing out your credit cards. Once your credit score is clean then you will happy that you did it. At Autoinsuresavings we don’t recommend using a debt consolidation service. However you want to clean up your record is up to you but at the end of the day you will do yourself a “huge” favor by increasing your credit score.

Clean Up Your Driving Record – Yeah, Stop Speeding So Much!

If you have a habit of speeding and getting tickets then it may be time to let up on the gas pedal and drive the speed limit. Not only do you have to pay fines and penalties for speeding the insurance companies become aware of it and raise your insurance rates. To get cheaper car insurance you want to maintain a clean driving record and the longer the better. This is the best way to get low cost rates. One accident could raise your rates by thirty percent or more. Two major traffic violations could raise your rates by as much as twenty percent or more. And a DUI? Insurance companies do not like those on the record and the states are cleaning the streets of drunk drivers by throwing them in jail for four days to one year such as in the state of Indiana for a second offense.

Many car insurance companies are going to offer you a discount for safe driving. Although each insurer has their own way of determining what is safe, it is best to keep your record clean as long as you can. It is important to note most insurance firms are not going to bring up a “discount” for safe driving. If you have been doing good for the past three years it never hurts to ask about a discount. Got a ticket? If the state didn’t make you take a defensive driver course then take one yourself to off-set the violation and send the completed course report to the insurer and get cheaper car insurance.

Secure Parking – Don’t Park Next To The Dump Truck

Have you ever heard of someone which parked next to a dump truck and the truck damaged their vehicle? Something as silly as that can increase your insurance rates. Even though vandalism is higher in certain parts of the country, where you park your vehicle is going to help you find cheaper car insurance. Though the dump truck fiasco is out of the ordinary, thieves and vandals like to find cars which are parked in the open, left unlocked, and unattended. Since cars parked in unsecured parking are easy targets it is best to find secure parking for your vehicle. If you don’t have it available you could ask a friend who may have extra space in a two-car garage.

If you car is parked in a secure garage you are likely to see a decrease in your car insurance premium. If you don’t have access to a garage even a lit carport is going to help you reduce your auto insurance rates.

Drive Less – Don’t Drive Hundreds of Miles Daily

If you have the opportunity to carpool or use public transportation then you can reduce the amount of miles your put on your vehicle and in return you get cheaper car insurance. Not only do you save money on gas, you save wear and tear on your vehicle. This is a win-win situation. If you work from home tell the insurance company you use the vehicle only for pleasure. If you live a mile or two from work then you could walk (or ask for a ride) and reduce your auto insurance rates and in the meantime you could get yourself back into shape.

Pay Yearly and Not Monthly – Give up the money early and Save!

If you want to get the cheapest auto insurance then you want to pay on a yearly basis. Most people aren’t willing to do this since they may not have the money to pay in full and some just “think” you pay your premium every month. However, if you are making monthly payments to your insurer then you are not getting the cheapest car insurance.

The bottom line is you have control over your payments and if you have the cash in the bank then you could save yourself a lot money over the years.

Policy Add-ons – Your Credit Card might have roadside assistance

There are many benefits and plans you are able to add to your policy. One is roadside assistance and if you have Chase Sapphire then you wouldn’t need it on your policy and in return you get cheaper car insurance. Check with your credit card company see if they offer it. If they do call your insurer and get it off the policy. Other plans insurance companies offer is to replace your car with a new one of equal value if your car is totaled in an accident. What the company is actually referring to is the value of your car at the time of the accident and if you have an existing policy with comprehensive and collision then this “extra” add-on is a waste of money. To get the cheapest car insurance be sure to drop the added benefits from your insurance coverage.

Not Driving? Store Your Vehicle

If you happen to have a vehicle you don’t use then consider getting storage insurance. If you want cheaper car insurance this is your best option to save. There are couple of options, if you have plates most state are going to require you to have the minimum cover or you have to turn in your plates and tell them you are not driving your vehicle, but it is storage. The other option is to keep minimum coverage and get storage insurance for your vehicle. You want to realize storage insurance is not a type of insurance you are legal to drive on. However, if you have the state minimum coverage (liability only) then you can drive the vehicle just remember you are not fully protected especially if you are storing a show car, classic vehicle, or your spare hot rod.

Automobile Safety – Get Safety Features To Save Money and Possibly Yourself

If you have a vehicle without safety features such as automatic seat-belts then it is going to be difficult to find cheaper car insurance. When you are comparing quotes the safety of your vehicle is going to be consider by the insurance company.

A few things to look for and is often overlooked are automatic seat-belts since they practically guarantees passengers in the vehicle will be wearing them at all times. If you have a vehicle with airbags in the front and in the back then you are on your way to getting cheaper auto insurance. Be sure to tell your insurer you have the safety features and get reduce rates. Not only do safety features help to save money on car insurance the most important part is saving yourself in an auto accident. If you have a broken side-view mirror you want to get that fixed too since an claims adjuster could notice that was broken before the accident and results in higher insurance rates.

Get an Alarm – Keep the Thieves Away

Having an advance vehicle security system and tracking devices such as Onstar, or those from Brickhouse Security is a great way to get cheaper auto insurance. If you have an existing alarm system be sure to mention it to your agent and you will be able to get a reduced premium. If you don’t have an alarm system then it may be worth the time and money to get one installed on your vehicle. The upfront cost of the alarm system may outweigh the long term costs of higher insurance. Make sure you run the numbers to see if it is worthwhile to do so and ask the various insurance companies which system give you the best discount. And the best part is if you do get an alarm installed then you don’t have to worry about the thieves anymore.

Affiliate Discounts – Membership Has It Privileges

Most insurance companies have discounts based on your group affiliation and as with other discounts insurance firms don’t advertised them. For example, if you are a former member of the military then you may be able to get a military discount. If you went to a certain university, such as New York University, then ask if there is an affiliate program with the university. Never hesitate to ask about discounts and mention to the insurance company who you are affiliated with. Just a mention could save you hundreds over the next couple of years.

If you are thinking of joining an organization then you may want to ask the insurer if there is any affiliation. If not, then you could ask if there is one similar and join that one. Then you get to join your group and enjoy cheaper car insurance rates.

Take A Defensive Driver Course – Get That Safe Space

Would surprise you to know the majority of drivers do not know what “safe space” or “space cushion” means? If you don’t and you want cheaper car insurance then consider taking a defensive driving course. Not only will you learn how to properly place your side-view mirror (most drivers don’t) you will be able to save on insurance rates. Taking a defensive driver course could save you up to twenty percent or more on your premium. If you have a ticket or two then taking a driver course would be a great way to off-set the increase in rates. Not only can you tell the insurance company, but tell your local Department of Motor Vehicles to try and get points taken off your driving record.

Get A Student Discount – Ace Your College Exams

Young drivers want to get good grades and they want to find cheaper auto insurance too. One the best things for students to do is get a good GPA (grade point average) and not only are they helping themselves they can have lower insurance costs. Many insurance companies are going to offer discounts for high school and college students for getting good grades. Also, it is more cost-effective to keep the young driver on the parent’s policy than to have their own. Until it is time for them to move on, try to keep the student on their parent’s policy.

Next time you get awesome grades send over your report car to the insurance firm and start saving on insurance.

Check Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – Typo or Mistaken Identity?

You want to get cheaper car insurance so the best thing to do is go over your existing records such as your Declaration’s Page and make sure your VIN number is correct. If the number is not correct then you could be paying insurance for another vehicle unknowingly. A case of mistaken identity by vehicle, but if the vehicle identification number is for a Chevrolet Corvette and you have a Toyota Sienna, then you could have been paying more for your insurance than need be. This rarely happens, but you never know and you want to pay insurance for a car you are “actually” driving.

Retirement Discounts – Retirement Has Its Privileges?

Drivers over the age of 55 typically pay more for insurance than those between the age of 25 – 55. However, cheaper car insurance is available for those above 55 and retired. Insurance companies offer discounts to retired drivers since they spend less time on the road. Since they don’t drive to and from work every day the amount of mileage is decreased dramatically. Don’t be afraid to tell your insurance firm you are retired from work so you can get a nice discount to save additional money month after month on your auto coverage.

Verify Your Policy – People Forget And Make Mistakes

Mistakes HappenIf you haven’t reviewed your policy in a while then it may be time to glance over it. You want to be sure you are charged for the correct amount of coverage and to see if there is cover that has been added or dropped from the policy. Make sure all your personal information is accurate as simple errors could cost you money every single month. You don’t want the insurance firm with the wrong zip code which could be a high crime area and in return you pay more than you should.

To get cheaper car insurance make sure to check all of your information. If you find errors be sure to call your insurer or agent and get them corrected as soon as possible. Common errors include such items like marital status, birth dates, maybe even the zip code, all of which are costly mistakes.

Never Assume – Insurers Can Get It Wrong Sometimes!

If you have an existing policy you don’t want to assume everything is correct. When they send you an insurance card which you place in the glove box be sure to go over the policy and head on over to the Declarations page to be sure everything is accurate with your policy. Everyone, including insurers make mistakes from time to time and if you don’t make sure your information is correct then it could cost you a few hundred dollars from a simple typo or mistake. If you have any doubt go back and review numbers 1 – 24 and then you are on your way to cheap car insurance quotes and big savings.

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