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Own A Classic Or Vintage Car? Consider Putting It In The Good Hands Of Allstate Car Insurance.

Vintage and classic cars are a labor of love. Protecting them with the right insurance coverage can be as challenging as finding authentic replacement parts and accessories. Fortunately, if you are a customer of the nation’s second largest car insurance company, both you and your baby will be in good hands.

A unique approach to a unique insurance challenge

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You’re still bound by state laws

Allstate car insurance policies always include some form of liability coverage. Liability pays for expenses related to injuries you cause to a person or damage you cause to property in an accident that is your fault. Every state has minimum liability coverage requirements for its licensed drivers. You’ll need to find out what these levels are for your state and if any exceptions apply for the type of driving you will be doing with your classic car. Speak with your Allstate insurance agent to find out how much liability coverage is recommended or required for your vintage car.

Defining a classic

Just as it may be hard to place a value on your vintage car, defining what makes a classic isn’t always easy either. That ’72 Nova in the backyard may be your pride and joy, but is it truly a classic? Generally speaking, vintage car insurance protection is put in place for these vehicles:

  • Antique vehicles (usually defined as 25 years old or older)

  • Custom vehicles (such as muscle cars, hot rods, and low riders)

  • Historical vehicles (such as fire trucks or military vehicles)

  • High-end, limited edition cars

  • Vintage vehicles under restoration

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These are the standard, general categories for which vintage car policies are written. The viability of each individual car is something that you and your agent will have to work on determining and with that will come varying levels of suggested and required coverage.

Include your classic in other lines of insurance

Allstate offers two other options you may want to consider beyond tying vintage car coverage to your every day car insurance policy. If your vintage car is rarely driven, hardly used or even put on public display, you might want to have it insured with one of these options:

  • Homeowners/property insurance – you can have your vintage car declared valuable property you need protected through your Allstate homeowners policy, especially if you store your vintage car in your garage or some other “on-site” location.

  • Umbrella liability – another add-on you can attach to your car or homeowners insurance, this provides coverage beyond whatever your liability limits are for either auto or homeowners policies.

If you’ve taken the time and energy and dedicated the financial investment needed to restore or maintain a vintage car, the last thing you’ll want is to have it damaged with no recourse for you to get assistance. With any number of protection options available through Allstate, you can rest assured you’ll be covered.

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson

Jeff Davidson is a writer with Reply!. He has more than 25 years of experience in market research, public relations, consulting, writing and sales work in all areas of the auto industry.

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